PHP #15: House of The Dragon S2 E1, The Boys S4 E1-3 and The Acolyte E3


In this conversation, Ryan, Justin, and Cinik discuss various topics including the Conor McGregor fight, fantasy baseball, and the TV show ‘The Acolyte’. They also touch on the themes of diversity and representation in media, particularly in the Star Wars franchise. The conversation delves into the writing and execution of the Star Wars series, highlighting the importance of good storytelling over diversity for the success of a show. They also discuss the latest season of ‘The Boys’ and how it tackles satire and social commentary. The conversation covers the first three episodes of ‘House of the Dragon’ and ‘The Boys’ Season 3. They discuss the character development, plot progression, and visual effects of both shows. The hosts share their favorite moments and rate the episodes. They also mention the upcoming season of ‘The Acolyte’ and discuss their expectations for future episodes.

00:00 Intro

05:49 The Acolyte Season 1 Episode 3 Review

14:03 The Importance of Good Storytelling

25:56 The Boys Season 4 Episode 1-3 Review

29:34 The Need for Well-Written Stories

38:54 Review of ‘House of the Dragon’ Season 2, Episode 1

Ryan (00:29)

Welcome to the portable hole podcast. I’m Ryan George and I’m here with my good friends, Justin and cynic. We’re all three together again. How are you guys doing?

[email protected] (00:36)

Good, good.

Cinik (00:37)

Yeah, back again, Ryan. I can’t wait to get into all this content we have, especially me and Justin’s big matchup in fantasy baseball this week.

Ryan (00:41)

Yeah. Yeah.

[email protected] (00:44)

yeah, so if you notice us looking down, we’re checking our head -to -head right now. And so far I’m winning. And I believe that we should stop the count right now.

Ryan (00:45)

All right. Well, okay. So.

So I actually, we have a, we have a lot to go over. so I actually didn’t, we don’t have any news for today. so yeah. Do you want to update me? What’s going on with your. Yeah.

Cinik (00:59)

before we get any further, let’s talk about that Conor McGregor fight that’s now not going to happen, which your good friend Cynic told you about a month ago that it probably wasn’t going to happen.

Ryan (01:04)


[email protected] (01:06)

yeah, of course.

Ryan (01:08)

Yeah. Yeah. What, what was the injury? So this opposed injury.

Cinik (01:12)

Well, undisclosed Ryan, you know, the most fatal type of injury, you know, made up. Because if it was something legitimate, right away he would disclose it. I blew out a knee, you know, bad shoulder. It was undisclosed.

Ryan (01:16)


Yeah, so is there is there gonna be a is there a fight coming like is there gonna be like this channel have a my brain’s not working right now. Does he have an opponent for the fight or a? No, okay. Wow. All right, well, at least.

Cinik (01:33)


He does not. They went ahead and rescheduled Alex Prager and Popovich. I think it. Yeah, I mean, the show goes on, but it’s it’s the point that I felt like Connor never wanted this fight. He was never going to take this fight. He wasn’t taking it seriously. And now he’s out of it. Not to.

Ryan (01:46)


[email protected] (01:49)

Of course.

Ryan (01:53)

No, what, what was the point for him to take any of like for any of this?

Cinik (01:56)

Just attention, he’s out of the game, he’s no longer a viable fighter, you know, it keeps shine on his social media accounts because that’s what he’s become. He’s become very Trump -like in the fact that most of his battling is done on Twitter.

[email protected] (01:57)


Ryan (02:10)

Okay, I mean, sad, but not not I guess not unexpected, especially at this point, I don’t think he his heart’s in fighting the way it was. So, you know, be a billionaire or billionaire or whatever, you know, not billionaire, but you know, however much money you have and enjoy life. But

[email protected] (02:15)

Not unexpected.

Is he in route to do another movie?

Ryan (02:29)

Who knows?

Cinik (02:30)

Well, there has been talk of a sequel to that movie. I don’t know if it’s going to happen or not.

Ryan (02:35)

God, I mean, I think I’m good with the Conor McGregor Roadhouse version. So maybe maybe something else. Maybe give you a villain in the next like Expendables movie or something like that. Probably probably not unrealistic. So what’s what’s your guys deal with fantasy baseball? So where you got a big big match up today?

[email protected] (02:48)

That’s… yeah, that would make sense.

Cinik (02:57)

Well, it is a very David versus Goliath type matchup as the Cytic Radio undraftables is now 12 -0 in the league. And now mind you, some of Justin’s losses have came before he picked up the team and he’s a scrappy little guy. I mean, he’s gotten a few victories, so it’s time for him to take on the reigning champ.

[email protected] (03:19)

It’s like, Shocker, the president of the league who like could draft all his own best players and has first dibs over everything and can make decisions, has the best record. Who would have thought?

Ryan (03:25)


Cinik (03:30)

It sounds like you’re whinging. I’m not quite sure, but it really sounds like you might be whinging.

Ryan (03:31)

All right.

[email protected] (03:36)

Look, I’m just pointing out the obvious.

Cinik (03:37)

Ryan, he’s complaining and his mouth is moving. He’s whinging.

Ryan (03:40)

Yeah, I’m interested. It’s too bad I don’t know the, though, all the details. Interesting. But Justin would probably complain about it if it was not winning. So I can, I can see how probably just Justin complaining, but, so, is there anything else that’s happened in the last week? Pop culture wise that we need to talk about as we just get into the reviews.

Cinik (04:01)

Nah, I think we’re good. I mean, the big thing pop culture wise is what’s going on on the TV right now.

[email protected] (04:09)

I want to get the name of this. It was pretty cool. What was it called? Yeah, yeah.

Cinik (04:16)

Two girls, one cup.

[email protected] (04:20)

yeah, okay. So there is a, I think there’s a Netflix series called Untold.

Ryan (04:31)


[email protected] (04:32)

It’s or is this it was in the series or maybe that was the name of the documentary. It was pretty cool. It was about a it was about a team in basically it was about sort of like a like a mafia guy who buys a minor league hockey team for his son and the the hockey team and he like this guy like loved hockey, but he also loved

Ryan (04:53)


[email protected] (04:59)

professional wrestling. So he like brought this pro wrestling mentality to his hockey league. And he basically encouraged, they threw a lot of money at the players. So they got, you know, good players. They even brought in an NHL ringer when the league was on strike. And basically they encouraged their players to like fight all the time. You know, they sort of made a mockery of the game, but in doing so it became very popular.

So if you like sports documentaries, it’s Untold Crime and Penalties. Yeah, and it’s about a team, where was it? It was in Connecticut, I think, where the team was. Pretty good stuff. Cynic, it’s kind of up your alley. You like stuff like that. So I would check it out.

Ryan (05:32)

OK. Nice.

Cool. All right. So let’s get, so we got three things to talk about. We’re not going to go deep into the acolyte. But I want to get, you know, talk a little bit about episode three, and then we’ll talk about the boys season, episodes one to three, which Justin’s watched and Cynic hasn’t yet. And then House of the Dragon season two, episode one, which Cynic has seen and Justin hasn’t. So we’ll knock those out. So I guess let’s, let’s start with the acolyte. So are you, Justin, you both, you watched episode three as well, right?

[email protected] (05:55)

too bad.

