PHP# 12: Summer Movie Preview



The conversation covers a range of topics, including personal experiences over Memorial Day weekend, the use of AI in creative fields, the impact of AI on job markets, the future of creative industries, the career of Ronda Rousey, and controversial statements made by a UFC fighter. The conversation also delves into political and social issues, including the conviction of Donald Trump, the impact of AI on job markets, and the personal beliefs of a UFC fighter. The conversation covers a wide range of topics, including communism, UFC fighters, baseball, automated referees, and upcoming summer movies. The discussion delves into the impact of education, the need for unions in sports, the controversy surrounding the use of Scarlett Johansson’s voice, and the changing landscape of movie releases. The hosts express their opinions on various movie trailers and share their excitement for upcoming releases. The conversation covers a wide range of movie and TV show topics, including reviews, trailers, and upcoming releases. The hosts discuss their opinions on various films and series, expressing excitement, skepticism, and disappointment. They also touch on sports and personal growth, providing insights into their preferences and expectations for the entertainment industry.


00:00 Intro

08:14 News: Trump Guilty

13:47 News: Rhonda Rousey a victim?

21:53 News: Bryce Mitchell will homeschool kids so they don’t turn communist or gay.

28:08 News: Negro League Stats and Fantasy Baseball

41:01 News: Open AI and Scarlet Johansson feud

49:41 News: Furiosa Flop

52:15 2024 Summer Movie Preview

01:23:05 Outro


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Ryan (00:30)

Welcome to the portable hole podcast. I’m Ryan George and I’m here with my good friends, Justin and cynic. How are you guys doing?

[email protected] (00:37)

Great. Very good. Never better.

Ryan (00:38)

Yeah. Don’t, don’t, don’t speak so fast. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That’s how’d you guys enjoy it? Huh? Okay. Right. Yeah. Well, we’ll talk about that a little bit in a bit. so how’d you guys enjoy your Memorial Day weekend?

cinik (00:42)

I’m always ready to go third. I’m just waiting for Justin to do something. Do something Yeah, we’re great

[email protected] (00:50)

Who couldn’t be great on a day like this? Who couldn’t be great on a day like this?

It was a lot of fun. I had some friends over and we cooked and we made a lot of good food and we ate a lot of like healthy good food. They’re vegans, but they’re really good chefs. So they made some really nice stuff and we ate a ton of interesting dishes and it was nice.

Ryan (01:12)

Okay, cool.

Yeah, how about you, Cynic? How was your Morley weekend?

cinik (01:19)

Well, I was still getting over that cold that I blessed the podcast with last time that we did. And so it was more just relaxing, you know, took a long walk, stopped and got some dinner and you know, it wasn’t too bad. I mean, you know, to the point where I can almost get back to work, which I’m excited about because it feels like it’s been forever that I’ve done anything.

Ryan (01:21)

Yeah, that’s right. Yeah.

Yeah, cool, cool. Yeah, so before we get into our news stories, which have some breaking news today.

wanted to mention that I have a story that I worked on with Justin that was published recently in the Indie Comics Dispatch, Tales from the Dispatch anthology. And so it’s free. You can go on Global Comics. I’ll put, I’ll leave a link in the notes for this, but Global Comics is one of the sites you can go to to download it. Again, you get a free download. It’s a really fun story. It’s a five page, as my artists put it, sci -fi legal drama. So definitely download it, check out the story and let me know what you think.

when you have a chance. So anyway.

[email protected] (02:21)

Wait, so does that mean I’m now a, does that mean I’m a published author? Yes. Although I did ghost write one of Ryan’s articles. I was a ghost writer.

Ryan (02:25)

I guess so. I guess that’s what the parameters are. I don’t know. Well, if you didn’t ghost write it, you helped. I don’t know. Yeah.

cinik (02:36)

So which one of you entered the prompts and which one of you hit go on chatgbt for this article?

Ryan (02:40)

Yeah, this is pretty, yeah, this one actually was pretty chat chat GPT. So, so yeah, but the thing with the thing with chat GPT is like, it’s not, I was just talking about how useful it is for a lot of things. Writing is not one of them. It’s good for editing. So like, if you, if you take something and you put it in like, Hey, edit this for me. It’s actually pretty, you know, pretty useful, but it is not very good. If you’re like, Hey, write me a story. It’s, it’s.

[email protected] (02:42)

this was pre -chat GPT.

We actually had to write it. They wound up changing a lot of it anyway, though.

Ryan (03:10)

It’s pretty bad. Not bad. It’s, it’ll, it’ll, it’ll be very competent and, you know, straightforward and, and, you know, have all the story bits that it needs, but, it’s not going to be very unique or interesting. So yeah, this one, definitely not chat. But yeah.

cinik (03:26)

Well, interesting that you say, we’ve talked about this previously and my stance was always, well, not yet, but soon with all these people losing their jobs. Twice over the last week, I’ve come across people who have lost their jobs to AI, one copywriter and one graphic designer. Both did videos talking about how they absolutely lost their gigs because their company found things like chat GPT.

Ryan (03:41)

Wow. Already, wow.

Yeah, well.

Yeah. yeah. Well, so that’s the thing is like, and I’ve been saying it for a long time. I think those are definitely the first jobs and maybe coding, depending on how quickly, you know, how good it gets at cook some coding, but like, graphic design and, copywriting are two easy jobs that are going to get cut. Like, and it’s like, nobody should get into those fields really, because yeah, I mean, you, you can do things like chat. GP is not going to write you like the next great novel or write you an amazing script. but it can copyright very well.

And why have a staff of copywriters when you can have one editor who puts things in the chat tbt and then just goes in and tweaks it however you need it. So yeah, that is the problem. All those jobs are gone. And same thing with graphic design. At the end of the day, you can go in, ask it to make you almost anything. If you know how to play with the prompts, it’s going to do the design. It’s not going to look. AI art has a look, and it still does. But if you’re selling.

pancakes and you just, you just want to put out an ad for pancakes and whatever, have JPT make it rather than hiring somebody to draw the thing for you. So, you know, it, it, that’s, it sucks, right? Like, cause it is going to take away a lot of the, a lot of those jobs. I think at the, until there’s some kind of government regulation, I think you’ve got to kind of embrace it and learn how to work with it. You know? And so like, I, you know, I was just talking to you guys earlier, like I, you know, I, I use it a lot. I’ve been, I pay for it now.

[email protected] (04:57)


Ryan (05:17)

because it is useful for the things that I want to use it for. And I try to use it, you know, as a tool. So I’m not like asking it to write stuff for me. But as far as like being able to, it saves me, you know, literally hours and allows me to focus more of my efforts on being creative and on doing things I need to do because I can use it to, as a tool to help me kind of ideate or like do a lot of the, the, the kind of tedious work.

so yeah, I mean, that’s just the world we’re in right now. Like you’re gonna have to, you know, you, you can be against it because it’s evil and not use it. but you might get left behind or you figure out how to make it work with you. And, and you know, Justin, you’re just like, I showed a co -worker, the AI music stuff. And it’s like, yeah, I mean, now, you know, you really, you can be a one -stop shop, right? Like if I want to create, you know, I want to write a commercial or whatever it is, like I use the AI music to make the music. I use chat to be, do you, to copyright it.

[email protected] (05:50)



Ryan (06:09)

Eventually you’re going to have chat, TVT making the video. Like it’s really going to be rough on creators, which sucks. You know, and then I don’t know, I don’t know what the answer is. At some point, as we’ve talked about the answer is going to be like universal income, basic income or something, because like it is going to kill a lot of jobs. and I don’t know that, that our market, the market will replace those jobs with other jobs that AI can’t do. So.

[email protected] (06:15)


Yeah, that’s true. I’ve been using the AI drummer app on Logic for a long time. It’s been pretty good and now it’s only going to get better. And it’s like, that’s going to be the first musician that’s going to go as the drummer. Especially if someone using the app knows what sounds good and can base it, because that was always a big thing. It’s like the…

Ryan (06:43)

Okay. Yeah.



[email protected] (07:02)

A good drummer isn’t just to play, but also to add their creativity and their flavor to it. But if the AI app is really good at doing that and the person controlling it understands what’s needed, it’s crazy. Some other instruments will soon follow after that. So in a way, it’s very good for producers and composers until they get replaced as well.

Ryan (07:27)

I had this thing. Yeah. Like everybody’s, you know, it’s right now, right? You need that one person who can edit and clean things up, but there will be a day where you don’t need that. Right. And that’s, that sucks. And I don’t know how you fix it, but, you know, it’s just, don’t get into a field. Well, I mean, I mean, it could theoretically replace anything, but like, don’t get into a field where AI could replace it. You know, it’s, it’s just, yeah, it’s tough. So yeah, it’s like, we’ll see.

[email protected] (07:31)

You’re on the hot seat.

Yeah. Yeah. It’s crazy.

Yep, that’s it.

Ryan (07:55)

But this stuff is growing, you know, improving exponentially and it’s pretty insane. So I don’t know. We will see. So anyway, the big news today, and when this releases, this will be old news, but we just found out that Trump was convicted on all 34 counts. No, I wouldn’t start that yet. I think it’s, who knows? You know, it’ll be interesting.

[email protected] (08:13)

Ding dong the witch is dead the wicked witch. No, he’s not dead yet. I know I know I know

Ryan (08:24)

to see, you know, cause I wonder, I know that like the, the line from the, if you’re on the, that side, right? If you really support him, you know, your, your point of view is going to be that this is all rigged and we’re against him. But if you’re somewhere in the middle or someone who’s like kind of supports him, but loosely, you know, I do wonder how the convicted felon part is going to shift people’s views.

