PHP #2: Fargo Season 5 Review, the State of Marvel and more

In this episode, Ryan and Cinik discuss a variety of topics including returning to work, the move of WWE to Netflix, political news, and the ranking of the seasons of Fargo. They also share their thoughts on the performances in Fargo Season 5 and speculate on the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In this episode, the hosts discuss the second part of their review of the TV show Fargo. They focus on themes such as strong female characters, character development, authentic representation, dislikable characters, political undertones, the supernatural element, and the finale and epilogue. 
  • The move of WWE to Netflix is a significant development in the streaming landscape.
  • The political landscape is currently lacking inspiring candidates, leading to apathy among voters.
  • The return of Jon Stewart to The Daily Show is an interesting development in the world of political satire.
  • The future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is uncertain, with the potential recasting of Kang the Conqueror.
  • Fargo Season 5 received mixed reviews, with some standout performances. Fargo showcases strong female characters who are capable of taking care of themselves in believable ways.
  • The show provides authentic representation without sacrificing the quality of the story.
  • The season includes political undertones that reflect how certain parts of the country see things.
  • The supernatural element introduced in the season may not have been necessary and could have been better executed.
  • The finale and epilogue of the season were somewhat disappointing, but the overall season was still highly enjoyable.
00:00Introduction and Catching Up
01:02Returning to Work
02:32TV Shows and Streaming Platforms
03:30Driving Without a License
04:48Policing and Reckless Driving
05:37Pro Wrestling and Netflix
08:46WWE Moving to Netflix
11:22Political News and Jon Stewart
12:08Jonathan Majors and Marvel
18:31Fargo Season 5
30:12Ranking the Seasons of Fargo
34:20Strong Female Characters
36:16Dot’s Character Development
39:26Authentic Representation
41:13Dislikable Characters
43:03Political Undertones
44:24Supernatural Element
46:15Finale and Epilogue
51:25Final Thoughts and Rating

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Ryan (00:33)
to the Portable Hole Podcast. I’m Ryan George and I am here with my good friend, Sinek. Justin is out, he’s in Florida and I saw a video of him. He is busking in Florida for money. So good luck to him there. He should be back next week. But Sinek, how you doing?

cinik (00:48)
Did you say he’s stripping in Florida for money? Oh, okay. I was like, I had no idea things were that tight for Justin. I would have thrown him a couple bucks.

Ryan (00:51)
busking. So he’s a yeah. Well, he texted me the other day. He’s like, you know, he can’t make it this week. He’s going to be in Key West on vacation. But then I saw on Instagram or Facebook or something that he’s like street performing. So who knows? I’m sure he’s having a good time. But I saw a guitar case.

And definitely a few dollars were in there, so hopefully he’s paying for his vacation.

cinik (01:22)
I mean, I don’t know him well, but he does look like he can shake it, Ryan. So I wish him well and I hope he gets back safely.

Ryan (01:28)
Yeah. I hope so. But how are you doing?

cinik (01:31)
I’m good man, good, excited to talk about Fargo.

Ryan (01:34)
Yeah, yeah, no, it was a interesting season of TV. How’s, so you’ve been back in the workforce for a couple of weeks, how you feeling?

cinik (01:44)
I have absolutely miserable. It’s going from the couch to wandering around all day long for eight hours. I can understand why people fall in love with that sentiment lifestyle of just keeping your hand out and waiting for that chick to show up every month.

Ryan (01:46)


Yeah. Well, did I forget now, did you work throughout the pandemic? Like, did you ever were you working pretty much throughout or did you have like, did you get?

cinik (02:06)
Other than a few faults, run-ins with COVID, yeah, I worked through most of the

Ryan (02:24)

I went from working constantly getting up early, getting home late to like not doing that for eight months. And it kind of recharged the batteries and it was kind of tough to get back into the workforce.

cinik (02:50)
It does. And I have a bit of a commute and I can tell you that really eats into the day. My day starts at about six o’clock in the morning and ends almost at six o’clock at night. So it doesn’t leave a lot of time for everything

Ryan (02:53)
Yeah, absolutely.

Oh, yeah.

cinik (03:01)

Ryan (03:01)
Yeah, absolutely. So have you been watching anything recently outside of what we’re gonna be talking about with Fargo?

cinik (03:07)
Oh, well, I am a huge on patrol live mark. You can catch that on the Reels channel. And also if you have peacock, they’ll show it there for free, you know, I’m to pay any extra. And I’ve loved I’ve loved the show since the very beginning. It went off the air and came back kind of almost as a doppelganger of itself because of a lawsuit with I think it might be a year. But

Ryan (03:12)
Okay, yeah.

cinik (03:34)
Yeah, I mean, I enjoy the shit out of it. It’s on Friday and Saturday night for about three hours and it just gives you an interesting view of the country and everything’s going on. And I can tell you Ryan, out of the seven or eight departments that they follow every single night, mostly all over the country, it’s kind of centered around Florida anymore. The common theme is nobody has a driver’s license and everybody’s on drugs.

Ryan (03:59)
So not too far from what I would expect. It’s mostly in Florida.

cinik (04:04)
Well, they have as they lose departments, it seems like Florida is more than willing to fill in. So I think out of the eight departments, they follow, three of them are in Florida now. But you do get a look at California and North Carolina, South Carolina. And they added Arkansas, and those guys are cowboys. It’s a pleasure to watch them law enforcement.

Ryan (04:08)

Yeah. Why-

Okay, interesting. Yeah, I can imagine. You know, you bring up an interesting point because I can think, I know in a concerning number of people that have either, you know, fairly recently driven without a license or driven under the influence. It seems like people just don’t take that seriously. And it’s weird for me, I guess, as somebody who I only got my license, you know, a few years ago.

And maybe that’s part of like getting it as an adult versus like getting it when you’re younger. And so it’s not like ingrained in me, but I’m just amazed at the recklessness people sometimes display in their own driving. It’s pretty incredible.

cinik (05:03)
Well, it’s a question of risk and reward. Now I would mind you, I would never drive under the influence because you’re looking at an easy 10 to $11,000 bill when it’s all said and done if you’re caught. Plus loss of license, you know, possibly potentially loss of job depending on what you do for a living. So I would never do that. But as far as they really treat this driving around without a license or insurance thing is kind of just a slap on the wrist, where you would think that all right, we caught you three or four times and now it’s going to become a misdemeanor. And now we’re going to put you in jail for a little while.

Ryan (05:06)



cinik (05:33)
It just doesn’t seem to happen.

