PHP #4: Mr and Mrs Smith Review plus The Rock Hijacks Wrestlemania and more



The conversation covers various topics including accidents, busking in Key West, streaming services, TV shows, social media, coaching decisions, remakes, and relationship issues. The hosts share their opinions and personal experiences on these subjects. They discuss the pros and cons of different streaming platforms, the impact of social media on society, and the challenges of maintaining relationships. The conversation is filled with humor and anecdotes, providing an entertaining and informative discussion.



00:00 Introduction and Justin’s adventures in Key West

04:39 Exciting Week

05:00 What have we been watching.

13:38 News: The Rock inserts himself into Wrestlemaina

22:42 Fans Controlling the Narrative

25:08 News: Miley Alcock Cast as Supergirl

26:59 News Rogan gets new contract worth up to $250 million

31:09 Discussion about Disney and Gina Carano

31:39 Discussion about Joe Rogan

33:36 Cinik’s Superbowl Pick

37:20 News: Gina Carano Sues Disney

39:55 Discussion about Scarlett Johansson Lawsuit

43:59 Mr. And Mrs Smith Review

01:19:31 Ending


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Oh, we’ll get into that.

Oh, that’s right. That’s right. Oh, no, I guess. I guess it just didn’t hear. You didn’t hear what happened.

So long story short, I wiped out on a moped that was way too powerful. It was basically a motorcycle and I smashed into a car and like completely like busted up my legs and my knee and ankle and stuff like that. So yeah, it was pretty crazy.

Yeah, pretty much. The rest of it was fun though. I was busking day one. Oh, maybe day two. Day two.

Oh, that’s funny. No, I was busking. I was busking there and we actually got code enforcement called on us because we were using amplification and it was another busker who tattletailed on us because they wanted us to move. We were getting too much, yeah.

Yeah, it’s funny. No, only you only play hits you gotta play what people know. Gotta play touristy music. Whatever that is. Whatever people request.

Yeah, I got a ticket for Wrathless Driving. Copy of me. It was ridiculous, which reminds me, I have to send in my not guilty verdict. Not verdict, but my plea.

That’s the whole thing. Like, well, then I get to go back down there, right? Gives me an excuse to go down.

Remember, remember, Key West is a little different. So it is Florida, but it’s basically, it’s its own thing down there. They have their own laws and their own jurisdiction and everything. And I could just stay at my buddy’s place. So yeah, the flights are not expensive. So it is for the most part.

Well, I’m a little sick, not with a cove, but just sick in general. So I got a little cold, it’s frustrating. It’s like things were going well too. I was getting a lot done and I was being very productive and it’s like, I went to physical therapy today and I just got home and I just passed out for a couple hours, I was tired. But hopefully it’ll be gone in a day or so. Really exciting.

Yeah. It was an exciting week.


That’s it. Done.

Who owns Peacock? Was it NBC?

Oh yeah.

Well, it’s that’s what companies do, right? You’re always looking for the next way to make some bucks. And, you know, three dollars, right? Millions of users a month that comes out to big money at the end of the year. And that’s always what they’re that’s always what they’re looking for. So they’re like, well, we got the we got the content. I’m just looking at it from a business perspective. It’s like we got the content.

And we know that people are still going to subscribe to Prime. Right. And some will get the extra service. Some just don’t care. Some will just do it. Oh, here’s the, the sort of sneaky part that I don’t like is the way that they do it. They’re like ad free. Do you want it? And it pops up and it, and it’s confusing. So a lot of people might click on.

Oh yeah, no, I want it. I want it to add free version and they’ll just go and they get lured into it. So that is sort of the, the shady part. Look, it’s, it’s still better than watching regular television that has a lot more ads, you know, eight minutes worth for every 30 minutes is a lot more than what we’re getting on, on prime. So it makes from a business perspective, I get what they’re doing. It’s like, look, you want us to remove the ads?

pay, you know, you pay a little bit more. I get it. I don’t like it. But what I, to me, my issue is the way that they did it, that little bubble pops up and it’s like, it’s like, oh, you want an ad free just, and a lot of people will mindlessly, it feels like that’s so many companies are doing that. Now it’s like the, the sketchy sale where they lure you into it by through sort of technical means, like someone’s just sitting there, do you want, you just click on something and then you’re lured in it’s very, so it’s very sort of shady. It’s dishonest.