You know, so that is an interesting, you know, interesting theme for me is, is going to be seeing how the people that are like not hard cores, but you know, just can’t quite bring themselves to vote for the other side. If the, he is a now officially convicted felon, if that’s going to make a difference or, or if it’s just, Nope, we got to vote for the party and, you know, get, get Biden out.

cinik (09:09)

Well, that’s the thing is you need the moderates to win. You need the battleground states. You need the, and this might allow people to withhold their vote for them. You know, this might give the reason now something’s finally stuck where, you know, they’ve thrown mud at him for as long as he’s been around. And in some cases, rightfully so, you know, like I said, in our group chat, they never get you for the things that you should go down for. It’s always taxes and business stuff like this. And

Ryan (09:12)



Yeah. Yeah.

[email protected] (09:37)


Ryan (09:39)


cinik (09:39)

you know, that’s what’s come about. The one thing that surprised me in the fallout of all this is that I used to live in a pretty heavily red area in Pennsylvania. And so I still follow some of their pages on Facebook and they’re awful quiet tonight. So, you know, maybe it’s they’re in shock or maybe they’re kind of regrouping, but it’s definitely not the same amount of fury and anger that they like to cast at the left that they normally do.

Ryan (09:53)

Okay, interesting

Yeah. Yeah. And you have to wonder like, it’s not too late for the party to shift gears. I who knows? Yeah, I mean, that’s fair. Yeah, that’s fair. I think. Yeah, no, no, that’s fair. I think. Well, yeah, some I, you know, you’d be interested to see if some of the, you know, if so, if more come out of the woodworks and say, you know what, hey, you need to step out. Yeah, he won’t. I don’t I don’t see there’s no real world where he doesn’t where he steps down. But.

cinik (10:14)

They’ll never do it. They will go down with the ship. Yep.

[email protected] (10:15)

Well, they’re supporting him. They’re supporting him even more now. Or some are.

cinik (10:33)

Well, much like the shooting in what was it, Newtown, Connecticut, where that didn’t make a drop of difference in guns, if January 6th didn’t shift that party’s focus away from them, nothing’s going to. You know, that was the defining moment where they all stood up and turned their backs and they chose not to. You know, that was definitely for me the point of no return as far as could I ever even remotely support this guy.

Ryan (10:48)


Yeah, no, that’s fair.

cinik (11:02)

And the answer is no. Like you just, you can’t because I care more about this country than I do partisan politics.

Ryan (11:02)

Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah, there you go. That does seem to be a red line. So I think that it might make a difference. Maybe it doesn’t. I’m already stressed about this whole election season and it’s like, we gotta deal with how many months of this?

[email protected] (11:17)

Yeah. Do you think that it might actually boost his popularity in a way and people say, see, they’re all against him. Now you’re like, you don’t think so.

Ryan (11:25)

No, if you are on that side already, you’re on that side. You’re already there. You’re not going to change. I, I don’t think that it’s going to change much among moderates. you know, so I, I feel like, yeah, if you were, if you were already, you know, hardcore, you’re going to be hardcore Trump. You’re not going to, that’s not going to shift. No.

cinik (11:29)

Yeah, you were going to vote for him regardless.

[email protected] (11:44)

You don’t think it would change the moderates because it’s a fact that this was rigged, that the Democrats have come together. Joe Biden single -handedly orchestrated this. It’s just a war against Trump right now that they’re all waging.

cinik (11:45)

No, I –

Ryan (11:57)


cinik (11:57)

It’s interesting how that always happens every time something doesn’t go their way. That, you know, it’s a calculated effort by everyone. This is one of those things where it was pretty open and shut. Like, you know, it’s sort of like the documents case in Florida, even though the brakes are being pumped on that. I mean, they went several times, asked for these documents. He kept saying, no, no, no, no, I don’t have any. I’ll give you a few, you know, giving them a few. And it wasn’t until they, you know, kind of kicked the doors in at Mar -a -Lago that, you know, they’re all sitting right there. It’s not.

Ryan (12:01)

Yeah, exactly.

[email protected] (12:02)


cinik (12:26)

There’s no world, there’s no place in this world, there’s no universe where he’s a victim in any of this. This is all self -brought. All of it is. January 6th should never happen. You take the L, you regroup, and chances are he would have won this election coming up. If January 6th didn’t happen, he probably would have won this election because how people overall feel about the direction of the country.

[email protected] (12:40)


Ryan (12:40)


[email protected] (12:44)


Ryan (12:44)


Yeah, no, I would agree. I think, you know, there’s a right right or wrong, you know, because I think that there is definitely an apathy towards Biden and towards what, you know, things that are going on. And so, yeah, January 6 doesn’t happen. He had a good chance. And honestly, like, you know, if COVID didn’t happen, I think he had a good chance of winning 2020. And so it’s kind of he’s somebody who kind of like.

[email protected] (13:07)


cinik (13:07)

yeah, yeah, he probably would have been reelected because things weren’t going that badly.

Ryan (13:11)

It’s like he can’t really get out of his own way, you know, so it’s like, yeah, it is what it is. I think we will, it’ll be an interesting election season and, you know, we’ll try not to stress too much about it over the next however many months. Luckily for me, I’ll…

[email protected] (13:14)

Yeah, that’s it.

Well, as we said, it really doesn’t matter because at the end of the day, the AI terminators are coming for us.

Ryan (13:32)

Or from Sinek’s perspective, China, one or the other, right? All right. All right. Anyway, so some more news. So somehow we always have MMA news. We got two MMA stories. So I guess Sinek, first, what’s going on with Ronda Rousey?

cinik (13:51)

Well, just recently, Ryan, Rhonda sat down for an interview. I kind of wish she would stop doing these interviews because they do much more harm than good. And she said that she doesn’t believe she would be welcome at a UFC event and that she would be booed to the point that it would make her feel bad. And Rhonda is a lot like the whole President Trump thing. She’s a victim of her own devices. If we go down the path, she’s beloved.

[email protected] (14:14)

Yeah. Yeah.

cinik (14:21)

Like she’s a world beater. They’re predicting that she could beat male champions. She starts showing holes in her game and they beg her to get a striking coach. She won’t do that. Then she, you know, she takes her behavior between fights and leading up to fights get more and more overbearing and disrespectful. And then she runs into Holly Holm. Holly Holm kicks her head literally off her shoulders. Rather than give Holly Holm credit for being the better fighter that night, she disappears.

We don’t hear from her and then she comes back and says, well, you know, nine times out of 10, I would have beat her. And then she comes back for the Amanda Nunez fight, who is probably the best women’s all around fighter ever. And she gets destroyed and she heads off to the WWE. So she heads off to the WWE and I thought maybe this is her opportunity to show a little bit of personality. Maybe the UFC was reigning in who she was and she can grab a character and be beloved.

And instead, the first time she gets booed, the first time she says something the crowd doesn’t like, she turns against them and the whole WWE, and then now starts burning bridges with the UFC. Stop burning bridges. Learn humility. I realize that at one point you’re the best in the world, but you’re not the best in the world anymore. Nobody stays the best of the world forever. Time conquers all. So she really needs to just shut up and maybe get a PR person and maybe listen to them because…

The UFC community as a whole would have embraced her. You see it, Tito can go to a UFC event and be cheered. And Tito’s the worst human being in the world. Tito Ortiz is walking garbage. But the cheer him. Rhonda would have been, if she would have took six months, kept her mouth shut, showed up, the crowd would have went wild just like they do for Chuck Liddell or your eye favor or Anderson Silver.

[email protected] (15:57)


Yeah, you know, it’s what it comes down to is she’s a narcissist, right? She can’t lose. She can’t, she can’t be the butt of a joke. She can’t have people dislike her. We started seeing it during the ultimate fighter when she was a coach against Misha, right? And then really, I think where it went to the, to the, to the head was in the lead up to the Holly home fight where it’s like, you have Holly who’s like, like just so respectable and she’s just like, she’s, you know,

She’s a good ambassador for the sport, right? And then you have Rhonda, who’s the complete opposite was just disrespectful, very unlikable. And when Holly won, it was just, it was, it felt so good to see that happen where it was like really the good guy winning. You don’t always get that too much in MMA where like there’s a good versus bad. Like that was really the good guy won in that fight. And then of course, you know, the spiral began and yeah, Rhonda’s just.

I don’t think she can. She’s a narcissist. She is by nature like that. So yeah, basically saying that in an interview, now she’s the victim. It’s like, yeah, she could have been so beloved, right, and just had everything, and just that awful personality of hers has just really sent her downwards.

cinik (17:28)

Well, I think a lot of it too, Justin, is that it was given to her. She earned it, but it was all given to her. Like she didn’t have to fight her way up like a, a, a, a, a, a, a

[email protected] (17:32)



cinik (17:56)

you know, sleep in the back of a gym or, you know, she had this skill set and for a while she dominated the world and her run came to an end.

Ryan (18:05)

Yeah, we have this thing, she was a star pretty quickly. And I think when she faced adversity, she kind of took her ball and went home or, you know, took her ball into the WWE. And then same thing, she did really well there. She was a star quickly, but then, you know, left and kind of came back and, and her heart wasn’t in it and then kind of blamed other people. And so I think that’s the issue. It’s like, it’s like, she’s not really accountable.

and just kind of, and then hubris, right? Like she, you know, time saying she, she could beat Cain Velasquez. Like, you know, it’s like, all right, come on, you know, like.

you know, you know, when in the right mind can be, you know, no, no men weighing less than a hundred and no man late weighing less than 200 pounds is going to be Cain Velasquez. There’s no chance that you do it. Right. Yeah, exactly. I should have said, right. Nobody on the planet for a period of time could be Cain Velasquez. So like the hubris to think that you could do that is just, is insane. I mean, and maybe you need that kind of confidence to be the best, but then you also kind of need the humility.

