A Debt to the Ceaseless Reaper

In this western comic book, Sheriff Arthur Dunn must fulfill a promise made to his dying mother. But when a mysterious bounty hunter known as the Ceaseless Reaper takes the body of Arthur’s wayward outlaw brother, Raymond, the sheriff and his team must journey into the haunted and dangerous forest of Demons Run to retrieve it. Along the way, Arthur must face the truth about his past and confronts his own guilt and fears, leading to a stunning conclusion that tests his resolve and challenges everything that he believes in. 

Book one of A Debt to the Ceaseless Reaper, titled “The Devil’s Hymn” is available for purchase. It is a 32 page full color comic that is action packed and beautifully drawn and colored.

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Meet the team

Ryan George: Story/ Writer

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Ryan George has spent a career in fitness which included a successful stint as co-host of the GymWits Podcast. He has also worked as a writer and has published two fitness books. Ryan has made the transition from non fiction over to fiction with two soon to be released titles under the Portable Hole Publishing Banner.

Bobby Brice: Inks/ Cover Art/ Variant Cover

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Bobby Brice is an illustrator from the southwestern United Kingdom, a long way from the American West. His work has been published here and there, most recently in the nautical horror anthology ‘A Lungful of Brine’, and the ‘Campaign City Supers’ sourcebook for ‘Savage Worlds’. He’s self taught, but his influences include Steve Dillon, Frank Quitely and Brian Bolland. He has a cat named Beans, whose insatiable urge to chew pens threatens to derail Bobby’s entire career.

Marta Gasperoni: Colors

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Marta Gasperoni was born on September 11, 1994. Since she was a child, she’s loved animated movies, comics and videogames. From such hobby she developed her aesthetic sensibility for colors. Last year, (2021) she got a diploma at the International School of Comics of Reggio Emilia (Italy) to turn her passion into a profession. She specialized in Digital Coloring. Today, her passion is the representation of emotions through colors. One of her strong points is the use of palettes to breathe life into the mood of a story and its settings. Her favorite genres are post-apocalyptic, sci-fi and psychological drama. Her reference colorists are Matt Hollingsworth, for his use of textures and palettes, Marte Gracia and Simone Di Meo, for their vibrating colors. At present, Marta is working with several teams on indie comics of different genres.

Marco Della Verde: Lettering

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Marco Della Verde has been writing and lettering comics since 1997. His work has been published by DC Comics, IDW, Image Comics, Heavy Metal Magazine, and many more.

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    Zane Barrow: Editor

    Clare Hemsworth: Proofreader

    Clare Hemsworth, aka ComicScout, decided to combine her lifelong love for comics with her degree in English and offer her services as an editor and proofreader to small press creators. She can be contacted at @comicscout on twitter and instagram, or via her website www.comicscout.co.uk

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