Ye I start – you know, I started watching it. So, hard to watch. Hard to watch. Got like through half of it.

Ryan (06:18)

Okay. All right. Well, it doesn’t matter. It’s, it’s, it’s, yeah. You know, it’s like, it’s, well, we’ll get to it, but like it’s, there’s some good ideas that, that, you know, we’re not, you know, we’re not well thought out or well put together, I guess. but anyway, so it takes us back. So it goes back right away, 16 years to when Osha and May are kids. Sinead, what do you like, what do you think about the idea of like doing a flashback episode when we’re barely two episodes into a series where we don’t know any of the characters or what’s going on?

Cinik (06:46)

I think it goes to what you’ve been saying the last couple weeks. If it’s done well, then they can do anything they want. You know, that’s the big thing. I mean, the episode overall, the things they’ve been doing well, which aren’t so many to name, but you did name a few, they did well. They continue to do well. The things they haven’t, like the writing and the logic, that’s maintained the same course. And I’m trying to be nice because I don’t want to seem like a hate monger. It is Pride Month.

Ryan (06:53)


[email protected] (07:07)


Ryan (07:08)

Yeah. Yeah.

That’s the problem, right? Like the more I think about it, like, you know, it’s funny, I want this show to do well because you know, there are those people, those obnoxious fans who are just angry that like, you know, there’s, there’s, you know, black and gay characters in the show. And so like, I want the show to be good because there are people that are going to hate this show no matter what. Right. And, and, and, and it’s just frustrating because it’s just, the writing is so poor that it makes it, it’s tough. It’s tough to watch. And there’s some good ideas. Like I like the idea of like, you know, okay, so there’s witches in star wars, which we’ve gotten since like the clone wars.

and they use the force, but they call it the thread. And I like that kind of bit of world building where you have different people who access the force and have their different ideas and views on how it works. Right. Like the Jedi are these kinds of wizards and you have these witches, but like they they’re doing the same thing, but calling it, you know, it’s a different name. they, and they, but like, and then, you know, kind of going to, you know, the idea that like the twins, obviously this is spoilers, all, everything we’re talking about today is spoilers. So, you know, yeah. but you know, you have these twins that were, you know, born without a male.

So, and this ties directly to like Anakin Skywalker, but like then not really giving, I mean, maybe they will give us more about it, but there are these ideas that are interesting, but it’s just mixed in with such bad writing, such bad dialogue. what were your thoughts, cynic on these, the two kids and kind of how they, how they were, I mean, I don’t want to, I don’t want to criticize their performances, but what they were given to do, did it, was it believable as two kids or two, you know, two, two sisters that, that are inseparable? Yeah.

Cinik (08:45)

Yeah, I guess so. I mean, they kind of suffered from the same thing that happened to the kid that played Anakin. When the writing falters, you know, how much is a child going to be able to act their way out of it?

Ryan (08:55)

Yeah. Yeah. I had a hard time though with the, with the kind of some of the, the way that they were bickering, like it’s like, yeah, kids bicker, but it didn’t feel, it didn’t feel real to me. You know, it was kind of like, they would just start. Yeah, exactly. Or like, or like, don’t leave. I’m going to kill you. Like out of nowhere. Like what, it just.

[email protected] (08:56)


Cinik (09:06)

You mean the I know you are, but what am I fight that they had? Now I’m going to burn you alive. Yeah.

[email protected] (09:16)

look, how much of it, and I don’t defend the show much, but for that sequence, like how much of that is just like, it’s a TV show and how much, like how much dialogue, because when kids argue, most of the, like what they say is, is it intelligible? But like, how much of like, do you have to sort of suspend your disbelief and stretch it?

Cinik (09:16)

Ta -da!

Ryan (09:35)

I guess so, you know, but it’s highlighted when everything else is kind of poorly done You know, like you even have this situation in the show where you know So basically you have these the these two twins who are going through a ceremony called the ascension and they’re stopped by Jedi and the Jedi are like Well, you know, they’re kids, you know, you can’t you you can’t do this You can’t train kids and then in the next breath But we’re gonna take them and see if we can we can train them and they live with us for life And they’ll never see that so it’s like isn’t that hypocritical or like what sense does that make?

[email protected] (10:01)

Yeah, yeah.

Cinik (10:04)

Well, they’re doing this weird thing where they’re they’re boxing the Jedi in as the villains in the story. And I don’t love that. I mean, I know that there’s the contrarian part of the fan base that always has to jump to the other side of the argument and say, well, you know, the Jedi are evil or the Jedi are hypocritical. But the Jedi have always been heroes. You know, they’ve always sided on the side of good and they’ve always done the right thing in all the stories. And for somebody to come along and change it to suit their narrative, it

Ryan (10:08)

Yeah. Yeah.


Cinik (10:33)

doesn’t work for me. But I mean, I’ve already laid out what I think is going to happen with the rest of the series, so I don’t want to ruin it for anybody. But I just want to say, being a Star Wars fan to me always felt like being a geek. And being a geek meant that we were the outcasts. Like, it wasn’t cool back then to like this sort of stuff. So we accepted everybody. If there was a girl, regardless of who she wanted to date that liked Star Wars, she became my best friend.

And I think that it maintained that way until this kind of started to warp where it’s being a geek now is somehow the in thing to do. And people are doing it to up their social media account. And, you know, why not pair that with some social justice worrying and then, you know, you have yourself a half written TV show.

Ryan (11:24)

Yeah, I still like, I don’t believe, I think it’s just poorly written. Like, I don’t even, like, honestly, like, The Boys is far more like, quote unquote, woke than this is. This just has diverse characters, but I don’t see it as like, as pushing that as much as it’s just bad. Like, that’s really it. Like, I don’t see it doing it.

[email protected] (11:39)

I’m actually gonna sort of push back on that a little bit. So, and we’ll get to the boys, I guess we’ll get to the boys a little later. The boys is fake woke. It’s satire and it’s making reference to thing, but it’s not based. It’s like, I know, we’ll get to it. We’ll get to it. Well, on purpose though, but it’s in a different way. That is making pure reference to it. It’s satire.

Ryan (11:51)

Who know it’s –

I don’t know. this season. So I, I’m with you. This season. The boys is like hitting you over the head with it. So yeah. Yeah.


[email protected] (12:08)

And it’s making reference to it rather than being fundamental to the characters. So, well, that’s the…

Ryan (12:11)

But I’m saying like, so the thing is, but what about this is fundamental to the characters? Like, okay, it’s like, okay, you have a coven that are all women and I’m guessing they’re all gay. Like, you have a couple, but like, it’s to me, it’s actually well, like, that’s the thing, what I’m trying to say is like, I think like this show does a very good job of incorporating diversity in a way that to me doesn’t feel heavy handed. It’s just there, right? Like they don’t, it’s not, it’s not.

done in a it’s not done in like a holier than that way. It’s not self righteous. It’s not to me it’s well it’s well weaved into the story. It’s just that it’s such a bad story and then you have so many people that are angry that it that it becomes it becomes emphasize emphasize but like I don’t see it as being shoehorned like okay.

[email protected] (12:40)

You know, no.

Cinik (12:44)


[email protected] (12:51)

then that’s what, well, it all comes back to that.