[email protected] (18:47)

There’s a time where no one period could beat Cain Velasquez.

And we’ll be right back.

Ryan (19:04)

to be able to reassess and kind of be introspective when that’s needed as well.

[email protected] (19:09)

When she said that, it wasn’t in like a Floyd Mayweather, who she also said she could beat, sort of way that you know it’s part of this hype marketing. And like, you take stuff that athletes say like that with a grain of salt. You’re like, okay, we know what they’re doing here, we get it. But when she said it, it came in such a bitter, unlikable way that you don’t chalk it up to, she’s hyping herself. You know? Yeah.

Ryan (19:12)

No. Yeah.

No. Yeah.


cinik (19:32)

But that’s her personality as a whole. Everything she says is bitter and unlikable. And that’s unfortunate because she was talented. And I think she suffered the same thing in the WWE that she did in UFC, was she was good at a couple things, but when it came time to improve or people were better than she was, she just couldn’t handle it. So rather than look inward for the solution, she just started attacking the organization and its fans, which you’re never going to win fans doing that. And then to come back and say this after she

[email protected] (19:38)

Yeah, sure.

Ryan (19:56)

Yeah, exactly. Yeah.

cinik (20:01)

didn’t give Holly Holm or Amanda Nunez any credit for their wins just recently. You’re not gonna win hearts and minds by doing that.

Ryan (20:06)

Yeah. And that’s the problem, right? Yeah. It’s like they beat you and it’s not like, it wasn’t like a close fight. I mean, they beat, you know, the breaks off of her and it was like clear that she should, you know, she lost clearly and it wasn’t a situation of, you know, she was winning for four rounds and got knocked out. It wasn’t, you know, it was, it’s like, like Chelsea and Anderson Silva after that first fight, right? It’s like, huh? Yeah. It’s.

[email protected] (20:06)




cinik (20:27)

That’s heartbreaking. Every time I think about that, that would have been his career defining win.

Ryan (20:31)

Exactly. At that first, after that fight, it’s like, I, you know, yeah, you have an argument. You could say I was, I’m the best ever. If he had never fought the second time, which then, you know, he got walloped, but, but yeah, it’s like, she’s, it sucks. Cause she is somebody who could have been, I think so much better than she was. She had the it factor, you know, that, that, that thing that you look for, you know, the, you know, Conor McGregor’s have, you know, the guy, you know, if you look at, you know, at that, that’s why she was successful in pro wrestling, right? She had that, that, that innate charisma.

[email protected] (20:39)


Ryan (21:01)

but she didn’t have like the work ethic, I guess, to, or I didn’t know what the work ethic is, because anybody that can fight professionally or do the W, they have the work ethic, so I can’t even say that. But I think, I really think it’s just a humility, right? And just the ability to just stop and say, okay, here are the things I need to work on, you know, because I’m not the best. Yeah.

[email protected] (21:05)

Just something she had to work Yeah, she’s work ethic but

and that horrible coach of hers, that, ugh, ugh, the worst.

cinik (21:18)

Edmund, yeah, he’s…

Ryan (21:22)

Yeah, was he, yeah, I guess he was her coach the whole time, right? Like you never, yeah, so.

[email protected] (21:25)


cinik (21:27)

Interesting fun thing too is that her husband, her now husband Travis Brown joins the gym, wins like one fight against Brendan Schaub and then goes on the losing streak of his life and then is out of the sport within four or five fights later. So yeah, Edmund not winning coach of the year, any year I think.

Ryan (21:37)

Yeah, exactly.

[email protected] (21:38)


Ryan (21:46)

No, not at all. All right. So, next up more UFC fighters. you know, it’s like, it’s not the, it’s like Dana White’s enough. Like I don’t like him and it makes me hard, you know, it makes it tough for me to follow, watch the UFC, but the fighters are just so fucking like, so I don’t know if you guys heard this story, but, Bryce Mitchell.

[email protected] (21:46)



Ryan (22:09)

who is a UFC fighter, had an Instagram Live post where he said that he’ll be homeschooling his kids while holding his infant because he does not want them to turn communist, gay, or worship Satan. Further, he also believes that the world is flat. He’s expressed that. I don’t think he did in that video, but he’s expressed it in the past that the world is flat.

regularly has posted homophobic and misogynistic stuff. And shockingly, Sean Strickland and Jorge Masvidal express support for his decision to homeschool his kids.

cinik (22:39)

How did we get Mensa all on the same page?

[email protected] (22:44)

Well, you can be sure he’s gay. Like no one acts like that, you know, is that homophobic overtly without, you know, some repressed feelings.

Ryan (22:46)


I mean, it’s like, I mean, I guess I should have seen it as a flat earther, but like really like school turn. I didn’t, Hey, you know what? To be fair, I guess it’s a little bit better than them just kind of saying it’s well, I can, I guess it is a choice, right? I don’t know. Right. Cause he’s saying school will turn them gay. I guess he’s saying it’s not a choice. So maybe that’s a little bit of a step in the right direction. I don’t know.

[email protected] (23:09)

these kids are going to be all screwed up.

cinik (23:15)

Yeah, but if he comes and says he’s concerned about the perceived agenda that he may not have control over if he sends his, has his kids attend private school, I understand that. But listen, he’s a guy that gets paid to punch people in the face for a living. So his opinions, you know, the second you latch on the title flat -earther to everything, I’m done listening to anything that you say.

Ryan (23:26)

Yeah. Yeah.


Yeah, pretty much.

cinik (23:41)

Once Flat Earther, you know, that’s sort of like what Petify used to be before the right took it and just put it on everybody they didn’t like. You say Flat Earther to me, it’s like, I’m done listening to anything you have to say. The nice part about it though, is that Bryce Mitchell’s on the downward slope. So we won’t have to listen to his opinions for too much long.

Ryan (23:53)

to be fair.

Okay. Yeah. I mean, the other thing, you know, the, the, the real idiotic thing is if, okay, there’s no school in the world that’s, that’s teaching kids to be gay or to become communists or worship Satan. If you want to make an argument that there’s social pressure at school, right. Then it might come in college. Like let’s say the communist part, right? Maybe when you’re in at college, that’s where you’re going to be exposed to a little bit more.

you know, people who kind of ideologically might maybe are far, far on the left or maybe consider themselves socialist or communist. You’re not going to get that in high school or middle school or elementary school. Maybe that’s the time where people are going to experiment with their sexuality. So you’re not going to turn gay, but you might explore that aspect of yourself. Right. So that would be stuff that’s going to be when they’re done homeschooling anyway, like the stuff that he’s worried about. It’s not stuff that you’re going to deal, you know, one’s dealing with any of that stuff. Right. Right. You’re not learning. You’re not learning any, you know, civics.

[email protected] (24:51)

it’s Oz who’s gonna push them in that direction for having homeschooled them.

Ryan (24:56)

or in elementary school, and they sure as hell are not teaching you anything positive about communism in school. So maybe you get a little bit more diverse views when you get to college, which is kind of just the worst way to, because yeah, he’s gonna homeschool them, and then when they have to go to college, if they do, they’re gonna be exposed to this stuff anyway. So.

[email protected] (25:03)


cinik (25:15)

Yeah, but I’ve seen, I’ve listened to Bryce Mitchell talk extensively. I’ve seen his partner talk. There’s nothing that’s coming out of either one of them that’s headed to college anyway. So he’ll be safe. They’ll all be fine. I mean, I hope he saves some of that money from the fighting because, you know, double wides just don’t last as long as they used to. And, you know, he’ll be a footnote in history at some point because I don’t think public schools turned anybody a communist or…

Ryan (25:26)


cinik (25:42)

homosexual. I don’t think that there’s the scientific proof to prove any of that. However, while we fight about these social issues in elementary schools and high schools and college, the Chinese now have their kids hooked up to AI with headbands and that if they yawn too much or if they look at their phone too much or if they lose concentration, the parents are called in for a meeting. So while we’re fighting over don’t say gay or while we’re fighting over trans, while we’re fighting over the Bible or who should say the Pledge of Allegiance, the Chinese are educating their kids.

Ryan (25:56)


cinik (26:12)

far more superior than we are. So Ryan, when they come, are you going to tell me that I was wrong?

Ryan (26:12)

I’m sorry.

I will call you up and tell you that I was right before we go to the camps. Or you were right, sorry. Yeah.

[email protected] (26:22)

Once again, sounds like an episode of Black Mirror, like that one where the parent could see their kid all the time and could censor things that they don’t want their kid to see. Remember that episode? That’s pretty much what you’re describing in China right now.

Ryan (26:34)

Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I don’t know. Yeah, no, it’s, it’s, it’s silly. And, but you know, the thing is with the UFC fighters too, is like, if they would take their heads out of their asses for like a minute there of all the athletes in the world, they’re the ones that need a union, right? Like maybe a little bit of socialism might help, you know, not even socialism, just a little bit of like, community, you know, might help them.

[email protected] (26:53)


Ryan (27:01)

And so as fighters, it’s like, they need a union. Cause at the end of the day, yeah, like Bryce Mitchell, when he’s done fighting, where’s his money coming from? He has no pension. He has no guarantee of healthcare. There’s nobody clamoring to have him, you know, do anything. Like what’s your second career outside of like, hoping that you get enough people riled up, you know, on social media that you can build, you know, some kind of a little, you know, you know, build your own little reputation and platform there.

