A Debt to the Ceaseless Reaper– Fall 2023

In this western comic book, the story follows Sheriff Arthur Dunn and his crew on a mission to fulfill a promise made to his dying mother. But when a mysterious bounty hunter known as the Ceaseless Reaper takes the body of Arthur’s wayward outlaw brother, Raymond, the sheriff and his team must journey into the haunted and dangerous forest of Demons Run to retrieve it. Along the way, Arthur must face the truth about his past and confronts his own guilt and fears, leading to a stunning conclusion that tests his resolve and puts everything he believes in to the test.

Obelus: The Interloper- Spring 2024

Carter Mack was once the revered Obelus, the masked protector of Fayview, until his identity was exposed and he was forced to give up his alter ego. Five years later, he has rebuilt his life as a martial arts instructor and has put his vigilante past behind him. But when an old friend offers him a job as a private detective, he is drawn back into the world of crime-fighting. As he solves his first case, he is faced with the temptation to become Obelus once again, knowing that any good he may do will only lead to his ostracization. Will he risk everything to become the hero the city needs, or will he continue to live a quiet life on the sidelines?