Well, all right, so the question is, so here’s an interesting question with that is you say it’s woven into the story, but, and this is more of a theoretical writing question. The fact that they took these approaches, does that handicap the writing at all? Does that push it so that, all right, so you don’t think so. So that it could, if it was written, and I agree, yeah. If it was written, once again, if it was written well, we wouldn’t be talking about all these woke aspects.

Ryan (13:14)


Not at all, no.

[email protected] (13:25)

Right, it would just be natural. But when, you know, and we’ll say it again, it’s like, when it’s not good, those are the things you start to focus on. And of course, for people that, you know, for the anti -woke crowd, it becomes a blame game. It’s like, we’ll see, they’re going, whoa.

Ryan (13:40)

Yeah. No, I get it. And I know, I know there’s a, there’s a meta level of this where the show runner has settled some things that have upset people, but at the same time, like the boys show runners done the same and he’s not, although I granted, no, what’s funny to me about the boys. I don’t think it’s different, but you can tell me why you think it’s different. But, but what’s funny with the boys is the boys is getting a lot of flack this season. And it’s like, wait, what show have you been watching? It’s been more subtle the last few years, but like, this has been a left show and a woke show the entire time. It’s just that.

Cinik (13:51)

Mmm different

[email protected] (13:59)


Yeah, yeah.

Ryan (14:08)

it’s a little bit more on the nose, but no cynics. So why do you think it’s different?

[email protected] (14:10)

Yeah, yeah.

Cinik (14:12)

The difference is that you have one group saying sit down and shut up and you have another group saying if you don’t like it go watch something else.

Ryan (14:18)

I mean, I don’t know that like I feel like it’s effectively they’re saying the same thing, right? Like I they’re both saying like you don’t have to watch this show.

Cinik (14:23)

No, you’re free. You’re free. If the show is passed you by you’re free to go watch something else you’re not nobody’s taking the boys and say this is what the boys is now and you can if you don’t agree with it, then you’re a hate monger and Yes You that was that’s the big quote That’s the big quote if you hate it. This is on you know, this is on you this shows who you are And my thing is is it diversity Ryan if they?

Ryan (14:34)

Have they said that like have had the has a showrunner for, for, said, like said, if you don’t like this or you. Okay.

[email protected] (14:41)

Yeah, there was some statements like that.

It’s shaming people to.

Cinik (14:51)

if it’s the whole cast and to answer your question, Justin.

Ryan (14:53)

But what’s wrong with that? What’s wrong with them casting the entire, why does that matter? What about this show? I guess what I’m saying is like, yeah, what’s wrong with that? Because we are so used to not seeing that, that okay, they cast that for the show. And it’s not like there’s only, there are white characters in the show. So it’s not as if they’ve only cast, you know, gay and black, what’s her name from The Matrix?

Cinik (14:58)

But it’s…

who’s a white character in the show.

Ryan (15:20)

Tommen from Game of Thrones. The two the two Padawans are white. Like.

Cinik (15:25)

you mean the two people that died right away? Yeah, it’s not hilarious.

Ryan (15:28)

Yeah, which is hilarious actually. But still, I mean, the Padawans are white. To the point that it is a trope that the black character always dies first. Okay, so we get a couple of white characters die first in one show and that’s a big deal. I don’t see why that’s, what does it matter? That’s not terrible writing. They’re not dead because they’re white. And…

[email protected] (15:40)

Yeah, yeah.

Cinik (15:45)

The only white characters. What does it matter because it’s terrible writing?

[email protected] (15:52)

No, no, no, well, this show is.

Cinik (15:56)


Ryan (15:58)

No. Did the showrunner say we killed off, we killed off the two white characters?

Cinik (15:59)

If you intentionally have, if you intentionally kill the two white, the only two white characters right away, like right off the bat, that doesn’t say anything to you.

Ryan (16:07)

I don’t

No, I mean, not in this case. Look, you see it all the time with black characters. So it’s like, okay, it’s different this time around. But I don’t see that, but it’s a choice in the story. They were not killed because they’re white. The white characters happen to be killed, but I don’t see, like, it would be different if it was like, they killed them because they’re white, like in story with the characters. I just don’t, I don’t see that as an issue. You know, yeah, okay, if everything coming up in Star Wars is all the white characters being evil and dying, fine. But like,

Cinik (16:16)

And I don’t agree when they do that shit either.

We’re getting there. Give her a couple more series, Ryan. We’re getting there. It’s going to be Order 66 on white people. Get to the back of the Star Destroyer. That’s what they’re going to tell us. Me and Justin are now second class citizens.

Ryan (16:39)

You know, like, Hey, who were the first, what are the first two characters? I don’t see it. I mean, you, you like, you know, it’s like, I like, see that’s, I don’t buy it. It’s like, I don’t know. I like, I, cause I was thinking about that. I just don’t see it as part of this show. Like I don’t see the, like there is diversity there, but I actually think it’s what it’s done in a way that, that it includes, you know, it’s like, it’s not to me, except for like the mothers, which I still don’t see as a big issue.

Like it was just woven into the show. And even that made sense. It’s a coven. Like.

Cinik (17:11)

Now, my biggest issue with this was the sing -along. I hated the musical number. It was terrible. We’ll land there. And it doesn’t handicap the writing, Justin. It came pre -handicapped with its own placard and accessible band.

Ryan (17:16)

Yeah, that was terrible. Yes. Okay. We can agree on that. Yeah.

[email protected] (17:28)

Well, OK, that’s what I sort of that’s what I was sort of, yeah, sort of implying. Does it like?

Ryan (17:28)

Well, it’s –

Well, I mean, the writing is bad, but it’s bad to me for the sake of being bad, not bad because it’s trying to push an agenda. Cause I just like, but that’s, that’s, but it is so far. Yeah.

[email protected] (17:44)

All right, so let’s just sort of take a step back. Now, what if you are, and I think that as people that are, well, I don’t know, like cynics, some sort of weird, I don’t know, agnostic anarchist, but like.

Cinik (18:03)

I like that he cut out just as he said that. Wait, it froze through. What did you say?

Ryan (18:06)

say it again.

[email protected] (18:11)

I said, well, Sinek is some sort of agnostic anarchist, so he doesn’t apply. But all right, let’s take a look at people that… So we are fairly… We are pretty liberal and pretty used to diversity based on where we grew up. So…

Ryan (18:33)

We’re, you said diversity in person, not in media, I would say. Like, we’re, up until like the last five to 10 years, we’ve seen more, right? But like, yeah.

[email protected] (18:37)

What do you mean? Yeah, in person. Sort of just what we grew up. Yeah. In media, I’m saying, but like us personally, like we are used to diversity based on how we grew up, you know, in the city, in public schools, just in general, a lot more than other people. So, Sinead brought up this point. What if there is someone who is like the majority audience, a white male of a certain age,

who is not racist or may just be fairly apolitical, but is watching this show, maybe they’re not thinking it, you know, they just, they don’t, the political ideas just don’t, they don’t watch it, they don’t consider it. And now they’re watching this show and there’s like, okay, I’m used to seeing characters that are like me or that I’ve gotten used to over the years. And now there’s none of that. And, and,

what I was used to is no longer there. And…

Ryan (19:39)

I mean, that’s not true though. In this show maybe, right? But like, you know, yeah, okay, in this show.