But it’s just so dumb if some of these guys would just stop and think for a second like, hey, the NBA, it’s a billion dollar business. They’ve got a great union. MLB has got a great, every major sport has a great union. Right? Yeah. And the UFC is its brand. It’s a billion dollar brand. The Fed is, outside of the big name fighters, don’t make very good money, all things considered. And they have no security.

[email protected] (27:38)

Every major sport has a union and it’s only helped the players.


Ryan (27:53)

So yeah, it’s like while you’re sitting there arguing, you know, fighting over, you know, gay and communism and Satanism, like you’re actively, you know, making choices that are going to hurt yourself. So that’s what it is, I guess. All right, so onto baseball a little bit. And then we’ll, so, and while we’ll stay on baseball to talk about your, your budding feud. I know you guys are, you guys are, Justin’s got some strong words for cynic.

[email protected] (28:03)

hurting yourself. Yeah.

Ryan (28:23)

But we’ll start with some baseball news. So a couple of years ago, I know that the Major League Baseball started to incorporate Negro League statistics into their stats. So if you look for leaders, depending on how you sort things, you’re going to see that the Negro League stats have been added, which I’ve been advocating for since I remember being on AOL chat rooms in the 90s arguing about it. And it was Wild West then. Definitely got some crazy.

[email protected] (28:43)

Mm -hmm.

Ryan (28:53)

arguments and responses there. But now they’re kind of enhancing that so that now the league leaders are showing up as well. So like, for example, Josh Gibson now is the leading all time batting average and slugging percentage. And it’s sort of a little bit of a controversy. I surprisingly haven’t seen as much against it as I thought. But I want to get your guys thoughts as big baseball fans about the incorporation of the stats, you know, fully and if you guys are for it, against it or, you know, have a nuanced view.

[email protected] (29:20)

sure because now because cynic gives into woke pressure and you know is it just wants to make himself look good at the at the expense of the purity of the game he would be in favor of this but in general yeah I like it I think it’s it’s fine I don’t think it it hurts anyone and anyone who’s up you know you know who’s up in arms and it’s like you get a life like really

cinik (29:47)

Well, there is a little bit of karmic justice to Josh Gibson over now leaping past Ty Cobb, who was a world renowned racist and terrible person and replacing him on the leaderboard. Listen, it doesn’t really matter. I mean, we could get into the whole argument. Well, what type of competition did they have? How many games did they play? You know, who was actually keeping it? It doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. And this is the if this is the the least we could do for him.

Ryan (29:55)

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

[email protected] (29:57)

Yeah. Yeah.

cinik (30:17)

after all the indignities they suffered, after all the racism they had, I’m all for it. I mean, there was a level of competition in that league that the MLB just couldn’t match at the time. You know, people like Satchel Paige and Josh Gibson were well above their time. You know, when Jackie comes over and he’s like the 10th best player in that league, you know, that tells you the level of competition and skill. And my only regret is I never got to see any of them.

because I could imagine those games were amazing.

Ryan (30:48)

Yeah, exactly. And I think that’s the thing is like baseball has always been a game of statistics. So I can understand if you’re kind of like a purist that any major change affects you. But at the end of the day, like you can always sort the stats however you want. So if you want to sort it to not have, you know, Negro Leaguers in it, then all the best. Do what you want to do. So that’s the beauty of having such a deep.

an extensive kind of database of statistics is you could do whatever you want with it. But no, I think that’s well put. It’s like, you know, that’s the least we could do, you know, for the kind of indignities that they did suffer. And yes, like the level of play was very good. And you can say whatever you want, like, because the Negro Leaguers didn’t play with the Major Leaguers and the Major Leaguers didn’t play with the Negro Leaguers. So they all kind of, there was a, you had two groups that were playing not with all the best competition, you know, in one place. So I think it’s fair. And I think it’s good on baseball.

[email protected] (31:16)

Mm -hmm.

Ryan (31:41)

you know, to do that. So, you know, and thankfully, like I said, I think the discourse has not been as negative as I thought it would be. And again, I’m sure in some spaces it is, but at least in the spaces that I’ve seen it, you know, it’s not been that bad. And yet it is kind of, you know, karmic justice that Josh Gibson leap rocks over. I mean, I’m Ty Cobb. he’s good. So anyway, so yeah. So, okay, Justin, what’s your problem? What’s your, what’s your beef with a cynic? Well, before we say so Justin and so cynic is the.

[email protected] (32:05)

So I made a completely lea –

Ryan (32:11)

you’re a general manager of a commissioner of a fantasy baseball league. Justin’s in. If I can, I might take over an open team that just opened up. But anyway, Justin, so what is your issue with commissioners?

cinik (32:12)


[email protected] (32:25)

I made it completely, based on the rules, I made a completely legal free agent acquisition according to the laws, the bylaws of the game and according to the software. And because the commissioner didn’t want my team to be good and wanted his team and the other team, you know, that had, you know, I like looked at their lineup. It was like Soto, Alonzo, Harper. It was like,

It was like an all -star team of like lineup. I’m looking at my, you know, at my lineup and it’s like, it doesn’t even compare. And I’m like, now I get it. Like, you know, of course, Cynic has like the best pitching staff and Tom, just like everyone. I was like, I see how this works. The, you know, the, it’s always, you know, the owners and their buddies happen to get the best teams. So finally, when I wanted to make a legal acquisition, the commission put the kibosh on it and gave me some, you know,

some really on the spot bullshit reasoning as to why all the other owners would complain about it. It’s like, that’s not my problem. I made a legal maneuver and that was it. So we could sense corruption in the ranks.

cinik (33:38)

the issue wasn’t with your maneuver. It was where you put that player after you made the maneuver and your reasoning for it wasn’t, I’m sorry, Joe, I made a mistake. It was, yeah, I’m exposed. I’m going to take advantage of this loophole. So fuck those guys. And I was like, but somebody’s already done this. And I’ve corrected it then too, at the beginning of the season. We run three starters and two relievers. And we only want people to stack three starters at a time for a day. So it doesn’t.

Ryan (33:51)


[email protected] (33:52)


cinik (34:07)

Overshed the pitching aspect of it doesn’t overshadow the offensive. So somebody had done that earlier in the year They put a obvious starter who throws five to six innings a game in a reliever slot just because he used to be a reliever and I corrected it and I came across it and I saw Justin had made that mistake and I thought maybe him being new he made that mistake in error and would be you know, the least bit Susceptible to my advice and told that instead I was greeted with

four or five messages about a woke league and how we should give points based off of race and sexuality. And so he finally relented and corrected it and I much appreciated it. And now that he’s aware of the rule, I’m hoping that the mistake won’t happen again.

Ryan (34:39)


[email protected] (34:57)

So let me ask you this, the other team that made this legal maneuver, what is their record right now?

cinik (35:03)

I think he’s got two or three losses. Yeah. But it’s the, the rules aren’t based off of what your record is.

[email protected] (35:10)

I’m just saying when you look at the data, when you look at it, just a little bit of a coincidence.

cinik (35:15)

And by the way, my fantastic pitching staff, of all superstars as you called them, none of them were projected in the top 30 at the beginning of the year. It was only based through my knowledge of the game and a whole lot of fucking luck that I’m actually doing well because I didn’t pick pitching till the very end.

Ryan (35:15)

So you.

I know, Justin. It sounds like you found something where there was a loophole and thought you could skate by because it was technically in the rules and Cynic was just doing what’s right for the game. So I’m going to say I judge.

cinik (35:49)

Yeah, he was Columbus. He found that loophole, you know, a century or two after everybody else did.

[email protected] (35:54)


Ryan (35:55)

And just the way you explained it to is like very clear that you knew it’s not right, but it’s within the rules. Sounds a little Trumpian to me.

[email protected] (36:04)

That’s all that matters. As I said, I’m the Bill Belichick of the league.

Ryan (36:10)

Okay. All right. And then I, wow, we got more baseball. It’s funny. Like we thought, we thought this was a pop culture podcast yet. We talk more about wrestling, UFC and baseball than we do anything else. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, I know. I guess. Well, it’s also like, there’s a lot of, I guess it’s interesting. At least for me, it’s, it’s been a very interesting sports kind of year.

[email protected] (36:23)

And we’re finding our niche. We’re finding our niche.

cinik (36:24)

Why limit ourselves, Ryan?

Ryan (36:39)

So a lot of interesting things have just been happening. So anyway, so the other baseball thing was the world’s greatest umpire, Angel Hernandez, retired after what, 30 years as an umpire? I don’t know, you guys can talk more to this, because I just know he’s the world’s greatest umpire.

[email protected] (36:47)


cinik (36:55)

Well, yeah, it’s just a simple case of failing up. And Angel and his divine wisdom being one of the worst have sued MLB several times for discrimination and lost. And MLB has come out and said that he’s probably their worst empire and has no business doing playoff games, has no business getting promotions or being in the World Series. My problem wasn’t with Angel being as bad as he was.

My problem was the way Angel viewed himself as the world’s greatest umpire. And that, you know, most of the time players will relent with whatever criticism if they just go, yeah, my bad, I missed that call. Players would be like, perfectly fine. I understand it. I really think that at the end of the day, somebody might’ve been given an early retirement package because he was getting close to that age anyway. There was a meeting, checks, you know, there was a settlement and someone got to the golden parachute early because…

[email protected] (37:43)

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.

cinik (37:51)

he really wasn’t getting better behind the plate. It was only worse. And he’s one of a handful of guys that shouldn’t call balls and strike. And that would be my thing. If I was that inept at what I’m being paid to do, like he can barely do first base. The plate is the moon to this guy. And he kept getting behind there and changing and altering the outcomes of games that are important to teams and players and fans. And they really, this was…

something that should have happened a long time ago. And I really think that they need to continue to do that because just recently the commissioner has come out and said that the automated strike zone won’t be ready for next year. So it’s even more imperative to get these guys that can’t call balls and strikes, obviously that are at, you know, like an 80 some odd percent correct rate to not be behind the plate.