Ryan (05:35)
Yeah. I know. It’s like certain things, you know, almost like, you know, I get, I think there’s a whole other discussion we had about policing and everything, but like something like that, like you get caught enough times, like maybe you shouldn’t be on the road or, you know, if you’re displaying that kind of a poor judgment, I guess. But anyway, so let’s get to it. So there’s a bunch of it’s weird, like at the beginning of the week, there wasn’t much to talk about. I was like, Oh, what are we going to do for news? And then just a bunch of stuff has come out. This is like last couple of days, it seems. But the first thing, so, you know, we talk

cinik (05:50)

Ryan (06:03)
pro wrestling once in a while. Do you still follow any pro wrestling?

cinik (06:06)
I generally only watch one or two events out of the year, but if it’s on then you know, I’ll check it out But it really all it does is remind me of how out of touch I am with everything that’s going on Once I fell in love with MMA there was really no going back to pro wrestling we have the Royal Rumble coming up in a what a week or two or a few weeks and Yeah, so I’m always into that and we need to talk about the Netflix thing as well

Ryan (06:20)
Mm-hmm. Yeah.

I think it’s like this weekend. Yeah. Well, yeah, that was the story.

cinik (06:34)
Yeah, so I’m always into the Royal Rumble and of course, WrestleMania is a spectacle. It annoys me that they went two nights with it. I think it’s unnecessary, but they needed content.

Ryan (06:39)


Yeah, exactly. They certainly do. My dog going crazy. But you know, so they you know, I it’s weird, because like, I’m a fan of it’s weird. I follow podcasts about things that I used to like when I was a kid, but don’t care enough about to watch now. So like, I listen to a couple of pro wrestling podcasts. So it’s I’m weirdly like, up to date on everything and kind of know what’s going on, even though I don’t really watch much like you. I’ll watch bigger pay per views. If there’s like a really good promo or something, I’ll find it.

cinik (06:48)
Uh oh.

Ryan (07:12)
If there’s a good match or something, I might find it. But like to sit down and watch it has been tough. It’s always tough. But yeah, the big news this week, until some stuff today, is that I guess the flagship, RAW, is moving to Netflix, which is a crazy move, yeah.

cinik (07:28)
I don’t think it’s just raw. I think it’s everything. So the pay reviews are gonna be over there. All the past content is gonna be over. Basically everything that’s on Peacock now that kinda took over from the WWE Network. Yeah, everything’s going over there.

Ryan (07:32)
No so I-

Yeah. Oh, so I couldn’t figure that. So is it that, are they, like, is the Peacock network no more or is that like?

cinik (07:50)
Well, they have it till the, I believe 2025. And then after that it’s all done. It all gets pulled off there, which is unfortunate because I’m touch and go with Netflix. Like I could take it or leave it. There’s not a lot of content on there that really interests me anymore. I think we just picked it up recently to go through the Walking Dead. But Netflix is something I really don’t need. Where on the other hand, Peacock, we would keep forever because we just love the office and Parks and Rec and all that.

Ryan (07:54)
Okay. Oh, okay.



cinik (08:19)
the NBC stuff. So I like the fact that the option to watch WWE was on Peacock because I always knew I would have it. Where Netflix, I may just pick it up when those times of year roll around that I actually care.

Ryan (08:20)


Okay, so I wasn’t sure about that, because I didn’t know that… So my thought, because from what I understood, that… From what I understood, they were shut, like USA bought SmackDown. So basically USA was gonna take SmackDown, and I think like their NXT, which is like their developmental show, is going I think on like WB. And so they were shopping raw as a show, but I didn’t know…

that it was like the entire, the whole shebang. Like, so I wasn’t, I didn’t know that it was like the, the premium live events that they call it now or pay per views, if they were gonna go on to Netflix as well or, you know, so yeah, that’s a huge, that’s a huge blow to Peacock, if that’s the case.

cinik (09:15)
Yeah, it’s a big get for Netflix because they’re, I don’t wanna say content starved, but it feels like it to me because there’s just a lack of interesting stuff on Netflix. Once in a while, they’ll turn out a horror show or we’ll get a season of Stranger Things that I’ll be interested in, but very, very few things on Netflix other than documentaries that I would actually watch.

Ryan (09:26)

Yeah, yeah, it has become kind of hit or miss, like the days of it being must, you know, must have. But if you’re, you know, it’s a huge get. And I think for it seems like for them, their first kind of foray into really live, you know, live sports, I guess, for lack of a better term. So it’s like, you know, that could be something that’s a, you know, a big thing for them and the next step for them, because they’ve gotten as we’ve gotten all the competitors who, you know, I would say like, maybe on the technical side, it’s probably not as good as Netflix. I

the user interface and navigation to an extent. But content-wise, all these other platforms are really keeping up.

cinik (10:16)
Yeah, they really are. I mean, it seems like I don’t know how basic cable is still around. Like, I don’t know how pay cable is still around because it seems like every good idea, every good show, it all goes directly streaming and the networks end up with, you know, CSI, Hawaii and shit. There’s like no original ideas left on television.

Ryan (10:37)

Yeah, no, seriously, it’s pretty crazy. Well, yeah, so it should be interesting. I don’t know that, you know, like, I don’t watch it as it is, so I don’t know that I’m gonna start watching Raw again, but again, it’s nice to have because it does make things, you know, again, if something comes up that I hear is good, you know, I wanna watch it. It seems like this year’s WrestleMania might actually be really good. Like there’s actually, I’m actually looking forward to it based on, you know, what they’re setting up. So yeah, it’s one of those things like, yeah, somebody who’s like kind of a fan from a distance.

Uh, nice to have, uh, but it’ll be interesting. And I think both Netflix and, and WWE, which was purchased by TKO, um, they’re looking to make these, you know, massive, you know, massive moves. So. Yeah.

cinik (11:22)
Yeah, yeah, it was it. I have the next five years. If you want to see WWE, it’s gonna be over on Netflix.

Ryan (11:27)
Yeah, that’s crazy. So the next story is a funny one. So we don’t get, we’re going to try not to get super political on this, just cause it’s not the nature of, of the podcast, but this was just too funny to not talk about, have you been following like the elections both on the Republican and I guess the democratic side, even though there’s not much going on that side, you’ve been really following everything that’s been going on.

cinik (11:51)
I mean, it was hard to get jazzed about it because there’s really not a candidate out there that I, uh, I thought was going to make enough noise to, uh, unseat the, uh, the guy in the lead. So it was, I mean, I have, and I haven’t, I mean, I know the players, I kind of know what’s going on. I’ve kept track of the primaries, but the day to day of the campaigning really hasn’t stuck to my radar.