[email protected] (19:43)

No, in this show, in this show in particular, like, should someone who is generally apolitical and watching it, like, should that affect them? Like, and we know it shouldn’t, we know it shouldn’t, but is reason, rationally speaking, would it? And does that make some, I know we’re starting to go off on this, like, what, like, do you see where I’m coming from though?

Ryan (19:55)



I mean, I –

Okay, again, I think there’s separate, independent of what the showrunner said. No, I don’t think so because like, yeah, that’s what you see. Like I see, you know, it’s like, I’m used to characters that look like me being like the best friend or like the father or the guy that dies first, right? So like, should I just, when I see it, should I be upset now? Because I’m not, you know, I’m not seeing people like me as the best friend. No, like, being told that you’re, you know, I think the showrunner’s comments may have made it worse.

[email protected] (20:13)


Yep, yep.

Ryan (20:37)

but I don’t think it should affect you because you know what, turn the next, you know, the next turn, go through the channels or whatever you, you know, you’re streaming and you’re going to see mostly still characters like you that are leads in most of these things. So.

Cinik (20:49)

Well, here’s my problem with what they did. Disney as a whole, whether it be Marvel or Star Wars, is in a state of flux. And what they’re doing and the poor attempt at making a Star Wars program is going to make it less likely that we get more Star Wars programming. And that’s my biggest problem is that, I mean…

just pick a different title to make your stand. One that’s not as in trouble as the Star Wars property is, because it really is. I mean, we’re probably not gonna see a movie for quite a while because they decided, well, we’re gonna go with this Rey deal, and nobody wants that. Nobody’s clamoring for a Rey movie. But the fan base as a whole isn’t. I mean, there’s so many stories to tell, so why don’t we grab some of the source material and make some of that?

Ryan (21:19)


I mean, I think, I love Ray, so. But, yeah. But so here’s the problem.

Cinik (21:40)

And I agree with you, Ryan. I celebrate the fact that there is inclusion in all these stories now. I just, I don’t want it to be done at the expense of quality. You know, when they come out with an original black character, like Black Panther, who’s fucking amazing, I was first in line to buy a ticket. When we do lazy shit and just change a character’s race or gender just to do it for inclusion, and it just doesn’t make any sense. It’s lazy.

Ryan (21:50)

Yeah, I agree.

Cinik (22:09)

It’s lazy, it’s pandering, and it’s, you know, you guys gotta watch the South Park pandaverse episode. It’s on, I believe, Paramount. But it’s the same thing, like, where they just, they take all the characters from South Park and make them women of color, you know? Make her a chick, make her gay, and make it lame is the tagline for the whole episode. And that’s kind of the way I feel about it. It’s like, when it’s done, when it’s original, I’m all for it. When we’re just being lazy and recasting,

I don’t love it.

Ryan (22:40)

Okay, well, so what I want to say is this. I don’t, I want, so I agree with you that, you know, I don’t, I don’t want there to be less Star Wars, but I think for me, what I want to, what I want to make, I want Disney to make, to understand is Star Wars is bad now, not because of diversity, but because of bad writing. And that’s the issue. So that, and I don’t, so I don’t want the takeaway to be, and that’s what bothers me about like the, the loud voices that, you know, that the kind of people that are angry just because they saw black character, right? There are people that have not watched it.

but just are going to be angry because it’s all it’s like, I want to, you know, I want to make sure that like Disney is like, you got, you know, write better stories, take more time, put more heart into this, edit it, but you know, make sure that these stories are being told well, not that the issue is diversity, because then you’ll get the wrong thing. And you know what, like, let’s say Disney does a 150 and say, you know what, or 180 and like, all right, you know what, the next 10 shows, we’re going to be white characters, white leads, and you know, minority, like if they, but if they go that route, and they still write bad.

Cinik (23:32)

Yeah, that’s never gonna happen.

Ryan (23:38)

you know, bad stories, then we’re still gonna get crappy stuff. And so I think that’s the more important thing is that the narrative should be about this. It is poorly written, not like their diversity hires. And that’s why it’s bad. Right? Cause it’s like none of the acting is bad, right? Like the, all the performances are perfectly fine in this or, you know, in most of the Star Wars stuff we’ve seen, it’s not about like bad performance. This is about like stilted dialogue and poorly thought through stories, you know? And this is going like, look, we had Obi -Wan, Obi -Wan had suffered from a lot of the same issues that this did, right? Like,

[email protected] (23:39)


Ryan (24:07)

Mandalorian suffers from a lot of the same issues as though season three, at least first two seasons were good, you know, and, or, you know, I mean, these white ish guy would did great because it was brilliantly written. Like, like, so I think it’s like write good stories, you know, and that should be the issue that I think to me, that’s the lesson Disney needs to take is like, let’s write some good stuff and not like, you know, let’s make stories about white guys. If they make it about white guys, I don’t care, but just make good stories.

Cinik (24:29)

Yeah, I don’t know where they lost their way as far as I really think it’s a question of direction. I didn’t really have that many problems with the Obi -Wan Kenobi program as a whole. I just thought there was a better story to tell there. Their choices were just kind of discombobulated. They didn’t quite understand the characters or what their place was in the Star Wars universe.

Ryan (24:45)

Yeah, no, exactly.


Yeah. Well, that’s been the whole Disney, like the Disney version of Star Wars. And we will jump off of this now because we spent way more time talking about this than I wanted. But, but it was actually very good, you know, interesting discussion. But I think that’s the issue with, where Star Wars is now is like, there’s a lot of good ideas mixed in with just poor execution. Like almost everything they’ve done is, you know, even a Soca, like I liked a lot of Soca, but a lot of it was poorly executed. Same with Obi -Wan. There were some really good things to like about Obi -Wan.

when it was focused on Vader and Obi -Wan. And there was lots of, you know, a lot of, you know, like I didn’t need to see him, you know, with the kid all the time, you know? And so it was like, there were things that every, almost every series has something interesting, Boba Fett too, you know, but they just all kind of don’t, it’s like kind of all over the place. So, right, so Justin, so you watched the first two episodes of The Boys. So there’s a lot, a lot with The Boys. We’ll keep it, we’ll keep it kind of short.

for today and then we’ll talk a little bit more once Sinek has had a chance to see it. But let me pull up my notes.

So I guess the, we touched on this, so let’s go right into it, right? So the boys has always been satire, right? And it has a very clear agenda and a very clear place that it’s coming from. But I think they, like this season to me, like, it shifts a little bit away from like, you know, being really good sats. I mean, it’s still good.

but the satire is not there and it’s more in your face. Like, you know, we’ve got like, you know, there’s there are cabals and talking about January 6th and there’s, you know, there’s a deep state convention and all kinds of insanity. So did you think it was a little too much on the nose this season?

[email protected] (26:34)

So here’s sort of my overall thought. I’ll just jump in. That no, I didn’t think it was too on the nose. I thought it was, a lot of it was very funny. I thought my issue with it was that it took the place of a good plot and a good sort of overall story. That in the first few seasons,

were very compelling. The satire was an enhancement of the story. Now it is the story. It’s like there is just not very, there’s not a strong, there is not a strong plot. You have a few little stories and you have the same like, you know, dialogue between characters. And you know, you interest in a new thing with Huey and then, and of course, Homeland, your son is now,

Ryan (27:20)


[email protected] (27:32)

and his sort of battle is becoming a major story and then you have the vice president. So there’s a few things, but overall it’s not that intriguing like it was in the first few seasons where you’re like, where does this come, like where everything is revealed. Now it’s like, I don’t even, like what’s the main story like? It just doesn’t.