Ryan (38:39)

Is there, so now is the automatic, automatic, strike zone, is that going to officially be implemented or is it, are they going to be really, so they want to. Yeah.

cinik (38:47)

Yes, they’re working towards it. It’s in the minor leagues now. There’s two different systems they’re working on. One is completely automated and one is more of like a challenge system where one or two times a game, a batter could step out and challenge the pitch. But it’s not like instant replay where it takes a minute. Like it’s almost instant. Like they throw the pitch up on the screen and where it landed and that’s what the outcome is. And that’s what they need.

Ryan (39:07)


[email protected] (39:13)

So why have that? Why not just have full automated?

cinik (39:16)

Well, they don’t want to completely, yeah, they don’t want to completely, I mean, some people are better with it and some people, if I was a home plate umpire, if they’re going to pay me the same, let the computer do the work. And then you can just blame that on the computer.

[email protected] (39:19)

to lose that aspect. Okay.

Ryan (39:29)

Yeah. Well, when, so speaking of AI, like, I mean, do you, do you guys envision a world in let’s say the next 10, 20 years where, where we have fully automated referees or umpires or whatever it is in sports? Like where it just, we just use cameras and, and.

[email protected] (39:29)


Yeah, definitely. And I’m all for it. I’m all for it. I think that the game should be determined by the players. And early on, I’ve been saying that some of them are judgment calls, but for anything that isn’t like a ball of strike, did the ball get to the bag first, right? Like, I don’t know if you could have a sensor basically saying if the runner hit the bag or did the ball get there or did he tag it first? Like there’s a way to get it right.

you know, pretty much 100 % of the time and I’m all for it. Maybe in other sports, it might be trickier because there might be some wiggle room for the interpretation, but I’m all for, I know a lot of people don’t like it if you’re purists, but I’m all for 100 % correct all the time.

Ryan (40:34)

Yeah, no, that’s fair. I think for ball strikes and outs, like why not be correct 100 % of the time? I guess there is the element, the human element is something, but that would make sense.

[email protected] (40:44)

It’s introducing a part of the game that does impact the game, that isn’t for the players. If you don’t have to have it, why have it?

cinik (40:50)

Yeah, he –

Yeah, human error shouldn’t determine the outcome of a game, for sure. Especially a game that’s important, like, you know, a playoff or a World Series game.

Ryan (41:03)

Yeah. All right. So now we’re going to try to bridge, we’re going to bridge from AI, which he’s also been talking about over into pop culture. So, open AI, which the makers of chap GPT had a big event, last week. And as part of it, they were, they were showcasing their new, voice, bot. And I don’t know if you guys saw this, but basically, I guess the story goes that, that, you know, they’d reached out to, so Scarlett Johansson, who was the voice of the AI in her,

it was about 10 years ago, about being, doing some kind of voice work for this. And I think she turned it down. And then when they released the voice, their kind of chat voice, it sounded suspiciously like Scarlett Johansson. So their response was that it was a, you know, that they had people record the voice and for their privacy, they’re not going to reveal the names. That’s a little sketchy because like what voice actors, especially if you have a gig like that, would not want their name revealed.

[email protected] (41:34)

Is it?


Ryan (42:02)

but it then came out that I guess they had reached out to her a few days before that event to try to get her on board, to which she declined again. And it was just a lot of weird things happened. Like, there were, you know, employees, like employees were posting things relating to her and, the, Sam Altman, who I think it’s a CEO or founder of open AI, had posted on Twitter, I think just.

her after that happened, so it’s like clearly a reference.

cinik (42:33)

Well, it was a picture of, it was almost a movie picture, or the poster with What King Phoenix.

Ryan (42:36)

okay. Okay. So, so yeah. So it’s like, what, you know, it’s, it’s just a weird move. Now initially, you know, I thought, okay, I mean, this doesn’t make sense because she, you know, you’re risking a lawsuit, bad publicity, but then it’s like, ding, ding, ding. No publicity is bad publicity. So maybe, maybe that’s it, right? Like now you’re in the media because you’re getting sued by or, or, or having issues with Scarlett Johansson.

cinik (42:59)

Well, if the voice isn’t pretending to be her or saying it is her, she doesn’t own the right to a voice. You know, if it sounded like it’s, you know.

[email protected] (43:07)

The sound of her voice, yeah.

Ryan (43:11)

there is actually legal precedent for that. So like she owns her likeness, which includes her voice. So if you can prove that they were trying to utilize her voice or her likeness, there is a case to be made in court. And so that’s the issue, right? Is if they just released that voice.

[email protected] (43:17)


Ryan (43:31)

All right, sounds like her. Let’s, no, no, this is assuming that the voice, it wasn’t, it’s not an AI that was trained on her voice, you know, which it, you know, very well could be, right? Like, we don’t know if it was an AI or if it’s an actor, cause they didn’t want to reveal who did the voice work, but whatever the case is, right? because they were so clear about the movie, her,

[email protected] (43:41)


It’s probably both.

Ryan (43:53)

It makes it like, well, they are trying to mimic her voice. And so there is the potentially illegal case there because, because they were kind of so kind of clumsy about it. Right. So that, that is the issue. You like, yeah, she doesn’t own a voice, but she does own her likeness. And especially since she played an AI chat bot and they were requesting that she play a role in this, it makes it a little dicey for them.

[email protected] (44:07)

Mm -hmm.

cinik (44:15)

Ryan, I feel like you’re trying to win points with ScarJo and it’s not gonna do you any favors. What is this, Hamlin? Hamlin McGill over here? I can’t use my last name. I mean, so if I sound like Scarlett Johansson, I can’t do voiceover work ever because people may think it’s her.

Ryan (44:19)

No, I’m kidding.

not that. Well, if you if you if you walk around with like, you know, what was the black widow like on your shirt, then yeah, it might be a little bit of a problem. You know, if you’re like if you’re you’re you’re what do you call it? Your avatar is like black a black widow avatar and you do voice work. Yeah, might be an issue.

[email protected] (44:56)

If they, I think that the only thing is if they misled people into thinking that it was her, right? But yes, just the voice alone, it’s like, yeah, you could sound like someone, you could even purposely mimic their voice. There’s nothing that can be done about that. If there’s no, you’re not selling it as that person, right? Sound -alikes go way back. It’s not a new thing.

cinik (45:02)


[email protected] (45:25)

And even if someone was modeled after her, what can you do? Once again, there’s going to be many court cases about this over the next 10 to 15 years, and there’s going to be lots of legal proceedings in its new territory. There’s probably going to have to be new laws written, basically having some sort of copyright or trademark or something on your likeness, but it’s going to be…

Ryan (45:48)


[email protected] (45:55)

very, very hard to do that, right?

Ryan (45:57)

what would happen, what happens if you see yourself on a movie or something and it just so happened that like you downloaded some app and you know, part of the terms and conditions, which none of us look at is like, yeah, we own your likeness so we can use it. And you know, like that that’s bound to happen at some point soon if it’s not already happening, you know, people signing away their likeness without even knowing it. And so yeah, you know, there is, there is, there is, there is, there is, there is, there is, there is, there is, there is, there is, there is, there is, there is, there is, there is, there is, there is, there is, there is, there is, there is, there is, there is, there is, there is, there is, there is, there is, there is, there is, there is, there is, there is, there is, there is, there is, there is, there is, there is, there is

[email protected] (46:11)


cinik (46:15)

Well, I think the folks over at CHAP GPT better be careful. She’s already won lawsuits against Disney, which is near impossible. So, you know, maybe just let that one go and try to figure out maybe what, you know, Britney Spears is up to and maybe use that voice instead.

Ryan (46:21)

Yeah, exactly. Yeah.

[email protected] (46:23)


Ryan (46:26)

Yeah, let it go.

Yeah, exactly. All right. All right.

[email protected] (46:36)

Yeah, it’s a lot of artists come out, like singers and stuff are saying, they’re just gonna start using our brand and using our name to sell songs. It’s gonna sound just like me and people can put stuff out there and like, how do you really stop it? It’s like the next version of Pandora’s box. It’s already happening. People are saying, here’s the new Weeknd song. And it sounds a lot like…

Ryan (47:00)


[email protected] (47:05)

sounds a lot like him. And it’s getting just based on that alone, you’re getting so many views. It’s funny because an artist’s brand is now almost all they have, right? Because you can make music and stuff that sounds a lot like someone, you can replicate their voice, you can write like them. But what’s keeping people sort of what’s making them famous is them.

Ryan (47:08)

Enough licking that it, you know.

[email protected] (47:33)

is their brand rather than their product, even though the product helps. So now you’re basically taking that away as well. So it’s going to be a brave new world.

Ryan (47:43)

Absolutely. All right, so last bit of news, and then we’ll get a little bit into some summer movies. So the Memorial Day weekend is typically a big movie weekend. There’s always some kind of big release. The big release this year was Furiosa, I forget the exact title of it, it’s like Furiosa, Mad Max, or something like that, but the sequel to Mad Max Fury Road, which if you’ve seen it, it’s a phenomenal movie. I really enjoyed it. It was a cult hit.