Ryan (12:08)

Yeah. So, and are you a fan of the good liars? The YouTube comedy team? Yeah.

cinik (12:21)
Um, I know of, but I can’t say that I’m a fan.

Ryan (12:26)
So there’s a hilarious video you gotta watch. So whether you’re a fan of, whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, I think many of us can agree that Ron DeSantis just flamed out with somebody who was a

rising star and just, I mean, fell on his face. I mean, he’s like a, you know, heard him being referred to as like a black hole of charisma and just, he’s just somebody I don’t like. Even no matter what my political affiliation would be, I would not wanna vote for him. And there’s a great video. So the good liars are a-

cinik (12:37)
Oh yeah.

Ryan (12:55)
YouTube comedy team where they handed him a participation trophy, which he had to awkwardly deal with and then have them taken out while they’re screaming, he’s special, he’s unique, he’s our little snowflake. I loved it. It was great. Worth watching. No matter what side of the aisle you are. Did you get to see the video?

cinik (13:12)
I agree. Yes. And one of the best memes out there is that he should be made to carry his campaign, uh, full term, which I absolutely loved.

Ryan (13:20)
Yeah, that’s great. No, it’s like, you know, it’s one of the people that, yeah, just, uh, just, just terrible and like funny, fun to watch him flame out. Uh, and hopefully, you know, that that’s it for his career. I’m glad, uh, I’m, I’m personally like, you know, somebody, uh, and I still stand by it. Uh, I have a lot, a lot of, you know, I was, I’ve always said like, I, he was the person, I mean, realistically I was, I was like, I don’t want him to, you know, I’ll take, I’ll take anyone over him. Uh, so I’m kind of glad that we’re going to get somebody else over him regardless of

it is but yeah like you know to echo your sentiment nobody anywhere right now that’s running for anything that I’m super jazz vibe so it’s kind of tough to follow but here’s what it is but that’ll

cinik (14:00)
That is one of the things that regardless of what side of the aisle you’re on, I’m interested to see what’s going to happen with that because a lot of people are just, I’m going to take my ball and go home. I’m not going to vote. So where do we end up with it all?

Ryan (14:11)
Yeah. Yeah, no, it is. It we’re really in a weird place because I think you have on both sides, you know, relative. I mean, I’d say uninspiring candidates, though, to be fair, it’s like the people that like Trump love him. But there’s a lot that are done with him. And then on the Biden side, it’s just like, you know, a lot of apathy. And there we haven’t had a candidate that that’s just, you know.

energized us, you know, as a population. And so it’s going to be a weird election where you’ve just got this, like, I guess it’ll be, it’ll be round two and it’ll be again, like, Hey, vote for, you know, each person’s like vote for me because I’m not the other guy. And that that’s always, you know, I mean that unfortunately, it feels like as an adult, that’s always been like, for the most part, the political message, uh, with you know, a couple of exceptions here and there, but it’ll be that again, where it’s just like, yeah, vote for me because I’m not as bad as the other guy, or I’m not as bad as the other team.

cinik (15:03)
Well, I just kind of feel like if the Republicans actually wanted to win, they would have threw anybody else out there, but I just don’t think it’s in the cards this time around.

Ryan (15:10)
Yeah… Yeah, I mean… Yeah…

Yeah, I mean, I feel like they tried. I just think they’re too scared to commit fully. It’s like there are a few that tried, but I think they’re scared of the consequences of trying too hard. That’s what it felt like. So they’re kind of, everybody’s gonna have to back this horse again and see where things go. But, yeah.

cinik (15:44)
But they’ve been doing that for years now and it hasn’t led them to the promised land. Like the people that he’s endorsed haven’t done well. The elections that he’s chosen haven’t gone over well. This went from mass hysteria to kind of a quiet roar where they were booking theaters for this guy at stadiums for this guy to speak in. And now it’s a hard time filling a high school gym.

Ryan (15:47)



cinik (16:10)
Neither one of us really have a dog in this fight, so it’s not like I see it one way or the other. I just see things in terms of realism, and the buzz isn’t what it was.

Ryan (16:17)
Yeah, yeah, it isn’t, but what makes things very scary is that he’s winning in the polls. So it’s like, what’s going on? Like how apathetic are we to Biden that he’s like doing so? But again, it’s also early. So, you know, this thing doesn’t start heating up until we get towards, you know, summer.

cinik (16:35)
Well, if we look at the last election, everybody went to bed with Trump in the lead. And that’s, he based who was going to vote for him off of receptions he was getting at these rallies. Well, you don’t get, there are two different types of candidates with two different types of followers. So yeah, you’re going to, that red crowd is going to be loud and proud where the other people voted through the mail.

Ryan (16:39)


Yeah. Yeah, exactly.


cinik (17:04)
You know, so yeah, if you’re going to take polls, most people are going to be like, oh, you know, screaming, I’m going to vote for Trump where everybody else is just like, I’m done talking about this.

Ryan (17:11)
Yeah. Very real could be. So it’s going to, it’ll, it’s going to be wall to wall news, um, over the next, uh, God knows a few months, but I, and then this, I didn’t have this as a news item, but this was another thing that came up, um, that John Stuart is going to be back on the daily show. Now, were you ever a big daily show watcher?

cinik (17:29)
I can’t say that I really was. I mean, I always felt like it was kind of a takeoff of Saturday Live a little bit, you know, where it was, yeah, yeah. So I mean, I respect the hell out of Jon Stewart and Noah, well, Trevor Noah, yeah. I mean, they’re fantastic talents. It was just nothing that ever kind of grabbed me. I mean, the news has worn on me long enough that I didn’t want to sit down and watch a parody of the news as well.

Ryan (17:30)

Yeah, like weekend update.

Trevor, no. Yeah.

Yeah. Well, what’s scary about it? And he’s very good. And it’ll be interesting to have him back, you know, after however long he’s been away. But what’s kind of interesting is that for a lot of people, that became how they got their news. Right? Like a lot of people, that’s how they consume their news in this comedy. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing, but that it’s like, yeah, it’s kind of parody of the news. But then it became like how a lot of people consumed their news. So it’ll be interesting, especially again, with this election cycle coming up, it’s going to be a lot. So we shall see.

cinik (18:14)


It’s, I mean, it’s not worse than the Xer’s getting their news off of TikTok in 30 second intervals that are all jaded one way or the other.

Ryan (18:32)
You’re absolutely right. Yeah, no, you’re absolutely right. I think that’s a problem with social media right now, right? It’s like, you’re gonna get, and then you’re gonna get fed whatever you keep watching. So it just, you’re just stuck in that echo chamber. So the other story, so there’s been some rumors and this is a larger discussion maybe to be had about it, but there’ve been some issues. I mean, there’s obviously, you know, big news story was Jonathan Majors getting, you know, getting arrested, going to trial, getting convicted.