Ryan (27:54)

Mm -hmm.

Well, I do think so. I feel like the last few seasons have kind of done this where, and maybe Cynic, you’re rewatching seasons one and two, right? So in seasons one and two, like, does it feel like, cause I haven’t rewatched them, but I get the feeling that the story doesn’t really start to get kick in. You don’t really know what the story is until like you’re halfway through the season. Am I right on that? Or did you kind of know in seasons one and two right away, like what the story was for that season?

Cinik (28:05)

yeah, we just finished it.

No, I agree with you. You’re most of the way through the second season before you realize what’s going on. And even then, they kind of leave it a little cliffhangerish.

Ryan (28:30)


Yeah. So that’s what I feel like. Cause yeah, I agree with you, Justin. Like at this point we’re three episodes in and we’re not really sure what’s going on. But I, what, what I like about that, is I think there’s a, they’re doing a lot of character work and a lot of setting the stage for things right now. So I think that’s maybe part of it is right now, every character, like saying it, you’ll be surprised when you get to this, this season, like every character has their own, like there’s the main, their main story and everyone has their own side quest or like, or their own side plot. And I think that’s part of it. So Justin, let me ask you with.

[email protected] (28:46)


Ryan (29:04)

So many characters. Do you have a favorite of the new characters? So of the new characters, we’ve got, what is it? We’ve got, wrote this down. Where is this? Okay, Sister Sage, who is the smartest person in the world. You’ve got a new black noir, Firecracker, and then the multiple man, I forget his name, but there’s a funny scene with him.

[email protected] (29:32)

There was one scene, I know we were thinking of the same one, it was just like, my God. Look, there were some very funny lines, just like in general, and it’s like, they do a good job of like referencing every, all like the right wing MAGA insanity. Like when they kill, like when Homelander kills that one guy, and like it’s like, but he was a pedophile. It was just like, yeah, just use that term. Like yeah, it was.

Ryan (29:34)

Yes, God. Yeah.


[email protected] (30:02)

They, you know, they not subtly just really hit on everything and it was very funny and it was spot on. Who was my favorite? My favorite of the new characters.

Ryan (30:11)


I mean, I like, so I’ll say, like, I like the sister Sage character. She’s, it’s interesting. Yeah. So sister Sage is, is interesting because she has, she doesn’t seem to have any physical powers.

[email protected] (30:17)

I like Sixth of Sage. I like her. I like Firecracker too. I think she’s…

She’s also only two years old. Did I hear that right? I think she’s only two years old. Like I thought they said that. Maybe I’m wrong. I just misread that. We have to go back and check. That would be funny too.

Ryan (30:31)

I don’t remember that. I, that’s weird. Okay. Well, I don’t, I didn’t. Yeah. I think you did. You misheard that, but, but whatever the case is. Yeah. Yeah. Well, whatever the case is. So she’s, she’s like the world’s smartest person. And what’s interesting is like she and Homelander kind of have this relationship where they kind of need each other. And she’s the one person to tell Homelander, like what he doesn’t want to hear. And she’s the one person that could stand kind of stand up to him because.

She’s smarter than him. And I think he knows she’s smarter, but he kind of needs her to enact like his plan. And so it makes for an interesting dynamic because every minute it’s like, wait, is he going to just kill her or not? but she’s like the one type of person you can put up against him because she’s so clearly like thinking 10 steps ahead of everybody else, including Homelander. And so you don’t ever really know like what her like agenda is.

[email protected] (31:14)

She’s a good foil, yeah.

Yeah, I’m very curious to see what her agenda is, because it seems like, well, she would only be doing this if she was a bad person, right? Because she would know what’s going on. But is she really is she setting up for something? So.

Ryan (31:27)


I mean, you know, at a minimum she’s like, well, that’s the thing with the boys is like, you know, it does a good job of showcasing, like if people had powers, they would probably all be horrible, you know, or 90 % of them. And that’s just is what it is. And that, you know, and that that’s kind of the way, the way that this, that this world is. So now of the, of the other, the main cast, the people that have come back, what, like I said, everybody’s got their own kind of story. Well, what are your thoughts on like the Homelander arc now? Cause he’s gotten from like,

you know, he’s really gone psychotic, but also like, he’s kind of dealing with the midlife crisis. So how do you think, like, is that character still interesting to you or is he kind of growing a little old?

[email protected] (32:02)



I didn’t know. That was one of my least favorite parts actually, that scene where he’s having all the voices go. I don’t think it adds, it’s trying to add depth to his character. I just didn’t personally love it. I mean, it’s almost, it’s tired. I actually thought the best depth in his character was him gaslighting his own son. That was actually, that’s his MO obviously.

Ryan (32:17)


I mean.

Yeah. Well, yeah, that’s, and I think that’s kind of where I think that might be where the show is going. Obviously. And, and, and, there’s a great, you know, cameo of, Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s in it. And he, he’s kind of trying to convince butcher that the, the one person that can attack or fight Homelander basically is his son. And that Ryan is going to end up being the person to save the world against Homelander. So I think, you know, they’re kind of setting that up. and that kind of tension between, you know, Ryan and his two bad dads or, you know,

between Butcher and Homelander. But yeah, so I guess what are your thoughts so far, first three episodes, give me kind of a quick quick review and thoughts on the first, well, one other scene I thought was hilarious before I get, so what was your favorite fight scene so far of all the kind of crazy action scenes? I have a feeling there’s one that you like that will stand out.

[email protected] (33:28)

remind me of them, the different scenes. The Bar Mitzvah, that one, yeah, that was hilarious. where they pull, well, of course, where you, yeah, where he, where, yeah, and then, yeah, where, and then, yeah, that’s, yeah, there was, there were some good ones, but, and then there were some that were, and there was like grotesquely violent out of nowhere, like purpose, like.

Ryan (33:31)

I mean, there was, well, there was the bat mitzvah fight scene. That was when I thought that was hilarious. Yes. There was a marvelous Mrs. Basil themed bat mitzvah.

Yeah. yeah. Awful. Like the violence was, was, is worse than it’s ever been. Like it, it’s kind of like the show knows how to take up like both the violence and the, just the, you know, creepy moments up, you know, up, like there’s, won’t give it away, saying it, cause you have to witness the scene like by yourself, but when you see it, you’re going to, you’ll, you’ll text us like, my God, what did I, what did I just watch?

[email protected] (33:58)


I did enjoy that fight scene.

Yeah, that was.

Yeah, that was hilarious. I looked at it and was like, what? It was very funny. That was very hilarious. But yeah, that was a very good fight scene. It was really well done. And it was funny at the end. I’m here at a cabal, right?

Ryan (34:29)

Yeah, that was amazing. I mean, it’s like, that’s the thing is like a lot of what a lot like what the show does is on the nose, especially with a lot of the political stuff, but it’s done so funny that it’s kind of, you know, it’s like, you just go with it. So yeah, so again, so three episodes in, give me your kind of final thoughts and review.