So that’s more my issues the way they went about it.


I’ll add to your gripe.

No, they’re not. And something that I don’t love about Amazon, just from the shopping, is the sheer number of vendors that you can’t return stuff to now. Like that was sort of a thing with Amazon. You’re protected in a way, and you still are, but although you have to jump through hoops, now there are so many vendors that are in China that you can’t ship stuff back to, and they sell you…

crappy products, not what you purchased. Right. It just happened today. Like literally today. Right. We, we, we got something, we couldn’t return it. We brought it to the post office. Like, this is not an address, right. Oh, you have to fill out a customs form and it’s going to cost you more than the product to ship it back. We’re like, we’re not going to do that. So, you know, we had to call Amazon and go through the whole thing and, you know, you know, it’s first world problems of sorts, but it kind of goes with your whole thing. It’s like, well, why, you know, the whole, the whole idea was like, you’re buying from.

You know what you’re getting and now you don’t. So yeah, there’s less and less reasons now. That’s what happens, you know, disruption.

And I did.

Uh, not too much. I don’t know how you guys have time to watch so many shows. It’s crazy.

Yeah, yeah. It’s true.

Oh yeah, I gotta start watching that.

Yeah, I’ve watched most seasons.


Yeah, yeah, it’s a good rapport.

I’ll be watching it.

Really long time.

Yeah, he is funny. He’s very funny.

I’m going to go ahead and turn it off.

I know like what happened? They’re bringing us back to eighth grade.

he needs it.

I’ve gotten a few little bits and pieces. Yep.



It reminds me…

said yeah uh joan you mentioned that the um it reminded me of uh of new coke like when they made the new recipe for a coke in the late 80s and people hated it so much like coca-soda like pepsi was the new thing you know well it wasn’t new it’s funny it’s almost as old as coke but it was getting popular they had big ads and it seemed like this you know they had you know there was

was popular and then Coke was like, let’s change the recipe. And, uh, there was a revolt and it wound up making Coke classic more popular than ever. And like, it was completely an accident and there’s still rumors today that they did it on purpose. I don’t think they did. And I definitely don’t think that this was planned by, uh, you know, the powers that be in the WWE. I think that they thought, well, this is going to be big. Let’s bring the rock back. And then the, the fans revolted and then they were like, well, you know what, let’s, let’s.

let’s course correct. And I still think they’re going to come up. I still think that The Rock will be involved somehow and not just in the promotion. So they’ll, they’re going to work it and they’re going to have a clever, and I’m sure there’s lots of fan theories, but it also brings it to the sort of the important aspect of like, of WWE fan fiction, where like the fans have, are controlling

the narrative, they’re almost writing it themselves. It’s a really, not completely, but it’s a really, it’s the fact that they would have that level of power to do something like that. It’s interesting, it’s an evolution. Yeah.

They want to bring back, yeah.

Yeah, it’s so weird. Yeah, I know, it’s interesting. We’re more interested in that. Ryan, you know what also reminded me of a little bit? Remember a lot of the shows in the sort of getting towards the early, but towards the mid, like, 93, 94, when Hogan was getting booed a lot, where they were starting to really boo him. And look, that was certainly before the internet explosion where you would have just.

where things like that could spread. And you wonder if they listened to the fans then. So it just sort of reminded me of that.

that changes stuff. So yeah.



Okay, I will.



I know, it’s crazy.

That’s a good question.


I know it sure is. I just detest Spotify. I mean, I just, you know, I think they are one of the biggest, most evil empires, right, basically taking just advantage of content creators, musicians, artists of all types, podcasters, right, and using their platform.

to make billions and billions of dollars and not pay anyone except the top 0.1%. It’s really disgusting what they do. I won’t go off on it, but it’s like, think about it. As the Jimwits, we had hundreds of, a lot of streams. We never saw a penny for it. What was their excuse? Oh, well, if you…

If you’re not a musician then, or if you’re not a music artist, well, you’re not. It’s like, no, we’re creating content. But even the music artists don’t get paid. They have hundreds and hundreds of thousands, millions of streams and they get two cents for it just as well. And they’re making money off of them. They’re really just a whole, just they’re gross.