Marvel kicking him out as Kang. I thought he was fantastic in his roles as Kang and in everything he’s been in really, but they kind of wiped their hands clean of him. And I guess the rumor now is that they’re going to recast Kang instead of just pivoting to another villain. So assuming, again, take with a grain of salt, but if this is true, do you think it’s the right move for Marvel to make with this phase four?

cinik (19:25)
Well, I mean, if there’s one villain that you could recast and get away with it, as far as believability, it would be Kang, even though they’ve showed multiple versions of Kang as the same person. And I’m a little excited about the actor that his name’s been floating around as of recent, which is Domingo Coleman. He, fantastic guy, Fear the Walking Dead, was a mainstay through the cast for the whole run of the show. And I got to meet him and he was absolutely one of the most personable people I’ve ever met.

Ryan (19:50)


cinik (19:55)
Yeah, very sweet, very kind, talked to me for a long time. And, you know, stood right up shook my head like just a great all around guy. And he was already pretty famous when I met him. So and I believe did he or did he not get an Academy Award nomination? Or was that a Golden Glove?

Ryan (19:58)

I want to say, no, I’m pretty, I was going to say, I think he got an Academy Award nomination and I think he’s, he’s got another movie coming up. He’s writing and or directing and starring in, I think it’s a biopic. I just saw it was another thing I saw just earlier today. But yeah, it’s like somebody who’s like, his star is rising and yeah, he’d be a good choice. So now do you think it would be the right thing to just recast the character or would you say like, pivot to like a Dr. Doom or another villain at this point?

cinik (20:35)
I would have preferred that they pivot only because Kang hasn’t been the my most favorite villain I I’m sick and I realize that I’m excited about Deadpool But I’m sick to death of the multiverse because everybody is doing it. It’s being done in every show every universe every I’m just tired of it and I if it was exclusive to Marvel Then maybe Kang would be this fun and interesting and original villain that we all want him to be but

Ryan (20:51)


cinik (21:03)
since it’s being done everywhere. I’m just over it at this point.

Ryan (21:06)
Yeah, I can see that. I like Kang as a character. I like what they did with him in Loki. I feel like they kind of cut his nuts off a little bit in Ant-Man and then you run the risk a little bit of, and then you run the risk of it just being too much. So I would tend to agree, like maybe you make him a lower level villain or just completely pivot to somebody like Doctor Doom, but it’ll be interesting. Now, what are your, just in general, because I don’t know that we’ve done.

cinik (21:18)
a little.

Ryan (21:33)
And not that we’re going to do a full one today, but we’ve done like a Marvel post-mortem. But it’s definitely, it’s not where it was, you know, five years ago, even, you know, eight years ago. Like, do you think that it’s completely lost its way and that it may never reach the heights it was at? And if not, what do you think it’s going to take to get back there?

cinik (21:54)
good storytelling. It feels like that we’re in a rush in every single thing that we enjoy or we like to do the inclusion thing. And I’m fine with that as long as the story supports it. And a lot of the times it just doesn’t feel like it does. It feels like we’re changing things and adding things and things are different just so we can check boxes. And I think you do a disservice to everybody when you do that. I don’t… you kill the story.

It’s just not as interesting or as fun. And I honestly think, Ryan, they’ve gone too far down the rabbit hole with characters. I think they’ve finally reached the point where, all right, well, we don’t really care about. We’re getting a Madame Widow movie. Who asked for that? Madame Webb, yeah. Who asked for that? Who’s out there? I mean, unless you’re a comic book sycophant.

Ryan (22:39)
Or Madame Webb, right? Yeah, yeah.


cinik (22:48)
Like who’s asking for a Madame Webb movie? And it’s gonna fall on its face and then they’re further gonna kick dust and dirt on the grave of superhero films as whole.

Ryan (22:50)

Well, that was kind of the curse maybe of Guardians of the Galaxy, correct? Cause that was the first big chance that they took. It was like, here’s a, here’s a group, here’s a team up of characters, you know, 99% of evil, you know, I’ve never heard of, even big pop culture, comic fans, I’ve not heard of these people. And it was such a massive success that I think Marvel fell into the false sense of like, we could do whatever we want at this point. Not realizing, yeah. Yeah, well, that’s the second part is the, it was a great story.

cinik (23:19)
But would it have been without James Gunn?

Ryan (23:26)
and well-directed and yeah, it’s like they’re forgetting the storytelling and how the seeds were planted. And I think that, you mentioned, so I see that there’s some spots where maybe they’re throwing in things just for the sake of it. I don’t see it as being what the issue is. I think the issue really is more of the, like you said, storytelling and too much. There was just getting too many things and it’s all interconnected. So then the other issue is that everything has to, it becomes must watch TV until it’s too big to,

to watch everything and then you just become apathetic. It’s like, I feel like that with book series sometimes. Sometimes I’ll be kind of like, I’m like a completionist. And so there’ll be a book series or something out and I have to watch everything. And then if I fall behind a little bit, it stops becoming must read or whatever it is. And then at some point I’m just like, well, I don’t know, I’m not gonna watch this because I’m so far behind. And if things aren’t getting the buzz that they were before then you just, you don’t care about going. And maybe it’s, I don’t know if it’s like too many things.

or the fact that they’re all interconnected, but it becomes an issue where like, you know, you’re not gonna watch everything. And then it’s like, oh, if I can miss that show, maybe I can miss that movie. And then if I can miss that movie, then maybe I can miss that other thing. And then yeah, it comes down to like, they need to tell good stories. And if they start telling good stories, again, people will, you know, come back.

cinik (24:44)
Well, I mean, if you look at the last theatrical release, the marbles, nobody, I mean, the majority of people didn’t love Captain Marvel. So their answer to that was to throw two other characters that we barely knew or barely cared about to save that franchise that should have never got a sequel to begin with. And as much as I’ll consume Marvel content till the cows come home, I mean, maybe Bob Iger is right.

Maybe we’re just, they’re overdoing it a bit. I loved having a brand new series every month on Disney Plus, but at the same time, yeah, maybe they’ve overdone it. Maybe they’ve just gone a tick too far.