It wasn’t a massive box office hit. And I think there were high expectations for this and it bombed at the box office this year, unfortunately. I haven’t seen it. I was hoping to, but it only made, I think 32 million over the weekend and did not do well. I think it was one of the worst Memorial Day weekend openings in a long time and something like 20 years. But Cynic, what do you think about that? Is this a trend? Is it just, was it a bad choice of a movie to open there? What are your thoughts?

cinik (48:37)

Well, it was the lowest grossing box office blockbuster, but it was also number one. So I think this speaks more along the lines of where we’re at at the theater and where we’re at in the film industry than we are how we feel about Chris Helmsworth jumping over and stealing Mad Max’s job. I really think that it’s more reflective of the medium is changing.

these movies at home during the pandemic really spoiled people and going to the theater is expensive and time consuming. And sometimes you don’t get the value out of it that you think. We sat down to watch Civil War and there was a family sitting to the right of us that talked through at least a third of the movie. I think some movies are always gonna be movie theater movies, but some movies just need to be

[email protected] (49:10)

Mm -hmm.

cinik (49:33)

release direct to a streaming app and we call it good. Like, I don’t think we’re ever going to get back to the time where, you know, there’s 15 releases a year that we’re going to be running into the theaters to see.

Ryan (49:44)

Yeah. Well, yeah, I mean, I think it’s weird because like, you know, Kingdom of Planet Apes has been a huge hit, right? It made, I think, I forget if it was like 80 or 100 million that first weekend, it’s up to 300 million. So it’s done really well. So it’s strange. But I think you’re right. I think we’re past the days of like, there being like a can’t miss movie. And I think they probably overestimated its popularity. I think and also like for a lot of people, I think that was their attitude. Like, I wrote was great. I’ll just wait for this to come out on streaming.

versus people that were clamoring to go see it in the theater. So it’s unfortunate, because I think it seems like it’s a good movie. I’d like to get out and see it, but yeah, probably not the best choice. And yeah, unfortunately, we see it with Marvel movies. We see it with a lot of the big IP. There’s no surefire hit anymore. So yeah. Yeah.

cinik (50:34)

Well, it checked all the boxes, right? It had a big star. It was, you know, big explosions. It had a great Rotten Tomatoes score. I mean, it looks like it was fast paced and yet still none of the three of us went out to see it. So.

Ryan (50:46)

Yeah, I wanted to my wife did not.

[email protected] (50:49)

Well, I think that if you’re someone like me who’s representative of a large demographic, I don’t prefer like to see blockbusters in films, believe it or not. I like to see more sort of artsy fartsy films. And I live in places that have nice theaters where you can go and see that stuff.

It’s like, I want it to be an experience. I want to see like a really good film. I want to see, you know, and now a lot of the theaters have really upped their game. They have much more comfortable seating. It’s cleaner. The food is still pretty much the same. It’s a better experience. And it’s just like, unless it’s like a blockbuster that I just have to go see, most of the time I’m like, I’m not interested in doing this. I’m not interested in paying, you know, how much is it? $25 a ticket, two tickets, you know, $30 for popcorn and a soda. It’s like…

I don’t really feel like spending $80 to go see sort of a, as you said, a hit or miss blockbuster. It’s just not, it’s like, I can wait and I have no, and I don’t lose a second of sleep. And there’s a lot of people like me that are just like, I’d rather see something like sort of cool in a theater that might be off the beaten path than just go see another blockbuster. And when I could just wait for it, wait a couple months for it to come out. So.

cinik (52:08)

I love those self reassurance. There’s a lot of people like me.

[email protected] (52:11)

There are. I’m a big demographic.

Ryan (52:12)

Well, speaking of movies that we’re going to try to see in theaters, some of which I wanted to go through. So I went through some of the summer movies coming out, see what we have to look forward to, what movies are going to, must see what movies are not so much. So we’re just, I’m just going to quickly touch on them. I gave you guys homework. Granted, I gave you guys homework for over a couple of hours to look at these trailers. So.

cinik (52:13)

I’m sure there are, buddy.

[email protected] (52:37)

Can we look at some of the most cool, the best trailers?

Ryan (52:39)

Yeah, well, some of the more interesting ones we can go through. So yeah, we’ll go through. If we go through all of them, we’ll be here all day. But I’ll pick out a couple of the interesting ones to go through. So first up, Bad Boys Ride or Die. Cynic, are you excited about seeing this movie? You’re not.

cinik (52:54)

I am not, I’ve seen the trailer a couple times. It was, I think every movie I’ve been to has had it in front of it. And it just, it lacks all the things that made the original one a hit. It just, it feels like two guys just looking to get a paycheck. And I mean, I’m happy for them. I’m glad that they’re still able to work after some of the things that they’ve done. But you know, it just.

doesn’t appeal to me in the least. And it’s not a movie that I would watch even when it’s out on streaming services.

Ryan (53:30)

How are you Justin excited about that boy? Yeah.

[email protected] (53:31)

I was thinking the same thing. It looked like some, you know, I saw the trailer too. It’s like, you know, some just like sort of jokes. I don’t know if I would say in poor taste, but just it’s like, yeah. Yeah, it just.

Ryan (53:45)

It’s like it should have come out in the 90s or like early 2000 or the odds early odds like it’s not a it’s just not Yeah, okay

[email protected] (53:52)

not enthusiastic about it.

cinik (53:54)

Not to not to trailer jackets, but the Beverly Hills cop four looks fucking amazing.

Ryan (54:00)

Okay, yeah. Is that, when is that coming out? Because I didn’t even have…

cinik (54:04)

I believe in the next couple weeks here, if not the next month, but I think it’s going straight to Netflix, which I’m all about that.

Ryan (54:07)


Okay, got it. Okay, that will that okay. Yeah, well, then maybe that will definitely add that to the list of things to watch because I did I did see the trailer for that a few a while back and it was good. Alright, so we will go we’ll do one trailer here. So I which is something I didn’t really know much about until a couple days ago. But this is coming out on Netflix soon. So we can probably review it in the next week or two. But we will do we’ll go through the trailer for hitman.

[email protected] (54:11)


Ryan (56:59)

Alright, so Justin, am I gonna have to pull your arm to watch this?

[email protected] (57:03)

No, no, it looks interesting. It looks sort of like twisty and turny and like a lot of, yeah, seems like there’s a lot of fun going on. Obviously, the sex appeal is a big part of it and it looks fun. It looks exciting.

Ryan (57:22)

Yeah, how about you saying it?

cinik (57:23)

What week are we doing this?

Ryan (57:26)

I think it comes out on this. So you’re not interested.

cinik (57:28)

I think I’m busy that week.

I mean, I’ll absolutely jump on and help you guys review it, but it didn’t blow me over. Like, it’s not Beverly Hills Cop 4. It’s not, you know, I mean, it looks like there could be enough meat on the bone to make it an interesting movie, but a lot of it seemed very cliche.

Ryan (57:35)

Yeah, well.

To be fair, I don’t know. So like we’ve got the acolyte starts next week. So we’ll be talking about that, which is a Star Wars property that Justin, you need no bad, there’s no barrier for entry because it’s about a world that we, you know, you don’t need to know anything about. So, so no excuses there, but acolyte starts next week. So we got that. And then we’ll have house of the dragon and the boys. So I think movies, it’ll have to be a must see for us to really do a big review on it because we’re going to have so much stuff to deal with. So yeah, you might not have to have to fake an injury to skip it.

cinik (57:53)


[email protected] (58:12)


cinik (58:20)

Speaking of which, in preparation for season two of House of the Dragon, we’ve gone through and started rewatching season one, which we’re almost all the way through because it’s not very long. And that show is a lot better than I gave it credit for when we originally went through it.

Ryan (58:33)

Yeah. So you know what we should do? Let, we’ll talk about this. Maybe we’ll talk about this offline, but maybe we, we do a little catch up session and, pre, you know, be the week before season one, season two starts, we can do a little recap of season one. we’ll do our own little review. So Justin, you’ll have some homework, the next couple of weeks to get caught up. And I want to rewatch it anyway.

So yeah, we definitely should talk about it. Cause I remember the show was really good. But yeah, that definitely like, I’m excited and I think we, I need to do a rewatch. So it’d be great for us to rewatch it and then do a little talk before, before season two starts.

All right, so next up, so A Quiet Place Day One. So this is the third in the A Quiet Place saga, I guess. So I’m mixed on it. So the first one I think was great. It was all about kind of managing tension. It had the, it’s kind of, the premise there is like, or the setup is that.

[email protected] (59:10)


Ryan (59:34)

you have these monsters that have incredible hearing and so everybody has to be quiet. And so the movie is mostly silent, there’s not much dialogue and they have to kind of operate in a way where they’re in silence. And then there’s a lot of really interesting things that happen where everything is put to the challenge because of this, like how do you deal with a baby in that situation? So I think it’s one of those things where the world in and of itself was interesting and the sequel was fine.

But now we’re getting a movie that basically is like how it all started and I don’t know that we need that. But what are your thoughts, Sinek? Is this a movie you’re looking forward to or do we need it?

cinik (1:00:13)

Well, it appears that it starts off in New York City. So yeah, I’m absolutely all about that. Anytime we get to blow up New York City, because that’s one of my biggest fears because I work there. So yeah, I’m down for any of that. Give me that. I mean, the movies made a ton of money. So we’re going to get, you know, they’re going to keep riding it till the wheels come off. And yeah, I’m interested to see.