Oh of course.

I am.

That’s… That’s funny.


That’s good to know and it used to not be like he used to be he used to be you know Someone you listen to it’s like alright, you know you listen to me. You’re alright. You’re you’re into mixed martial arts, right? That’s what it is or and that and there or you’re into some sort of you know the truth politics or something like that and then as he’s gotten more and more bonkers and And and I don’t know if he actually believes everything or if he just does it for the listenership, but I Don’t know but regardless he’s putting out

a lot of bonkers stuff.

Yeah, really interesting people.

That it is.



You know, I’ll tell you my thought on it. I felt so bad for the Detroit fans. I like, I’m not, I don’t, I’m not a huge football fan, but like Detroit, like talk about a city that has just been reamed over the years, uh, for the, you know, in sports and especially like they would have just loved so much. Look, the 49ers have had a lot of success, not recently, but I mean, they’ve been good, but obviously not like what they did in the 1980s and

through the 90s. But man, like, Detroit, they, I don’t like to, I don’t like to second guess coaching decisions. Right. And I don’t like to say that, you know, the coach, you know, they, a team should have done that. They are professional. They’re on the highest level. They know what they’re doing. But I just remember, remember like watching that game and saying this just, this doesn’t feel right. Right. The whole time. And I don’t like to second guess. I just, that’s my whole pick on it. Yeah. I agree with Sinek. I think that

the Chiefs are gonna, you know, fifth gear it right when it matters the most. And they’re gonna, they’re gonna pull it out like a dynasty. Um, but man, I just felt bad for the, for the people of Detroit that it would’ve meant so much to, to get to, uh, you know, have their team in the, in the Superbowl. It was just brutal the way they cough that game away.

Yeah, Dan Campbell. And he’s a great coach.


That’s a big part of coaching though. I think that you have to know when to go with it. You know, when to make a tough decision. But you’re not wrong, you’re not wrong. I agree with you.

They were foolish.



Exactly. That’s the whole thing. Yeah, you have to, yeah. I guess you learn, you live and you learn, right?

Yeah, he is. Yeah.


never fly in the UFC.

Strike Force, I think.

like a morals clause.

First thought is I would seriously doubt that Disney would fire her without grounds, right? Because she knows that if there is even the slightest chance that she could sue them for you know an early term, whatever it is, that they wouldn’t do it. They would find another way to do it.

So I’m sure that they either evoke the morality clause or they had a legitimate reason and you could be certain that it’s in their contract that they have the stipulations to be able to get out, have, you know, drop someone if they need to, or maybe you’re right, maybe they just didn’t renew it. So, but of course it makes sense that she’s gonna sue. Why, you know, what else does she have? And especially if someone else is, you know, you know.

from the bill, so…

Oh yeah, yeah.

People are so dumb.

I was just thinking that, yeah, yeah.

Remember it was on.


Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. It’s like the remake, but the modern remake is, it’s basically what it is. It’s something totally different that just goes off of a name that people are familiar with. So, right, it stopped bothering me as much as it used to, because it is, I mean, it’s basically a different, you know, it’s a totally different show. It’s a different, it’s a different.

thing altogether. But yeah, it is annoying the idea of what you have to use a name that people are familiar with to get people in. It’s almost like it’s a marketing thing. It’s like, yeah, they could have just done the show with a completely different name, but it wouldn’t have had the same buzz. So yeah, it’s annoying. You know, I get it. I get it.





So I’m up to basically the end. Yeah, so it’s a tale of two halves of a series. First, first few episodes. Yeah, the first it started off a little slow, but yeah, I was very interested in the moving of the plot. And then the show for me took a turn where the story completely stalls out and it becomes more about their interpersonal relationship, which

to me, started becoming insufferable after a while. So I enjoyed it up to an extent, and then it kept going and kept going and kept going and kept going. So, and I enjoyed a lot of it. And a lot, look, I find a lot of it was, this is more about performances. So I’ll discuss this in performances, but that was the thing. I really enjoyed the story, and then I felt

that it stalled a little bit as it went too much, especially with the therapist episode really was sort of the dividing line. That’s the fly episode for me. That’s the fly episode.