Ryan (25:15)


Yeah, and I think part of the issue also is that like, you’ve got the cinematic universe, or you know, which is now extended to TV, and it’s hard to blend the two, because like, I really liked Miss Marvel. I thought it was a really well done show, but it didn’t, it felt like it didn’t make sense to put her in Captain Marvel, because if you didn’t watch that show, which a lot of people didn’t, you’re gonna have no context for who this person is or why they’re there, and then she kind of gets shoehorned in.

very little explanation. So it was like, it’s like this weird, like bouncing back and forth between TV and the movies, which does make things hard because not everybody’s watching everything. And so yeah, things just start to feel shoehorned in. And then you just feel like, why should I care? And that’s always the thing is like, why should I care? I cared about Tony Stark, you know, I cared about, you know, I, you know, Captain America, but why do why should I care about these characters? Why I have no idea who they are, why they’re here, I just know they’re on the screen. And there’s some tenuous connection to, you know, whatever character we’re following.

cinik (26:25)
Going back to Jonathan Majors real quick, I knew he was in trouble the second the people working for him quit as soon as this stuff hit the fan. Like you pay them. I mean, if Satan was to come to earth, he would have a publicist. He would have a PR team. Like he absolutely would. And the second that Jonathan Majors’ people just backed away and said, yeah, we’re no longer working with him. I figured there was more to the story than we realized. And you just get in these toxic bad relationships.

Ryan (26:34)




cinik (26:54)
and they’re hard to get out of, and they’re hard to see the right side up. And it’s generally driven because the sex is really good. I know I’ve been in a couple of bad relationships and I’ve only stayed into, I’ve only stayed in them because the sex was really, really good.

Ryan (27:11)
Wow. Well, there’s, um, there, you know, there are a lot of things that came out. I know it was a big thing on Twitter about a lot of people kind of saying that he’s, he is a toxic person and a narcissist and all this stuff. And I don’t know how true it is, but yeah, you do have to think like, okay, if, if his publicist, you know, is out, that’s a little, that’s a little crazy for somebody who star was, you know, on such a rise.

And there’s a great, if you have a chance, comedian, Joss Johnson, really good comedian, somebody I like a lot, has a bit where he talks about listening to the video or watching the video of him. And some of the stuff he says is just pretty crazy to begin with. So it’s like, yeah, this guy might be a little, a little too full of himself. It’s too bad, because he’s a fantastic actor, but yeah. Yeah.

cinik (27:51)
Oh yeah, no, I mean, we’ll see him again. At the end of the day, if Mel Gibson can find his way back out of Hades, we’ll definitely see Jonathan Majors again and he’ll rebuild this image and all will be forgiven because everything comes out in the wash.

Ryan (28:01)
Oh Yeah


Yeah, exactly. All right, well, last bit of news, trailer came out. Did you see the new Roadhouse trailer? What were your thoughts?

cinik (28:14)
I did.

Well, I mean, I wasn’t expecting a lot. Let’s face it, the original is an absolute classic. It’s a dynamite movie. It’s a lot of fun. It’s mindless, but probably Patrick Swayze’s best work. If you, you know, we’re not gonna count Ghost because I’m just not a huge pottery fan. And or love stories or Whoopi Goldberg. Well, anyway, so I mean, I didn’t expect a lot and I was kind of pleasantly surprised.

And I think the smartest thing that they did was they let Connor McGregor be Connor McGregor. He’s he I don’t think he’s going to be that much of a actor or a lesbian or I don’t think he’s I don’t think he’s going to be able to ever be in any kind of drama or do huge monologues. But as a bad guy as you know as the number one heel. Yeah absolutely. I’ll watch him and Jake Gyllenhaal beat the hell out of each other.

Ryan (28:58)

Yeah. It’s another dog barking. He was, um, yeah, unfortunately, this one’s crazy. But yeah, I thought it was it was done well. I think, you know, the he was, it’s weird, you know, remakes are weird. Like, I feel like, you know, you could have called this something else. And I would never have connected it to Roadhouse. Outside of them saying Roadhouse.

cinik (29:16)
You have many dogs around George.

But, but would you have seen it then? If it was just Jake Gyllenhaal beats up Conor McGregor.

Ryan (29:40)
I mean, yeah, because it looks like, okay, Jake Gyllenhaal is good and can be funny. And watching Conor McGregor, I was surprised at how much screen time he got as a villain. So I guess he really is the villain. And he’s got that charisma, right? He’s got that like it factor. So yeah, he may not be the best actor in the world, but he has that thing that like you want to watch him on the screen. And I think if they allow that to go, I might watch that. Honestly, why not? I don’t know that calling it Roadhouse was going to make me…

any more or less likely to see it except that we talk about it. Maybe it was more likely to talk about it than, than not. But, but yeah, I probably would have seen it. Looks interesting. It looks like, and again, it’s on Amazon, it’s free, you know, or relatively free. Uh, so, you know, it’s something totally worth a watch.

cinik (30:25)
Yeah, I agree with you. I’ll be there with my popcorn root Don Conner McGregor.

Ryan (30:30)
Yeah, we’ll see. Maybe if it’s good enough, maybe we’ll do it. We’ll do a review of it. All right, so speaking of reviews, let’s talk about Fargo season four, or sorry, season five, which is crazy.

That is season five. So I guess before, and this maybe is putting the cart ahead of the horse, but just off the bat, where would you rank this as far as the five seasons of Fargo?

cinik (30:41)

Well, let’s go down the seasons, okay? So, least to best, what would you put at

Ryan (31:00)

Probably, let’s see, season two was Kirsten Dunstan, or which, no, Jesse Plemons, was that season two? Or that was season three, okay. Okay, so I would probably put that as my least favorite season. What about you, what do you have at five?

cinik (31:11)
Jesse Plemons.

Mmm, yes. No, season two.

Um, even though they blew my damn wig off at the end of season four, season four was probably my least favorite. Uh, I thought Chris Rock was absolutely amazing in it, but I didn’t connect with any other character at all throughout the whole thing.

Ryan (31:33)


Okay. Yeah. Yeah, I could, I could see that. Um, I would put so my, okay. So that my, that’s tough. Now that I’m thinking about it, I’m going to have to, I really, I mean, that’s how good the show is. I really like season four, but I’m probably gonna have to put that in the four spot for me then. Um, I thought Chris Rock was great in it. Um, it took a little bit of time to really get going. I re but I really, I did like it, but I’m realizing now like, yeah,

It’d be hard for me to put it ahead of the other season. So I’ll probably put that at four. What about you?

cinik (32:15)

Probably season three with Ewan McGregor. I Yeah, I mean I and I really enjoyed it. I Thought the story was fun and interesting and I liked him playing his own old brother his own brother and I loved how they wrapped it all up, but Yeah, I would rate that slightly above season four

Ryan (32:21)


Okay, so I would put season five in my three spot. And so I’m guessing then season four for you would be the third one for you. Oh, no, I’m sorry. Season two.

cinik (32:54)

Ryan (32:55)
Okay. Yeah. And then, um, for me, I actually, so the even McGregor season, I, that would probably be two, two for me. Um, just on the back of he, he was great as his brother and, um, David, I always forget how to pronounce his name, but one of those people, like I could watch him all day, you know, on, on the screen, the, the villain, uh, Varga in that season, but he was great. So like, I, I think that would get two for me. What would you have at number two?

cinik (33:17)

Season one would probably be number two for me. I mean, you’re not beating the combination of Martin Freeman and Billy Bob Thornton. It started the show, it set the tone, and it was near perfect in every way.