[email protected] (34:32)

There were some very good one liners.

It’s done funny. Yeah. So, what, so my overall thing, however, while I enjoyed that, I felt like it took the place of the overall story rather than enhancing it. So far, I’m only going to give it about a six on my rating because I just, I’m not as intrigued. Yes. Even though we didn’t know what was really going on in the first couple of seasons and it took a while to.

Ryan (35:00)


[email protected] (35:10)

actually reveal where this all comes from. We were being introduced to this world and these new characters. Now we’re no longer introduced to this. Yeah, while there’s a couple new characters, we’re not, the world isn’t new, the concepts aren’t new. So it’s just not as intriguing. Like in the first few seasons, I was really intrigued. Like where is this all going? Now I’m sort of like, okay, it’s like, yeah, this is funny, but it’s just.

Ryan (35:35)


[email protected] (35:40)

I thought it was funny, but it was a little boring at the same time because I just wasn’t dying to get to the next episode, basically. I have to watch it to see what happens. And another thing is, and I paid attention, I actually went back and I watched it, but I sort of purposely stopped listening or paying attention and then started watching to see if I felt like I missed anything. How tightly scripted is it?

Ryan (35:51)

Yeah. Okay. Yeah.

[email protected] (36:10)

And really like if you can miss parts and it doesn’t really affect it too much. And that is not a good sign because with something that’s tightly scripted, you need to pay attention. So, and granted I did go back and I miss and I realized, okay, the couple of things I missed, but it didn’t pay that huge of an impact. And for me, that’s a big deal.

Ryan (36:20)

Yeah, aye.

Yeah, I mean, okay, so I think I agree that but like as like we said like the first couple episodes is all kind of table setting I do think so a show like this it’s constantly trying to one -up itself and and it does but you get to the point where it’s like diminishing returns and like You can only see so much gore and so much sexual Insanity until it’s like, okay, you know, so what I like is I think with announcing that Season five is gonna be the last season it gives us an endgame

And I think that’s what the show needs. Like we, we, we know this world and it’s funny and yeah, I could go on for 10 years and we have ridiculousness, but it’s not going to be as engaging and you’re not going to,

Ryan (37:04)

So, no, so I think what this, you know, the show is doing a good job now of, of upset and it does set up the end game here, right? We know what the stakes are. We understand butchers only got so much time. you know, they need to stop. Homelander, you know, Newman’s, you know, about to become president. Like you have all these, the, the, the tables are set, right? Ryan is possibly going to be trained to, to.

to be the person to go after Homelander. So I think they’ve done a good job of setting the table. And so I just want to see them see that through. Now we know, okay, we got two more seasons, season and a half or whatever. So I was okay with it. I think I liked this first three episodes. I think it did what it needs to do, right? To set the world, set the stage. The story is not, you know, amazing yet, but I think, you know, I think there’s a lot of room and a lot of time to get there and I’m enjoying it and it’s fun and it.

[email protected] (37:50)

Yeah, I think it’s fun.

Ryan (37:52)

it’s batshit crazy. And I do like the Homelander, you know, just how psychotic he is and how unhinged he is. I loved my favorite kid. Yeah. What if Trump had powers? And then what’s amazing, the best cameo maybe ever is Tilda Swinton plays, I think it’s Ambrosius, the Deep’s octopus lover. And it’s amazing. Like you heard the voice, like,

[email protected] (37:59)

Well, I mean, he was basically Trump. It’s like they’re basically, I mean, it’s…

yeah, yeah.

Ryan (38:20)

One of the great actors of our time is playing an octopus. Like that’s the boys. At the end of the day, that is the boys. And there’s some great stuff. The stuff with Black Noir is great. Yeah, so yeah, it’s amazing. So there’s some really good stuff there. So I think the show, it’s doing a really good job so far. And we’ll see. Obviously it can go off the rails. But every season’s been good. And I love the way that it’s starting. And it’s hilarious. And there’s just so much.

[email protected] (38:23)


is funny. Yeah, what’s my motivation? Like, he’s an actor. It’s very funny.

Ryan (38:49)

going on that i just hope they’re able to pull everything out of the way.

Ryan (38:54)

All right, cool. So let’s get to season two, episode one of House of the Dragon. So we were excited about it, Sinek and I, we did our review or recap of season one. And yeah, I don’t know. He did not do his homework.

Cinik (39:05)

Yeah, where was the other guy for that? Yeah. Still hasn’t watched it, by the way. He did not.

Ryan (39:14)

So, and he still hasn’t done his homework. So, he started his work, yeah. So.

Cinik (39:16)

No, no, he’s over there smiling like the cat that stole the canary.

[email protected] (39:17)

I’ve started, I’ve started. Hey, it’s like, look, I’m the one who is in the enviable position that like, I get to watch another, like, you know, I get to watch it from the beginning. I get to enjoy it, right? So like, I’m eager to like jump in. It’s like, I get to watch another game of Thrones. It’s like, you know, how lucky can one be, but it’s just, not always easy to catch up on a whole show in a week.

Ryan (39:29)

Yeah, that’s a good point.


Yeah. So, so this, so anyway, so on the season, so the, so the episode, the intro, which has always been interesting, right? The intro to game of Thrones is awesome intro to season one of houses. Dragon was okay. But not, you know, it’s hard to live up to game of Thrones. What’d you think cynic of the intro to season two? this, the, so it was a tapestry this time that kind of told the history of the Targaryens. I thought it was beautifully done. What were your thoughts on that intro?

Cinik (40:05)

Yeah, I like that and I guess that it was signifying that everybody that has been born or is going to be born has been born. So now they’re moving on to a different phase where they’re kind of like sewing together the family tree, which yeah, I really enjoyed that. I mean, I thought the pictures on the quilt or tapestry or whatever they’re making there could have been a little clearer, but yeah, overall it was an interesting change and I picked it up three seconds into the start.

Ryan (40:19)


Yeah, it was nicely done. Like I thought it looked cool. and yeah, like how it weaves in the family tree and the fact that kind of like, that the original series did where each episode you could get a different intro based on where they were going. You know, you can continue to play with the tapestry and as things happen, continue to weave more into it. So I like, I like, I really liked the, like the idea and, and it’s kind of uniqueness. sorry. So the episode begins in Winterfell. Prince Jason is treating with Craig and Stark at the wall.

did, did, did, did you get a little bit of like the nostalgia feels, seeing that?

Cinik (41:09)

I loved everything about that. I was kind of like elbowing my wife on like, look, look, it’s Winterfell. Look, look, they’re going to the wall. Listen, I’m a mark. I mean, much like tattooing for me is Star Wars, to me, Winterfell is Game of Thrones. And the fact that they cast an actor that kind of just encompassed everything that it is to be a Stark and him holding ice on his back and all the Easter eggs that accompanied that, I absolutely loved it. And I’m excited to hear that.

he’s going to play a bigger part in the story in seasons to come. So yeah, that does excite me a little bit. I’m 100 % team star.