I didn’t mind it, I liked it more than the fly episode, but…

flight episode.



It is.

Oh, it’s so accurate, it hurts. Like, and we’ve all had those, like, oh, it was great. And I will, is this part of story? Would this be part of story? Okay, all right.

like the writing. Okay.

Yeah, I do like that.


Yeah, all right. So I’ll start with a cameo because that’s a little bit lighter. I like the tutorial. I thought like if he goes off when he’s speaking, there is some good writing there. Like he’s sort of this sad dude who’s like has the strange fetishes. I thought that was pretty good. And yes, I acting to me I think is excellent. I think they play their parts really well. Sinek, I’m going to disagree with you that she is that annoying person. Like she that sometimes she is

She obviously is a complicated character and even beginning says, look, I have antisocial, like she prefaces, I have antisocial aspects to my personality. And yeah, I think that the, yeah, exactly. I’m sure you love that. Yeah, the performances are great and the writing for that, I think there’s some parts that are so, that are like so spot on. It’s very millennial relationship. Like a lot of, it’s like, we get that, right? The…

Like the types of things that they discuss is like, oh, but you know, this is how I felt. This is, you know, like.

And just like the having the, oh, you have a beautiful place. So like they, they go over like the apartments. There’s it’s a big part of it. Oh, and like talking about things like that. And it’s funny. We’ve had so many events. I’ve found myself watching it and being like, Whoa, I’ve had these discussions. We’ve had these interactions with other couples. So that aspect of it, I thought was, was spot on. But the issue for me is that it was just too much of it. Like if.

maybe one episode too much of it. And it just kept going to the point where the main plot wasn’t advancing enough. So I would have just to like to see a little bit of that pulled back and a little bit more of the plot advancement. But yeah, I did. And a lot of it was very funny. I did think, and I thought the acting was very good.


It’s actually funny that you say that.

You know what, it’s funny that you mentioned that. I was watching it with my girlfriend and she actually said something very similar. She was like, the meanness of it is like sort of off putting how actually mean they get. So it’s funny that you would say that.




Well, you look, people are not as old as they used to be. So.

I know, weird, I know, it’s this, and things like that happen every day. Where it’s like, wait, this person is older than this was when they were doing this, now is that possible?

Next category.

Love, love the music.

A good soundtrack too. They chose some good.

fine is the right way to describe it.



Well, about the fight choreography, I didn’t love the Jackie Chan style comedy stuff while fighting, right? It’s like, it’s out of place for the show, right? Because the action scenes at first started were legitimate action scenes, and it sort of devolved into this whole, you know, like Jackie Chan, like making.

wisecracks while you’re fighting and being super calm. Like there was a one chase scene where they’re getting shot at with machine guns and they’re like, cool, making jokes and cool. That, that annoys me unless the show or the movie is specifically with that in mind, like the expendables or something where you expect that to happen, where it’s such a farce that you’re like, okay, they’re making wisecracks while bullets are flying over their head to me. That wasn’t what this show was.

And then they, and it didn’t start that way. And then they started doing that. And it, it just, to me, I did not, I didn’t really love that. The rest of the fight choreography stuff. It’s fine. Yeah. I saw it. They’re like competent. They’re not, uh, they’re not, you know, uh, Jack Reacher or something like that. Right. They’re, they’re sort of good at it. And yeah, the, the fight scenes and the chase scenes are all pretty good. Some nice visuals and yeah, I really liked the score of the music. I think it’s, uh, it was, that’s really well done.

The locations were nice.