Ryan (33:27)
Yeah. All that. Yeah.



Yeah, and same for me. So season one would be my favorite easily. And then, so what’s your number one then? This, okay. All right, good, good.

cinik (33:48)
Oh, my number one is this past season, season five. Yeah, but I honestly felt like, I felt like Juno and Jennifer Jason Lee kind of carried the season as far as doing the real heavy lifting or the real true acting. Junotemple.

Really turned me I only knew I know I know she’s been in other things But I only knew her from Ted lasso, so she you know There wasn’t a lot of complexity to keely where in this I really thought that Dot was has been one of my favorite characters written for TV

Ryan (34:19)


Well, it’s okay. So actually, then this gets into my first question about this season is, I mean, this season, as every season is, is like just chock full of good performances. What would you, so what are your three standouts? So, so that is one. What are the other standout performances for you?

cinik (34:50)
Jennifer Jason Lee definitely and a close second as Lorraine Lyon. She was just they Figured out I mean she’s been around what 30 years now and they figured out a way to use her and We’ve really got it take our hats off to quit in Tarantino Because he tapped into something with her with hateful eight like gritty strong, you know of just a fantastic actress that You know, once again, he can kind of he put a shine

Ryan (35:09)



Um, just such a strange character, but, but just such a good job, especially in that last episode, um, the kid from stranger things, kind of unrecognizable. Yeah. Well, I was like, I was watching like, I know that guy. What do I know? And it was like, I couldn’t place it for a bit. Like, what do I know him from? But it’s like, yeah, he was great. But just, yeah, just, uh, you know, as a season, just, just chock full of, of really, really solid performances.

cinik (35:56)
I didn’t, yeah, without the hair, I didn’t know who he was until somebody brought it up like, hey, I hear he’s in the season. Yeah, that is him.

Ryan (36:16)
So this story revolves around Dot, played by Junot Temple, who’s living the quiet suburban life, married to her husband, Wayne, with their daughter. She’s arrested for accidentally pepper spraying a police officer during a chaotic school board meeting, which all happens in the first minute of the season. And then it unravels everything for her. We find out that she 10 years previously had escaped Roy Tillman, a corrupt sheriff. She assumes a new identity.

And then basically seasons Roy trying and eventually, you know, succeeding at capturing her. So my one question for you is, Dot basically plays various different versions of MacGyver and Kevin McAllister throughout. Was it a little too much for you? Or did you like that aspect of her character?

cinik (37:03)
I mean, because it was unexpected, I enjoyed it. Like I get a little tired of the constant, the female needs of rescuing. And for once it was nice to see a female that was full well capable of taking care of herself. And it was in a believable way. She wasn’t doing ninja backflips. She wasn’t overpowering men twice her size. Like she would take the hit in the fight.

when she tried to go head to head against people, it was her outsmarting her lesser male counterparts, which I enjoyed it.

Ryan (37:36)

Yeah, well, yeah, that was an interesting thing because she would fight even when the odds were against her and she would lose. So that was the good thing. It was like, yeah, she wasn’t, yeah, you’re right. Like she wasn’t doing backflips or like, you know, beating people up without deserving it. But she also, when she used her wit is when things worked. And she accepted help sometimes. So she wasn’t like the damsel in distress.

but it wasn’t also completely unrealistic where she had zero help the whole time. So I did like that they balanced it. Like there were times where she needed help and she got some help, but other times where she was the one saving and rescuing other people. And they did a very good mix of it to where you never felt again, yeah, that she wasn’t the damsel in distress or she wasn’t just like, you know, I guess a Mary Sue for lack of a better term.

cinik (38:25)
and all with keeping a super cool demeanor, which I liked. There was never like any kind of emotional outbursts or crying or carrying on. Like she was a tough as balls chick, which I absolutely respected.

Ryan (38:28)
Yeah, yeah.


Yeah. And really, like, I feel like the only time she really showed that she broke down was when she found out that the officer’s name, but that he was dead. Right. Like, that was the first time when she actually like, she cracks. But, you know, at the same time, it’s like, it was over at that point, right. Tillman’s been arrested. And she could breathe a little bit. But yeah, that was the one time like she showed emotion. So yeah, she wasn’t like breaking down constantly. So I like, I liked how, you know, how they did that. And that kind of bleeds into the next question. So we talked a little about like,

representation in, and I think we’re both all for it. And I think it’s important, but I think the issue we’ve had recently is a lot of times it, it happens for the sake of it and it’s not done honestly or with the right kind of care. And so a lot of times you’ll get a show that’s like, okay, we’re going to throw in diversity for diversity sake. But

It’s like, hey, you know, it’s more like the show is like patting themselves on the back. Like, hey, look at how diverse we are instead of actually telling a good story. And I think that’s the issue is like, give us, give us all the diversity, but, but don’t sacrifice story because you’re going to pat yourself on the back for doing it. And this show in particular, this season of the show is very much a female centered show, right? Dot is the protagonist. Lorraine is, you know, becomes an anti-hero in her own right. And the character we’re rooting for by the end.

cinik (39:33)

Ryan (39:55)
The police officer Indra Olmsted is also like the earnest, you know, police officer, but she’s racked with debt and also, you know, Is is you know gets a lot of the story time for this season? Did you get that feeling with this or did it feel for you more like everything felt organic and it wasn’t like kind of Throwing it in our face. Like hey, look at look at this. We’ve got you know female leads

cinik (40:17)
This is just TV done right, Ryan. Like it didn’t matter to me who the lead was. They were, and it reminded me a lot of the Baron that way. It’s a well-written, well-acted, everybody is flushed out. Like we’re not just throwing people on the screen to say, hey, here they are. Like everybody has a place and a reason to be there. And I absolutely applaud, you know, I was.

I understand that it was gonna get in grading bombed a little bit because there’s a female, strong female leads. And I think that’s ridiculous. I really think that it shouldn’t matter who’s on your screen as well, as long as it’s being done well.