Ryan (1:00:16)

Yeah. Yeah.


cinik (1:00:39)

kind of what they do with it. And it’s a different look. I mean, we can make the same argument about the Walking Dead. Like, are any of these spinoffs necessary? No, they really aren’t. But it’s interesting to see how the rest of the world is dealing with this problem. So when these aliens attack New York City, yeah, I kind of want to see what goes down.

Ryan (1:00:45)

Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. Yeah. And to be fair, it’s like, I do, you know, it is, it’ll be interesting to see how they adapt to it, obviously, because you’re learning about these, you know, aliens very quickly. And, and, yeah, I’ll be interested to see. I mean, you know, I’ll watch it. it’s got a good cast. so it should be interesting, but I don’t know how necessary, it is. all right. So next up, I know, you’re, you’re going to have a hard time with this one, due to your hatred of anything animated, but, inside out too.

is coming out. Justin, I’ll ask you first, are you interested or do you care at all to see Inside Out 2? Trailer for Inside, did you see the first Inside Out? No, okay. All right. Let’s see, Inside Out 2. I just saw it in front of some movie, in front of Planet of the Apes. It’s two minutes. We don’t need to watch the trailer. I just wanted to message in it, because I know he hates animated anything.

[email protected] (1:01:29)

I need to see a trailer.


cinik (1:01:36)

How long is the trailer? Because I can go use the bathroom.

[email protected] (1:01:52)


Ryan (1:01:54)

And I was pretty sure you didn’t see it. But we will look at a trailer for the bike riders. Have either of you guys seen the trailer for this?

[email protected] (1:02:04)


cinik (1:02:06)

Yeah, I just watched it when we were doing the prep work and it feels very Sons of Anarchy -ish.

Ryan (1:02:12)

Yeah, it does. So we’ll put this on. Let’s see. When I had initially seen it, I was like, I’m not very interested, but let’s see if my opinion has changed on that or will change on that.

it’s got Tom Hardy in it. So I’ll, I’ll watch anything with Tom Hardy. So.

All right, so I’ll start and say it’s got two, it’s got Tom Hardy who I’ll watch in anything. And also has Jody Cormer who I’ll also watch in anything. So even though the, the, the trailer itself was not, you know, the most inspiring to me, you know, two people who I, who I’ll watch do whatever. So I probably am in on that. How about you guys?

cinik (1:04:56)

Well, I mean, the trailer didn’t do it any favors, but it did set like the tone in kind of the period. But just going down through the cast list, it has Michael Shannon, it has Norman Reedus, it has Paul Sparks from Fort Laquempeyre, who was fantastic in the show. So I mean, the cast looks good. I’m just not 100 % sure what it’s about. And maybe when we find that out, you know, in a later trailer or by, you know, seeing videos about it.

[email protected] (1:04:59)


cinik (1:05:24)

possibly compete my interest a little more, but it looks okay. A little derivative of Sen’s Anarchy, but listen, we’re not gonna be tripping over great movies this summer, so we’re gonna have to embrace the mediocrity which is in front of us.

Ryan (1:05:35)

Yeah. Yeah. How are you, Justin?

[email protected] (1:05:42)

I mean, it looks like something that I might see on any given night. There’s something, you know, that I’ve watched everything that I want to. It’s like, all right, I give this movie a shot. Yeah, it doesn’t look super thrilling. And yeah, it does have, obviously, I mean, anything with a motorcycle gang is gonna be Sons of Anarchy. It’s like, it’s very hard to escape that. I don’t know if we look too much. I mean, I didn’t, besides that, like I don’t, didn’t.

didn’t strike me as two sons of anarchy. Like, I guess it was inspired by a true story, but I don’t know. Like, I could be persuaded to watch it.

Ryan (1:06:19)

So we’re not gonna watch this trailer, but did the movie Twister need a follow -up?

cinik (1:06:25)

You know, I mean the trailers great I You know, it’s one of those movies where I think I would drag myself to the movie theater to see it So, you know, there’s that I mean, is it gonna be a good movie? Is am I gonna walk out of there kicking myself for doing it more than likely? But I think Twisters looks pretty decent

Ryan (1:06:32)

Really? Yeah.


I feel like it’s a good, if you have the AMC Prime, it’s a good AMC Prime movie. I don’t know if I had to pay extra money on top of what I’m paying for that to see it, probably not, but fair enough. Who knows, it might be fun. You gonna say something, Justin?

[email protected] (1:06:56)

This was a great episode of CinemaSins on the original Twister.

Ryan (1:07:01)

Okay. Let’s check it out. That seems like a very, a very sin worthy movie. so next up will be the biggest movie of the summer, unless it’s a miserable failure. And that’s a Deadpool and Wolverine. We’ve watched a couple of the trailers, over the, last couple of months. but, yeah, I’m assuming we’ll all be there day one, right? Yeah.

cinik (1:07:22)

yeah. If you knuckleheads aren’t sitting next to me, I’m going to be annoyed.

Ryan (1:07:27)

What’s crazy that the day will day one tickets sold out already, which is insane. Like, you know, like that Thursday night, it’s gone. But yeah, no, we should we should make an outing to go to make sure we all go see that.

cinik (1:07:40)

Yeah, if we can nail Justin down to an area code.

Ryan (1:07:43)

Yeah, are you going to be in New York on July, on July, the weekend of July 26th?

[email protected] (1:07:49)

No, you never know these things, probably.

Ryan (1:07:54)

Well, when they go on sale, when they go widely on sale for the rest of that weekend, I’ll try to wrangle you guys together and then we’ll get some tickets for it. That should be good.

cinik (1:08:03)

Can we say, let’s calm down about the advanced ticket sales, that it’s not even 50 % of Spider -Man. First off, Deadpool’s not Spider -Man. Deadpool doesn’t have the universal appeal or the history that Spider -Man does. Deadpool’s had one, two movies. Spider -Man’s had eight. You know what I mean? Can we calm down with the, it’s not doing as well as Spider -Man. Like, everybody is so ready to kick dirt on Marvel that they’ll look for anything to make a little video about.

Ryan (1:08:13)



cinik (1:08:32)

so they can have a hot take about how it’s gonna fail because of its wokeness. I can guarantee you that this film is not going to be woke. I can guarantee you that this film is gonna be probably number one for at least the better part of a month, month and a half. And it’s gonna deliver on everything that it promises because Ryan Reynolds is all about that life.

Ryan (1:08:51)

Yeah. And not to mention it’s R. So, you know, it’s not like, yeah, you know, it’s not like it’s, you know, it’s going to be have the mass appeal that Spider -Man would have anyway. So yeah, like people should, I definitely agree with you people need to calm down a little bit on that. It’s going to be a big hit. I hope it gets pretty good. You know, I will place all my faith in Ryan Reynolds to get that done. But yeah, I think it’s going to be good.

next movie, we saw the trailer, we watched the trailer for it a few weeks back, kind of came out of nowhere for me, but it’s Night Shyamalan movie starring Josh Hartnett, Trap, which I guess he’s takes his, he’s a serial killer who takes his daughter to a concert and things happen, I guess. It looks interesting. I think that the,

you know, the, the trail look kind of properly tense. And, so I’m, I’m excited to see that. Do you guys remember the trailer and are you guys excited to check that out?

[email protected] (1:09:41)

yeah, I think it looks interesting. To me, it’s one of those third act films. It’s like, premise is nice, right? It’s gonna be tense in the middle. The question is, does it devolve? No, it’s, is it gonna devolve? Like it’s a mashamalan, yes. So generally it doesn’t. He doesn’t have these like third acts.

Ryan (1:10:04)

in that channel.

[email protected] (1:10:11)

devolve into like violent, you know, shoot them ups or whatever it is. That’s not his style. But that’s to me.

Ryan (1:10:17)

No, he just has Superman -like characters drown in puddles of water. Which actually happened in a, what was it, glass?

[email protected] (1:10:22)

Yeah, yeah, okay. Yeah.

Which I like that, I like that film. But, yeah.

Ryan (1:10:30)

That movie was terrible. He’s like hit or miss. Like every other movie is really good and then like really bad.

cinik (1:10:35)

You know, Ryan, you would think growing up in the particular community that you grew in, you would be, you know, a little bit more caring about people not being able to swim, you know, just a little bit. But will he stick the landing? That’s always the Night Shyamalan question. Some of the movies he absolutely does, and he seems like the greatest director and writer of our time. And other times it’s a complete mess and we wonder how he’s still working in Hollywood.

Ryan (1:10:44)


[email protected] (1:10:50)

That’s the big thing. How is it going to, how’s the third act?

cinik (1:11:04)

So it’s a question of whether he’ll stick the landing or not. And I’m willing to give it a shot. I don’t know if it’s a movie theater movie yet or not. I’ll have to kind of watch the trailer a couple more times. But I mean, he has given us good movies in the past.

[email protected] (1:11:12)


Ryan (1:11:18)

No, he has. And that’s the frustrating thing with him is like, every other film by him is actually pretty good. And so it’s like, it’s kind of like, you just don’t know what version of him you’re gonna get. You know, are we gonna get, you know, the village Night Shyamalan, or are we getting like the Sixth Sense? Are we getting, you know, even, what do you call it? Unbreakable, like, screw it, are we getting unbreakable, or are we getting glass? So it’s like…

Who knows what version, but again, he’s consistent enough that it gives me hope for every movie. And then he just breaks my heart half the time, right? So yeah.

cinik (1:11:50)

Of course, his name still rings out. You know what I mean? Like, we’re still saying, hey, it’s an M9 Shyamalan movie. It’s possible.