I do like the New York stuff, that they show a lot of cool stuff in New York. Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

They referenced different spots, yeah.

they referenced a place where I once went for, for like a Caribbean or maybe it was Jamaican food. Like I remember like over watching, it was like, oh, we were there. It’s like a sort of an obscure part, a secure place in Flatbush that it was like, they chose, like they had to know that place was sort of a neighborhood gem. That I, I was there, I was like, what’s to eat? And this was sort of like a gem. We were like, what are you there? It was really, it was really, you know, it was really good food. And they referenced it, like, all right, it’s pretty cool.

Yeah, yeah.

There was, yeah, I didn’t, I could suspend my disbelief. I think there was a couple weird things that annoyed me, like with the bit of a spoiler alert where I forgot the name of the actor where his, you know, where his wife is kidnapped. He’s like, no, go, I’m not gonna, I’m not gonna give up the shares for like, well, of course he, why wouldn’t he?

Like it just didn’t make, like it was weird. And then she accepted him for it. Like, it was like, oh, you really love, that was a weak, that was weak. And then similar with the double date. And then they just got drawn there and they just hopped in the helicopter. And the others are like, oh no, you go, you go. It’s like, I guess they were planning that. It was weird. It’s just like, wait, we’re going, you’re not going. And it just happened. And look, I get the whole thing where sometimes, you know, you’ve been drinking and.

They sucker you into something and it happened like that. And it was just strange. And then they didn’t really discuss what the mission was down there. And it just sort of happened all very quickly. It felt weak, a couple of those things, but that is nitpicky. So, and funny, because I was looking for things to nitpick and I really didn’t, there wasn’t too much besides a few little things that I thought was weak. But besides that, also, yeah.

Yeah, nothing. I could just, I could just go back in my mind and start thinking, like these, they’re, they’re high level, you know, they’re spies and they wouldn’t realize that they were being recorded during their, uh, their sessions. Like they said, were being recorded. They were just, they just, oh, we just forgot about that. Like really weak. But besides that, that’s it.




Um, it’s, there’s two things about it that were funny. Well, two things, like two feels, right? One of them, I found a lot of it very funny. And as I had mentioned before, it’s a very millennial relationship, like the things that they would talk about and the issues that they had and the way they were trying to express themselves and sort of the things that came up and either like the double date and like the laughing and like, you know, saying.

going to other people’s places. Oh, you have a beautiful place. Like, we’ve done that so many times. So like a lot of that hit home with me. I was like, well, we’ve done this before. But also some of the arguments and some of the topics sort of gave me anxiety because I’ve experienced that before, not on that level, but you know, we’ve all had fights with our significant other where some similar type of thing came up. You know what? It reminded me, did you guys watch the…

I don’t know if you’re into this, the, the newish Beatles thing with them recording and working out their, their old problems. It’s, it’s, it gave me real anxiety. Ryan, you’ve been in a band before, so you know what it’s like trying to work out issues like over minutiae. Like when you look back at it, it’s silly. It’s like one person wants to do one part, another person wants to do another part, and it’s completely arbitrary and it doesn’t help. And like they’re, they’re arguing, there’s egos and like there was a, there was a lot of that.

And it just brought me back to like times where I would, you know, when I was rehearsing or working with people in a band and it was just, and it reminded me of it the same way that this reminded me of relationships and trying to work through things. Because the writing was really good, the acting was really good for representing the issues that people have in a relationship. And a lot of it was very funny and some of it, it gave me anxiety watching it. Yeah, of course, the feels.


So the first three episodes, I’m going to give a nine. The next after that, I am going to give a six. That doesn’t average out properly. Well, I’m not doing it in terms of an average, just in general. But overall, I would say.

funny that cynic you have, you have I think you have lower criteria, because for me, like a seven and a half is pretty good. Right? For like, you sound like you didn’t like a lot of it. So or you won’t, but maybe you would lower your rating if you saw more and that you didn’t like it. But I would say that it is a about a about a seven. That’s from me. What is like, like with a 10 being like a

Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones, like on the highest level. So to me, a seven is totally a show worth watching, right? I don’t consider that a bad rating. But if the final episode really brings it, I would be willing to amend it to maybe an eight or even a nine, depending on how well the final episode, how much it makes me wanna see another season.

Yeah, I do like the cameras.

Watch out for the hole.

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