Ryan (40:55)
Yeah, that’s right. I think you’re totally right. There was never a point for me, I didn’t even think about, honestly didn’t think about that until I read about them getting ratings bombed. And it’s like, okay, come on, this is ridiculous. And yeah, that was the situation. It’s like, it easily could have, in the marketing, tried to pat themselves on the back for it, but they didn’t. It’s just like, it’s a strong story. We’ve got strong leads. They have new female, but.

It is what it is, rather than it being, you know, that situation of like, Hey, look at how good we did. And then you give us like a mediocre story. So I totally agree. I think it was one of those. Yeah. Didn’t even think about it until I read that, read that article and that kind of. Um, sucks. Cause it’s like, you do have this group of people who will just jump on anything. If there’s like a female lead or a black lead or whatever that, you know, they don’t, and then all of a sudden you’re ready, you know, review bombing for, for no reason.

cinik (41:42)
Oh, Ryan, didn’t you hate her husband, Lucas Gage? Oh God, that guy infuriated me. I feel like he sent men back 10 years in general. He just infuriated me every single time he was on the screen.

Ryan (41:47)


Yeah, that is true. Yeah, but I guess it’s like, and in a way it’s like, I feel like when you grow up that wealthy, I guess you can kind of like, either you become that or you become more like the mom, you know? And it’s like, I mean, he’s had everything handed to him, but yeah, it’s weird, like, and it’s funny because you start to think about that yourself, like, right? I’m in that situation. And I mean, he’s not dumb. He’s got to realize that last episode that his wife is in mortal danger.

Like would he have done anything to protect it? You know, and that kind of, I don’t know.

cinik (42:29)
Oh yeah, no, that’s husband. I’m talking about the police officer’s husband. Yeah, the quote unquote golf pro. Ah, worst human being ever written.

Ryan (42:32)
Oh, sorry. Okay. Sorry. Yeah, yeah. You’re okay. Yeah. Yes. Yep. Yeah. Okay. Got it. Yeah. He’s the worst. Okay. Yes. Okay. Yeah. So that’s husband more is just feckless and like weak. But but yes, yeah, you’re right. Lucas.

cinik (42:45)
Yeah, I kind of felt when he got shocked and kind of had mental issues, I felt bad for him. Like he became a sympathetic character. He was just kind of adult before. But when you know, he was a kind guy.

Ryan (42:52)
Yeah. Yeah, he did. Yeah. No, that’s fair. But you know, you’re right. He was, he was terrible. Um, and glad that he got kind of kicked out and hopefully, you know, that character does suck. So no, definitely agree. Um, so there, you know, the, the season did have, um, some political undertones. I think, you know, you’ve got, uh, Tillman’s like a libertarian. There’s some references to like Trump and welfare cream.

and kind of things thrown in there. Did you, like for you, was it a little too much with some of the political undertones or did it just feel like with the diversity that it just kind of flew under the radar, that it didn’t really hit you as like, okay, this is a little too much.

cinik (43:32)
I mean, I felt like it’s reflective to how part of the country sees things. And, you know, for every flyover state there is, there’s probably 10 Roy Tillmans and it’s sheriff for all. And that’s no shot at them. That’s just the way they live. Like, I’m okay with people not sharing my ideals or my beliefs or I believe everybody should do what’s best for them. But yeah, I mean, I believe that there’s certainly Roy Tillmans out there. And

Ryan (43:44)

cinik (44:01)
you know, I didn’t think it was over the top at all. I thought, I thought it kind of rang true to what you would see if you went into an area like that.

Ryan (44:08)
Yeah, no, that’s fair. Yeah. Like I think there was a couple of moments for me that I thought like, was like, oh, okay, you know, they’re doing it, but, but yeah, it wasn’t, it was. I was mixed. Like I sometimes I feel like, you know, show don’t tell. So there was a couple of moments of like, they’re telling us, you know, you know, even at one point he even says I’m a libertarian, like, you know, it’s like, I get what the character is, you know, it’s like, he’s got a ranch, uh, he’s a sheriff, you know, you, you know, kind of a cult leader. Like you, there were a couple of moments where I, I would have been like, okay, the audience.

Trust the intelligence of your audience. Like we know who this character is. We don’t need you to tell us as much, but for the most part, it wasn’t too bad. It wasn’t something that was egregious, but definitely it was like, okay, I know what this is. You don’t need to push too hard.

cinik (44:53)
I could have done without the twin nipple rings and seeing John Haim’s ass. Like, I really could have lived out, I probably have about maybe 20 years more left and I really could have lived the rest of that time. I’ve never once said, I wonder what that looks like. And unfortunately I’m stuck with that visual. Now I know.

Ryan (44:57)

Well, now you know, that was great. One of the funniest, one of the funnier moments in the seasons. Like, yeah, I never once thought what is, what is, what is John Ham look like with Nippori? Now, like that, can he still be Batman for you now? Like, can he be the, uh, no, no.

cinik (45:25)
No, no, that is done. I was speaking of which, like a quick shout out to Dave Foley in the season two. Like, he was just such an interesting character.

Ryan (45:29)
Yeah. Still like, yeah.

Yeah, I know the sad, sad demise, but no, definitely a really interesting character. Um, but no, with, uh, John Ham, uh, like I, that was one of the big what is for me, I feel like he would have made a great Batman and it might just be cause he looks like Bruce Wayne. Um, but I always wanted to see that, but yeah, I don’t know if we could see Batman with nipple

Hmm. Oh, you there? Oh, weird.

cinik (46:11)
I’m here.

Ryan (46:15)
Did you pause or did no. Okay. All right. I was like, okay.

cinik (46:17)
No, no, I was looking at something. Sorry. I was looking at the name of somebody.

Ryan (46:25)
All right. So, so eventually dot gets captured. And the finale, I thought the finale was a fantastic like episode of TV, but we basically have to stand off at the Tillman Ranch. What were your thoughts on like how that whole episode and scene at the Tillman Ranch played out? Was it as tense as for you as it was for me?

cinik (46:44)
I really, okay. My one, and maybe this does adjust my list to season one being my favorite. That last episode, I was so hyped for it and I felt like it was such a disappointment in the sense that we could have spent the whole episode at the Tillman Ranch, shooting it out and sneaking around and doing some character dives and we really got none of that. We got about

Ryan (47:00)

cinik (47:13)
10 minutes of it and then we went on with the story, which I really thought that conclusion could have been a little deeper than it was. But yeah, I mean, I liked the setup. I was excited to see what happened next and that it just kind of all went in a straight line.