Ryan (41:42)


Yeah, no, it’s cool. It’s like, it kind of, you get the, it’s interesting because I having watched the, you know, those, those first, the, or the original series, like when you get the little, you know, the Lannisters or the Starks or, you know, these, these houses that we know, you know, you get a little like, yeah, I know that, that, that, that’s from, that’s from the old show. so it’s, it’s cool to kind of get that. And it was fun to see them on the wall. and you know, it’s, it’s interesting just with, with kind of a couple of years better, you know, CGI, you know, how it just looks more.

imposing and things just look a little bit better. So it’s really cool that, you know, and speaking of that, what were your thoughts on the visuals this episode? Just overall, there’s some great, amazing scenes, but what were your thoughts on just how the cinematography was for this season so far?

Cinik (42:27)

I mean, it’s off to a fast start as far as storytelling, as far as visually, as far as it just feels like even though it’s not the same group of people doing the show, that the show’s kind of matured and moved forward as far as quality.

Ryan (42:45)

Yeah. So in, as the show starts, Runeira is kind of still, is still mourning her son’s death. And we’re kind of on the brink of war and they do an interesting thing where basically in this episode, the women seem to be the cooler heads. Like Rhaenys is kind of talking down Daemon and even Alicent is kind of trying to stop, you know, Aegon from, you know, and Aemon from going, just going all out war, where the men seem to be the ones ready to fight.

At this point, before we get to what happens at the end of the episode, where are you at? Do you think it’s like, let’s just go to war? Or do you think the women are making sense? Like, let’s let cooler heads prevail. Yeah.

Cinik (43:22)

I think war at this point is unavoidable. Once the dragon chomped down on her son, I think that there is no turning back from that. And the fact that the, who was the Aemon came home and didn’t just, Miokopa like, yeah, it was an accident. He’s playing it off like, yeah, I did that shit. So yeah, I just, I don’t see a world where Renaer can let that go.

Ryan (43:42)

Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. And it does seem like the season, I mean, the show in general is just like a series of just mistakes or miscommunications that just get out of hand. You know, it’s like just one thing after the next where like they’re going to go to all out war and untold death, you know, over just things that like, maybe if you just communicate a little bit better, we could have solved everything.

Cinik (44:09)

Well, communication is the death of every single relationship. If you don’t talk to each other, you’re bound to lose. And I think it’s the same thing. But it’s not only that, it’s communication and it’s about power. The untold power of being in the Iron Throne, I think will drive any group of people to just want to destroy each other.

Ryan (44:11)


So, so in this episode, so when we get it, when we’re at the kind of at the red keep, you have Kristen Cole and Alison who are having an affair of their own at this point. did it strike, like, did it drive you crazy or strike you just how hypocritical they are? Because both of them, for both of them, it was a massive issue between them and Reneira that she, you know, like that, that, you know, in Alison’s case that she basically, you know, really Kristen Cole, it’s like, you made me break my vow and, and, and that, and she was,

upset with Renera for, you know, for sleeping with him, like, and making him break his vow. Like, what do you, what do you see? Why do they not see that they’re hypocrites?

Cinik (45:12)

It wasn’t about the bow. It was about the fact that he didn’t end up with the girl. He’s a bad breaker upper. I mean, we’ve all done it where we were mad about one thing when it’s completely the fact that we lost out of on whatever we were having sex with. Yeah, Kristen Cole is he’s definitely a hypocrite. I think Alison, it’s more the fact that she doesn’t have a place in all this anymore. No one’s listening to her. Everyone’s mocking her. She’s lost her best friend. Now she’s lost her husband. And it seems like she’s lost.

Ryan (45:13)

Yeah. Okay. Yeah.

Cinik (45:41)

pretty much the respect in the ear of the greens. So she’s kind of, you know, she was in a relationship, she wasn’t getting much physical attention because her husband was falling apart piece by piece and I know that feeling. And I just feel like she’s kind of acting out on the one thing that she can have. But I also think she’s, the creepy club guy is definitely gonna box her in because of this.

Ryan (46:04)

Yeah. Yeah. No, do you, do you think that he’s, do you think he, he will, you know, do you think he’s jealous and will he do things to, you know, we act against her out of, out of jealousy.

Cinik (46:15)

Well, it looks like he’s already angling himself to become the next hand of the king. So yeah, I honestly do. I mean, he was even kind of talking smack about her to the king already. So yeah, I think he’s moved past shooting loads on her feet and he has higher aspirations.

Ryan (46:19)


Yeah, seriously. So now, Aegon is actually really, really interesting to me in this episode. Like he’s, you know, he’s obviously like kind of still a petulant child and in a lot of ways. But he also, and there are several moments like, wow, he’s a dick. But then there are moments where he shows like he’s, he actually seems to care for the small folk. So like, what are your thoughts on his kind of character and what they’ve done with him so far this season? Like in this first episode?

Cinik (47:00)

Well, he just encompasses everything that we see, like somebody that is out of their depth, well above their station. You know, he’s sitting on that throne listening to the complaints of the small folk and he’s just like, yeah, sure. Take your sheep back. Yeah, sure. You know, we’ll give you money. And you can just see Otto roll in his eyes because he doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing. And he probably could sit there for the next hundred years and not know what he’s doing because he’s not an overly intelligent guy.

Ryan (47:20)


Cinik (47:27)

He’s kind of the goof of the family. And yeah, it was really rough to watch. I mean, I have a feeling after the events that happened at the end of the episode, maybe he’ll start taking this a little seriously, but bringing your kid to work day, you know, having them ride on the Lannisters back for fun. You know, none of it was very kingly.

Ryan (47:40)

Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. Well, I did think it was hilarious. when, when they’re like, one of his, when the guys are with him, it was like, you know, whatever, Agon, the magnanimous and he’s like, magnanimous. And then they kind of pull back and joke about that a little later when he’s like drunk complaining, you know, complaining to them. So there was actually some funny lines in this, in this episode as well.

Cinik (48:07)

Yeah, Ayanna himself was hilarious. You know, just the incumbency on the throne.

Ryan (48:10)

Yeah, actually.

Justin, when you get to the horse riding scene reminds me of a scene in the boys also, where, I won’t give it up because it’s also hilarious moment, but, where with homelander and the deep and, a train. Yeah. So there’s a C yeah. So the scenes kind of mirror each other in ways. One is a little more silly. The other one’s a little more serious, but, but yeah, that’s what is up. all right. So, so Justin so far, is any of this making any sense to you? Okay. Good. Well, listen.

[email protected] (48:27)

Okay. All right.

Not at all.

Ryan (48:42)

Well, maybe not. We’ll be crazy swirly.

[email protected] (48:43)

I was zoning out into how I can pull out a win against Cynic this week.

Ryan (48:51)


Cinik (48:51)

Yeah, that’s not going to happen for you, sir.

[email protected] (48:54)

What if I in person go and injure your players? Like…

Cinik (49:03)

I mean, if you want to pull a Kenny Powers and try to club somebody, I’ll hold the phone for you if you want, if you need video evidence of your attempt.

[email protected] (49:05)

Ha ha ha.

It would be going real far to win a fantasy league.

Ryan (49:15)

Yeah, it’s a little crazy. All right. So, so Damon, who believes, you know, believes the sun for sun hatches a plan to assassinate, Agon son or, well, no, he hatches a plan to assassinate, what is, what’s, what’s the, Amen. Right. Is the second. Okay. So yeah. Yeah. So, yeah.