Ryan (1:11:59)

Well, he got, because there was a period where like his name should could not be attached to movies because it was, or like you didn’t want to promote it that much because it was bad. But you know, again, they’re good enough that hopefully, you know, hopefully it looks interesting enough that I’m hoping that we get something good out of it. So next up is The Crow. One of my favorite movies growing up. We watched the trailer for that. We’re not going to watch that abomination again. I’m not going to go see that movie unless like the reviews come out and they’re just spectacular that it just looks bad.

[email protected] (1:12:22)


Ryan (1:12:28)

looks nothing like what I expected or wanted. A movie that didn’t really need to be remade and especially didn’t need to be remade the way it did. But have your guys thoughts changed at all on that or are you with me on boycotting The Crow? Yeah.

[email protected] (1:12:39)

Now I’m not gonna see it.

cinik (1:12:40)

Yeah, it’s a hard pass. They had their opportunity. I’m not quite sure why they’re doing it. You know, throw that one in the fire and start it over.

Ryan (1:12:49)

Yeah, exactly. All right, so we got two more. Alien Romulus. I’ll pull up the trailer for that because I think it’s a pretty, a couple of pretty quick trailers that they have for it. But it’s like, I don’t know if we needed another alien movie, but we’re going to keep getting them. And we might be, I don’t know. Very well could be because I think I feel like we’re getting like.

cinik (1:13:07)

Aren’t we getting an alien TV show soon? I think that’s in the works.

Ryan (1:13:19)

like Eddie, anything that’s got a name, you know, every IP basically gets a, we’re going to get TV. I think there’s like even there might be, I don’t know, like there might be a Dune TV show coming out. I don’t know. We just get everything’s got everything as a show. all right, so let’s play this alien Romulus trailer.

So that trailer convinced you we needed another alien movie? I can’t hear you say it.

[email protected] (1:15:13)

It convinced me that we don’t need another alien.

cinik (1:15:17)

That was terrible for you to say. Yeah, no, we don’t need another Alien movie. I agree with Justin. It’s almost like they were replaying visuals of past movies. Like, if you’re not gonna do anything new with it, then don’t do it. I guess it’s a question of, you know, maybe you capture that new audience, but most of the audience that’s already paid to see it or has it on a DVD, Blu -ray, 4K, you know, they’re gonna be insulted that you

Ryan (1:15:19)



[email protected] (1:15:28)

It did look like that.

Ryan (1:15:28)

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, exactly.

cinik (1:15:47)

you know, basically didn’t cover any new ground.

Ryan (1:15:50)

Yeah, no, yeah, no, I agree. It’s like, I don’t know. Aliens an amazing movie. Aliens is an amazing movie. Everything after that, I don’t know that we needed any of it. And, you know, this is not the world we’re in, right? Like that, the amount of money that they spent on this, they will not spend on a new property. So you get the same thing, you know, repackaged a little bit and it just, I don’t expect it to be particularly good and we’ll not be going to see it. Like, unlikely.

[email protected] (1:16:08)



Ryan (1:16:17)

All right, so last thing, I’m not gonna play the trailer because it’s long, but there is a new Kevin Costner, Costner Western Epic Horizon coming out. So Justin, I’m sure you haven’t seen the trailer. Does, does Kevin Costner, Costner Western Epic inspire you to go see a movie or?

[email protected] (1:16:34)

Mmm, most likely not. Because the reviews were like amazing.

Ryan (1:16:38)

How about you, Cynic?

cinik (1:16:39)

I mean, the trailer itself was decent, but yeah, it did feel awful long. And I guess he got a 12 minute standing ovation at one of the movie awards. So, you know, I mean, it quite possibly could be decent, but I just, I have a hard time selling my lady wife on anything over two hours at the theater. You know, she looks at runtimes more than she does the Rotten Tomatoes reviews. And…

Ryan (1:16:43)


Yeah. Yeah.


cinik (1:17:09)

She doesn’t want to be in the theater for three hours. So that could be a two -parter at home.

Ryan (1:17:11)


Exactly. So that’s the thing is it looks beautiful. Like it looks really well shot. Absolutely gorgeous. And as somebody who has who, you know, year ago did a road trip in the Midwest, which is one of the most beautiful areas of the country, you know, and also just is in the midst of writing a Western comic series. It’s something that like, for me, it like piques my interest. And it is a gorgeous movie to look at.

and kind of a world, you know, at a sandbox that I’ve been playing in a little bit. So it’s kind of something that kind of is relevant for me, but that runtime is a little, it’s a little rough. And it might be, same here. It’s like, it might be a little tough convincing my wife to go see it. And it seems like it might be something that, that I will watch, but I’m more likely to watch it over a couple of sittings at home.

versus going to the theater to see it. So it’s one of those, you know, I very much will see like, how are the reviews and what am I doing at that period of time? Like, you know, if, if, if I’m really busy, maybe not, but if I’m not busy and it’s got great reviews, maybe, maybe I find some time to go see it in the theaters. But, but it’s a little tough. It’s like, yeah, that, you know, to and change runtime, can be a lot, but like I said, I do, it does look, look great. I, I wasn’t compelled.

you know, by the by the trailer and the story, it seemed a little melodramatic, but here’s what it is. Something like it might be fun, might be interesting to see, but but I might it very well might be a streaming movie.

All right, well, that is it. We went a little long today. yeah. Yeah.

[email protected] (1:18:43)

Well, you know what, sorry to, you know what, speaking of something that is visually stunning that you touted, you know, you worshiped at its altar. So I decided to go see it. I finally got around to seeing Ripley and it was the most snooze fest. I could barely get through the first episode. I couldn’t wait for it to end. And I just, no, no.

Ryan (1:18:57)

Ripley? Okay.

Mr. I love artsy movies. I don’t want to go to see blockbusters.

cinik (1:19:13)

Not everything can be the notebook, Justin.

[email protected] (1:19:13)

Well, look, I like it when it’s well done, but I mean, it was really boring. Nothing happened in the whole episode. And you know what’s something that I don’t like when everyone is the same, when everyone is just this sort of disinterested, annoyed, like everyone, the personality of every character is the same, and then the lead character has no personality. So.

Ryan (1:19:23)

So you just watched one up.

cinik (1:19:42)

Sounds like this podcast.

[email protected] (1:19:43)

Yeah, pretty much. So, couldn’t make it, barely made it through the first episode, did not like it, won’t be going back.

Ryan (1:19:52)

I don’t know. I think it did it. Do you at least agree that it’s it looks amazing?

[email protected] (1:19:57)

I mean, it was like looking at something that, it was like a beautiful piece of shit. Like if you painted like a really gorgeous piece of shit. Yeah, it looks nice. It’s a nice piece of shit.

Ryan (1:20:10)

Really, okay. I don’t like that analogy. I don’t think, I don’t know. I feel like there was a better one there. So it’s a more.

[email protected] (1:20:14)


cinik (1:20:18)

In closing, we did speak about Flat Earthers earlier and it looks like Kyrie Irving and the Dallas Mavericks are gonna head to the NBA Finals, which for the life of me, I have not been the biggest Kyrie fan over the last, I’d say eight or nine years because of his antics. I am rooting for him to beat the Boston Celtics and get another championship.

Ryan (1:20:26)

Okay, yeah.


[email protected] (1:20:35)

Yeah, of course. Of course.

Ryan (1:20:36)

Yes. I think I, it’s funny. I, for, I rooted for the Celtics to beat the Pacers just because the Pacers beat the Knicks. And that’s kind of how my brain works. So if you beat my team, like I want you to lose, but yeah, no, I would, I would absolutely, you know, Kyrie is a weird guy. Cause like, he’s got, he, you know, he’s like, he, between his, like the, you know, kind of at least, I don’t know, like his retweets and posts, you know, from like,

people that are here may not be anti -Semitic to like his, you know, the flat earther stuff to some of the stuff you, you know, he got it, you know, antics with the nets. It makes him, you know, kind of an easy villain, but he’s also like, it’s like watching, you know, Rembrandt, you know, in person, you know, watching him play.

And I think the YouTube and Facebook algorithms realize like I could just watch, you know, Kyrie Irving highlights. So I’m constantly being fed his highlights. But he’s like an artist, right? On the court. And so somebody that like, you know, in some ways you do root for him. And when you hear him in interviews, he seems like he’s a decent guy. So I think maybe on some level it’s maybe a little bit misunderstood. But yeah, I’m definitely rooting for them to beat the Celtics.

[email protected] (1:21:31)



cinik (1:21:48)

Yeah, his ability was never in question. It was just more his desire, his desire in, you know, not to be a clubhouse cancer. But one thing that did turn me on him recently was there was a long interview about how him and Luca have kind of formed this, you know, best friend bond. And Kyrieza kind of took in the role of being a mentor. And, you know, I’m all about personal growth. And the fact that he’s gone from somebody that you can’t rely upon,

Ryan (1:21:50)

Yeah. Yeah. Desire.



cinik (1:22:17)

to mentoring a younger player and them being successful and then finding a way to get along even though they’re from two very different parts of the world. And, you know, him being a positive influence on Luka, I’m all about that. Like, I want to see them win tomorrow.

Ryan (1:22:24)


Yeah. Yeah. So, so yeah, hopefully we’ll see. It’ll be, it’ll be an interesting series. It’d be great to see Boston choke again. And, and then we’ll have an interesting off season where, you know, it’s kind of make or break time for the Knicks and we’ll hope maybe, maybe have an interesting season coming up. But all right. So that is it as usual. All of our stuff is at a portable hole publishing .com.

and all of our social media stuff is at portable underscore whole. So Justin, until next time.

[email protected] (1:23:01)

Watch out for the hole.

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