Ryan (47:33)
Yeah, it was a weird episode because there was, it’s like you build to this finale, and which was that weird, the way that the episode before it ends is basically, he lets her out and he frees the tiger. And so you’re just like, okay, the next episode is gonna be chaos and just insanity. And you write that what could have been an entire hour happens in 10 minutes. And then the last 40 minutes is basically an epilogue.

Um, so it was a weird, it was like a choice that they made, you know, where, you know, you know, cause there’s a world where, yeah, it’s the opposite. You get 40 minutes of the, you know, the, the standoff, you know, them breaking in and her escaping and then 10 minutes of an epilogue. Now my, my one thought is, and maybe this is why is the last 10 minutes where, where Munch, you know, is in their home and they basically have to convince him not to kill her.

I thought that was a phenomenal like, you know, 10 minutes of TV, you know, cause it’s all tension and, but, but all like, you know, her, you’re just seeing you know, that yes, she’s clever and she’s, she’s been outwitting people throughout, but here she just, it’s her warmth and her heart, um, that, that wins the day. And I thought that you, you don’t have that episode. You can’t have that moment like that. I think if the episode is a 40 minute, you know, action piece.

So maybe that was the choice they made. It’s like, okay, we’re gonna, you know, there’s the first ending and then epilogue, but then this is the real ending. Cause you didn’t expect it. Like I wasn’t even thinking about him at that point. You know, I thought he just went off into the sunset, not realizing, no, he’s coming back to the killer. And so that scene was unexpected, but I thought it was brilliant.

cinik (49:14)
Yeah, I mean, I could have done without it. I really thought it would have been a fitting in for him to let her go and then vanish off into the sunset and let the story play out amongst the characters that kind of mattered. I mean, I felt he was like kind of a third-ary character. I really didn’t think that other than being a physical threat to offset Tillman and Gator.

I really didn’t think he brought a lot to the story. I loved the beginning where he showed up and he kidnapped her and the stuff going forward with living with the old lady in the house and all that. But I really thought that last scene was slightly unnecessary and extremely unbelievable in the sense that if someone shows up to your house to kill you, you’re not talking them out of it.

Ryan (50:06)
Yeah. Well, so I agree. I think I get where you’re coming from. I do think the scene played out really well. But what did you think about that element of it? The kind of supernatural thing like he is he, you know, hundreds of years old? Is he immortal? Like, what were your thoughts on kind of them throwing that whole thing into this otherwise relatively grounded show?

cinik (50:29)
I didn’t care. I kind of just ignored those scenes. I know they popped out throughout the season. I just, I really thought he was kind of a super unnecessary accessory to the story. I just didn’t care. Like, it didn’t make me like him or dislike him more or make me want to know about him. It was just, I wasn’t quite sure why they were even doing it, to be honest with you.

Ryan (50:30)



Yeah, no, that’s fair. Like I was kind of, you know, I’m kind of, I, with you that when, when they got to like the more supernatural elements of that character, I kind of shut off. It was like, all right, whatever. Like, I’m not, you know, I don’t really care about this. You know, I, you know, like, it’s hard enough to suspend disbelief for some of the other parts. Like, don’t make me suspend disbelief, you know, for this too. But

You know, I will say like, I thought his character was interesting. And like I said, I did like the way it ended, but I totally see your point of view that we have a show that has built to this one moment. And then the moment that it’s built to, we just kind of, you know, brush off and then we get this moment tacked on that I thought was really good, but it wasn’t, it’s jarring or can be jarring because it’s not what you expect.

cinik (51:44)

Ryan (51:46)
So, yeah, so I mean, give me your final thoughts and rating out of 10 for this season of Fargo.

cinik (51:55)
I mean, as much as I’m slamming the last episode, I really think that the show has only gotten stronger as the seasons have gone on. And I always love when they stick an unexpected tie into another season and they’re like, they did at the end of season four. I mean, for as much as I thought season four lacked, that very last moment of season four made it all worth it to me because it made me understand the story in a much deeper way than…

than I ever would have if they wouldn’t have done that. And I was hoping that we would kind of get that with the season two, but we didn’t. But listen, I’m 100% a Junotemple fan after the season. I’m happy to see Dave Foley to get work. Nick Gomez, who I kind of sort of know and have met and as agent to Queen, I thought he was great and I mark out for him every time I see him get a big role like that. So that made me happy.

Ryan (52:28)

cinik (52:51)
You know, I can’t say the things that worked the things that didn’t were Forgivable, you know, I don’t know why they made that decision with no Lee’s character But our only character but I really kind of wish that they hadn’t because it didn’t add anything to the story And I think you’d be hard-pressed to find anybody that go. Oh, you know that That made me like this character more or dislike him more or even care about him at all, you know, so

I mean, overall, I would give the season probably like a nine, nine and a half. Um, yeah, I enjoyed it.

Ryan (53:30)
Yeah, I’m right there with you. I think I would give it a nine easily. And that’s, again, shows you how good this series has been because this would still rank about third for me as far as my top five seasons. But yeah, you know me long enough that I like big swings. And so I think that this season takes a lot of big swings. Some, you know, some hit, you know, maybe, you know, couple doubles, triples, home runs, you know, in there. I don’t think there are any, you know, swinging misses in it.

but it takes a lot of big swings. I liked that it kept you on your toes. You never really knew what to expect. I think that they, you really treated all the characters with a lot of care. It was really well written. It was a chaotic story that felt like they had control of it. So I never felt like I was unsure of what was going on. And just again, fantastic performances. And surprisingly, like I’d be ready for another season of Argo. It’s like, I feel like they haven’t.

They haven’t lost it. So yeah, this definitely gets a nine for me. And yeah, I’m excited for another season because it’s clearly like, you know, Noah Holley’s, you got it figured out. He’s got, he’s got, you know, knows what he’s doing when it comes to taking on this property. And who thought that, you know, that classic movie that came out, how many years, 25 years ago, or whatever it was, you know.

cinik (54:46)
It’s either 25 or 30 years, but it’s getting long in the tooth, because I mean, it was a while ago, but they somehow have captured the essence of that, and this ever-expanding world, I just, I can’t wait from season to season what they do with it next.

Ryan (54:47)
Create, yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. And they wait just long enough between seasons that I always like, I’m not as excited before this right before the season starts as I probably should be. Um, so hopefully get another season sooner than later, but yeah, definitely a nine, uh, easy, easy nine for me.

So once again, second episode of the portable hole podcast, uh, done. Cynic, thanks a lot for being on the show this week. Um, for anyone that’s listening, uh, you can catch us on all social media at portable underscore hole.

And you can check out our website, which has everything there at portable hole So, Cynic, since Justin’s not here until next time.

cinik (55:43)
Don’t get captured.


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