Cinik (49:35)


Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about last week about the names being too close. If it was Steve, we wouldn’t be having a problem.

[email protected] (49:42)


Ryan (49:44)

Exactly. So he has a plan to murder Aymond and sends blood assassins known as blood and cheese. I don’t know if they’re known as that in the show or if they mentioned this show, but they are like kind of in the books or blood and cheese. And they make it into the castle to get to Aymond’s quarters. They don’t find him there. They do find Princess Helena and her two kids and they decide, well, a son for a son. And so they, they asked her to point out.

the heir to the Iron Throne, Aemon’s son. And there is a pretty rough scene where they murder a kid. So, Cynic, was this the most brutal scene in Game of Thrones slash House of the Dragon history?

Cinik (50:25)

No, they could kill a hundred kids and it’s never going to equate to the Red Wedding for me because I didn’t have any feelings either one way or the other about the kid. They tried to pull this trick where they tried to make us like him in the few scenes that he was in. But yeah, I’m anti -kid to begin with. So I kind of was a little happy that he won’t be taking the Iron Throne.

Ryan (50:38)


So I would say it’s not the gut punch that the red wedding was. Definitely. Yeah.

Cinik (50:51)

No, because we didn’t know him. You know, we met him five minutes ago. And obviously you never want to see a kid murdered, but if it is, let it be the one you just met.

Ryan (50:56)

No, but…

I think, but I still, it might be the most brutal to me though. Like the, the red wedding is the biggest gut punch, but like for this one, I mean, it’s like, literally you hear the kid screaming and the slicing of his throat or whatever they’re doing to him while the, and the mother, yeah. And the mother has to make the choice. She, she, you know, she has to decide which of her kids is going to be killed. She lies, chooses the wrong kid or chooses lies. And then they catch her and then they kill the kid that they intended to kill.

Cinik (51:14)

They stayed with it a little long, yeah.

Yeah, mom of the year.

No, no, no, she actually told the truth. Yeah, yeah. She pointed at the sun. That’s who they were looking for. And yeah, that was the mom of the year over there.

Ryan (51:31)

she did tell the truth. okay. Okay, then I got that wrong.


Yeah. Yeah. Well, so, so, and then, you know, she runs and then she finds her mom sleep, you know, having sex with a Kristen Cole again. And that’s the end of the episode. So, yeah, yeah. Like I think it was pretty brutal. So say what your final thoughts on the episode, and your rating so far.

Cinik (52:01)

Listen, it’s got to be a 10. I mean any show that they kill kids, I’m all for. No. I mean, it’s off to a great start. You know, it lived up to its hype. I mean, we saw a lot of the promotional stuff in different cities, especially in New York where we are.

Ryan (52:06)


There is a, there’s a dry, I wish I brought my camera. There’s a dragon on the empire state building right now. So it’s like crazy. It’s insane.

Cinik (52:20)

Yeah, yeah, I saw that, which I think is just fucking amazing that this show has gotten that kind of eyes on it where we can do mass advertising like that. You know, HBO is definitely throwing the weight of the network behind it and rightfully so. I mean, this was a master class in storytelling. And yeah, it’s I mean, that was the end of it was a little brutal. But I mean, much like the boys, we know what we’re signing up for when we we watch Game of Thrones. Acting was great.

Ryan (52:26)


Cinik (52:48)

the, you know, all the actors came back with their faces all attached, unlike the boys. You know, her saying that she didn’t have any plastic surgery done is just ridiculous, but we’ll get to that when I actually see the show. Yeah, I mean, I loved it. It’s tens across the board for me for the first episode, at least.

Ryan (52:59)


Yeah. Yeah.

Do you guys hear me? Okay, my computer is acting really weird. Okay, sorry, let me just, what is going on?

I can’t mark this weird. Okay. yeah. So I would agree. I’m maybe not 10, but I give it a solid 9 .5. It’s a really good first episode. I don’t know that there’s much that I would, that, that could have been done better. you know, it was, it had a lot to do to bring us up to speed. it’s the only thing that took me out of it a little bit and there’s not much you can do is so the show takes place, you know, days after the events of season one.

But clearly the actors have all aged significantly because these are, you know, a lot of these are kid actors. So like, you know, one year, two years for them is, is, is pretty significant. So it’s that, that part, like Justin, if you’re, you’ll be watching it, you’re going to see like an episode 10 to 11, like a massive age jump, even though it’s like the next day practically. yeah.

Cinik (54:08)

Yeah, I think it’s 10 or 11 days, but I know one kid that won’t age in the next episode Listen Ryan. I go ahead

Ryan (54:13)


[email protected] (54:13)

Now, so Ryan, what do you think? So what do you, when I finally get to it, what do you predict my rating will be?

Ryan (54:25)

I think you’ll give it a solid… I’d say seven, eight. You give it an eight. Yeah.

[email protected] (54:29)

knowing that I’m a harsh raider apparently.

Cinik (54:32)

Yeah, it’s on the Justin curve. It’s probably about a six and a half because there is no making this guy happy But I mean Ryan don’t be afraid to shoot your load early because we are only getting eight episodes the good That’s the bad news. The good news is they’re already in production for the third season So maybe we only have to wait a year for that which that kind of makes me happy

Ryan (54:36)

Yeah, exactly. Yeah, seriously.

Yeah, that’d be great. Yeah. No, but I’d say it’s solid 9 .5. Great first episode, sets things up. The ending is brutal. And as good of an ending as you can expect for something like this, because now we know like it, you know, they’re going to war. And the kind of pieces are all in place, you know? And so I think it does a good, great character work, great performances. Funny when it has to be funny, which is a great thing we came with Thrones. It’s always had its best when it like, it was always a ladding layer of humor to everything. So yeah, it’s a solid episode.

I’m super excited to see things going forward. I know we’ve been talking for a while about like, you know, this month we’re going to get Game of Thrones or House of the Dragon, the boys and the Acolyte and easily, you know, the boys is really good, but Acolyte, I mean, I’m the Acolyte, but House of the Dragon has been so far the best of the three by far. So that is it. We’ll be back next week talking about all three. Hopefully Justin and Cynic will have caught up on everything. Although I, my, my, my bets are Cynic catching up.

to the boys. I would bet on that before Justin catching up by next week, but we’ll see. He’s got some busking and stuff to do. So,

Cinik (55:55)

He’s a man about town and he’s probably gonna go through a bit of a depression when his team tanks.

[email protected] (56:01)

look, like if I owned the fantasy league and I didn’t actually have to make moves, then I would have plenty of time to watch TV. But some of us are actually trying to win without the help of outside hands. I’m just saying. Just throwing it out there.

Ryan (56:06)


All right. Well, yeah, so as usual, everything’s on portableholdpublishing .com. We have some cool stuff. If you have not subscribed yet, you can go onto the website, subscribe to our newsletter, which we will start in earnest in July. So we’ve got the newsletter, still workshop and some names I’ll throw by you guys, but that will be starting up soon. And we got a couple of cool projects working on that we should be able to announce soon. So.

Cinik (56:19)

Still whinging. At least he’s consistent.

Ryan (56:47)

That’s it as usual, Justin until next time.

[email protected] (56:51)

Watch out for the hole.

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